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Competing in Silliness

This post isn’t about the twins.

It’s about the BF and me.

(What ?? Can’t we be silly??)

And while at it, sometimes, its difficult to figure out who gets the trophy 😀

A long time back, maybe a decade ago (yes, make that 10 long years back), me and the BF were in college. We had a large gang and had fun chatting up after lectures before proceeding to our respective houses.

It just so happened, that me and the BF had the same bus-route till a point, after which we parted ways. But just because we used to travel together, the rest of the gang took friendly jibes at our expense. We were the targets of innumerable jokes and taunts. The BF took it in his stride. He was used to guys ribbing each other like this. Hell, he himself used to do it to others.

I hated it. And I hated the fact that the BF didn’t seem bothered. He used to tell me to ignore it all. And somehow, just because he said that, I wasn’t able to. There were times I preferred going alone, but then, like he rightfully pointed out, I was falling prey to their jokes. Giving up a natural friendship, just because others made fun of it seemed illogical. And I really couldn’t argue with that.

Anyhow, before long, we were termed a couple (Shit! I hate the term even NOW!!) . I was tired of negating the accusations. And really, how many people can you really stop?? Believe you me, my very own Bro and Aapa were worried about it. There’s a small instance once, when dear Bro took me to Khadakwasla to gently pry out the secret of my relationship with the BF. I don’t know if I was shocked enough!! Practically choked on the bhel-puri and am yet to get back to liking it as before. Anyhow, I had a fun time going back home and ridiculing Bro in front of Aapa and bags. How could he have thunk it?!! I had a good laugh at his expense. Much later, I found out that Aapa had assigned Bro this task. The Sneaky pests!! And to think we are related by blood!! I could have easily gone for their blood myself!!

In one way, being linked to the BF saved me from the advances of some others who I’d rather not name. Suffice to say, they give me the creeps even now. One of them (lets call him TP) , whom I tried to avoid majorly, stopped himself from proposing when he found out about the BF and me. Thank God for that!!

Anyhow, back in college, during one of our chat sessions , I plucked a few grass twigs lying besides us and deftly fashioned them into a ring. Others oohed and aahed over it. So I made some more. The BF, tried his hand at it and made one too. Since we were “the couple”, the others started pestering us to have a mock engagement with the grass rings. I refused flatly. So did the BF. The joke was going a bit too far. And he could see that I was awfully uncomfortable. We could either deny the whole thing or play along. Denying it was difficult, coz just that day, TP was also present with us. It would make the path open for him if we confessed that we were really not involved.
So we played along (lesser of the two evils). We exchanged the grass rings.

I would have forgotten about it all, if BFC hadn’t made a chance comment on it to the BF (BFC was also a part of our group. I guess, of all the rest, we three are the only ones who are still together).

On hearing about it, I recollected that I still had the ring. Though , after our marriage, I didn’t have a chance to see it, it was preserved safely. Cello-taped at the back of an old telephone diary. Years ago, there were many times when I had thought of throwing it away, but somehow, just couldn’t get myself to. So I left it in my mom’s house (the one in Pune). Safely packed away in bundles of books and notes.

Since parents are visiting Pune next weekend, I went to clean up the house. And I also searched the cupboards to dig up the diary. After all these years, I wanted to surprise the BF. Let him know, that even though it was in jest, I had preserved his ring. He might have given me gold rings after that, but this was the first and the most precious ring by far.

I found the diary where I had kept it last time. The ring was there. And like each time before this, I ran a gentle thumb over its outline, marveling at how fate had brought us together. Who would have thought that years later, I would be able to show the ring to the BF and see the surprise in his eyes.

Rushing back home, I found him engrossed in some stupid movie DVD. I eagerly pulled out the diary, flipped the pages to the end and showed him the ring.

“I didn’t throw it away, you know. I had it with me all these years”.

The BF looked at me with surprise. He was genuinely shocked . I could see the emotions flitting in his eyes. The surprise, the recollection, the love. He gave me a warm smile and said he loved me.

I looked at the ring, the date scribbled under it and was about to mention the large time gap when I saw the BF stretch out his hand towards me. I extended the diary towards him, only to find out that it wasn’t the diary he was asking for.

He was showing me his ring.

The one he had preserved.

In his wallet. All these years.

And I never knew.

I looked up to see him smiling.

It was my turn to be shocked, surprised and in love!!

Couldn’t resist dropping a kiss on his head!! After all, I had least expected him to remember, let alone actually save the ring for so many years!!

We both looked so silly, sitting there, grinning like kids.

At being such sentimental fools.

Yes, we are silly. As silly as could be. And loving every moment of it 🙂

The Rings

Here’s the snap of the old diary, its pages yellow with age. The one cello-taped, is mine (its still a little bit green, since it was well-preserved 🙂 ). The other one on the top is the one which the BF had.

In a way, the BF was more sincere in his sentiments. He had the ring close to him all these years. He kept it with him always. I know that he changed many a wallet in this time span. But he had the ring with him all the time.

It humbles me, you know, the way love catches up with you when you least expect it.

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