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Once in a while….

 ….it is good to spend some time with your partner.

Wake up early and spend time together with the kids.

Have breakfast together. Listen to his funny tales. Laugh out loud at the insanity of it all.

Take the partner on a drive on your scooty.

Hear him passing awful comments on your driving skills. Forgive him.

Hear him commenting on your short stature. Rebuke him. Add a few curses for good measure. Hear him laugh out heartily.

Listen to him describing his dream from last night. Share a joke.

Feel his hands on your waist. Feel loved and secure. Try not to let the speedometer reflect your sentiments.

Visit a relative. Do the usual coochie-coo over the new-born. Recollect the days when we held our own.

Get back to the bike. Ignore partner’s rude comments on the bike and its driver.

Skid to a halt near a vada-pav joint. Munch on some yummy vada-pavs together. Mumble inane stuff about the rising costs of food.

Drop partner where he can get an auto/bus to his office.

Zoom off towards own office.

And then sit and wonder why we don’t have more days like these !!!

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