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Note : This is NOT a book review.

I must have read the book “A prisoner of birth” about 3 times now.
And each time, I love the way it ends. With justice delayed, but not denied.
If I was younger, I would have fallen in love with the character of Daniel Cartwright.
But not now. Because however enchanting the narration and story, it is difficult to belive that something like that could also happen in real life.
Though from an impoverished background, Danny has the intelligence and skill to achieve in 2 years what he wasn’t able to do his whole life. Get an education.
Beth Wilson, his fiancée, is so devoted, it almost hurts.
Fate deals them a rotten blow, but they are redeemed at the end.
Good story, that. Read it when you get the chance.

I couldn’t help recollecting this story yesterday, when some distant relatives had come visiting.
These people had faced a lot of hardships in life and it’s just now that they were breaking even. Things were settling down and they were now able to provide for their children. The lady in question was one of five siblings. Their parents did everything to provide for them within their meagre income. Education was luxury which couldn’t be afforded after a time.

All this made me realize, that they were the real prisoners of their birth. Tied down to the life that fate has destined for them.
Think about it. We (the people who can afford a net connection) are born into households which provide for us. Many of us may not even know what a struggle it is to be deprived of food, of clothing, of a shelter over our heads.
It is fate that I was born in a loving family. I could just have been born to the house of a labourer and would have been none the wiser.
We lament on not being able to afford a new house or new furniture. The new Television set or the video game.
Don’t we take too much for granted?? The right to actually, feel bad about not being able to afford a luxury.

Isn’t it a boon enough that we don’t have to struggle for the basics?

There are many people who have struggled through life to give their children the best they can. My parents have.
I haven’t.
Not yet.

But I know that I wouldn’t like to compete. It’s always a loss-loss situation.
People who want to give their kids the world, are welcome to go ahead and do so.
I can ony give my kids a good education.

After all, isn’t that what helps Danny Cartwright in the end?

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