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Here SHE is……

………The latest entrant to the brood.

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together to welcome Ms.BABY!!!

(Drum rolll…….)


The elder sister has finally delivered the much awaited package. At around 4pm this evening.

The parcel weighs approximately 3kgs in weight and is of delicate composition. To be handled very VERY carefully.

Though the service was very poor (don’t even get me started on the delay!!), the end result was TOTALLY worth it!!

He He.

Jokes apart, the munchkin hasn’t been named yet, thats simply because no-one has bothered to ask me yet.

As the youngest Khala, I’ll impose my authority for the nomenclature asap.

Ages ago, Aapa had once mentioned that if she ever has a daughter, she’ll name her “Tazain” ( Isn’t it a pretty name?)

Not sure if Aps even remembers it now.

But i’ll surely remind her of this.

In case she doesn’t like it, my list is ready 🙂

Anyhow, please send in your blessings for the second-time-momma and her bonny baby.

G’night for now folks.

Much love to all 🙂 .


PS:- RS and SS ADORE babies. Its just too sad that BOTH of them are suffering from a bad cold. Can’t risk the newbie, can I?

Introductions will have to wait 😦


PPS: If you are tsk-tsking over the poor picture quality, let me state that the pics were taken from my ever-reliable Nokia 3230.

Not everyone travels with a Canon around their necks, do they?!!!

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