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Not quite right!!

I’m a B-I-G fan of HHC. And no day is complete without me checking out their latest fasion updates.

And just today, I came across a snap of Sridevi (walking the runway for Queenie Dhody’s jewellery collection) in a Herve Leger gown (Now don’t ask me what brand is that, coz frankly, I have no clue!!)


Neck-up, she looks gorgeous.

Its the neck-down part that has me worried.

Now seriously, is she really that busty?? (On an aside, are they even real??)

If yes, then isn’t she suffocating big time in that stiffling gown??

For a woman who is on the wrong side of forty, she surely carries herself well.

I mean, considering she has two children, she doesn’t have much of a tummy, unlike *ahem* some people I know!

She must have worked hard on getting back into shape.

Though, the gown seems to do little to compliment it 😦

Ahh…to be rich and famous!!

To have the money to correct that broad nose, to tuck in those slack jaws, to enhance that bust or get the derrière in shape.

If one could end up looking as lovely, then why not?!!!

But then, you could also end up looking like this :-

Rakhi Sawant


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