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Note : This is NOT a book review.

Ever come across a book whose words tear at your heart?
Give you a lump in the throat the size of a fist and leave you with eyes stinging with unshed tears?
Am reading one such book.
“A Thousand Splendid Suns”, By Khaled Hosseini.
There is so much pain and anguish involved in the narration, and yet, I’m unable to put it down.
Maybe its the lingering optimism that while flipping through  the pages, I might just get a chance to see some hope for the protagonists. Some ray of happiness and joy.
It’s this hope that has me glued to the book.
I woke up at 1AM last night to read it. Because I just HAD to know what comes next.
The last time I felt like this was when I read “The Kite Runner”, by the same author.
How can someone write so fluidly, using such simple words and expressing such profound emotions?!!
On another note, the book makes me realize how the folly of a few people is  a punishment for the entire nation. Or an entire religion.
The Soviets tried to capture Afghanistan, and the so-called Mujahideen (young Afghani men who undertook their pledge to get rid of the Soviets) fought valiant battles against the mighty Russia. Afghanistan, like India, is divided into many factions, many small sects and ethnic groups.
It’s these ethnic groups who fought against each other after the exit of Soviets, to gain authority over Afghanistan.
And thats what gave rise to the ‘Taliban’.
A word, that is till today , misunderstood for Islam.
People around the world think that the Taliban is synonymous with Islam.
Whereas , it’s just the opposite.
A few mislead men wrecked havoc in the name of Quran, established rules on the Sharia and carried out innumerable atrocities on men and women.
And God knows that what they carry out is anything but the word of Allah.
Yet, people around the world assume that this is what Islam is all about.
Somewhere, the book enlightens the fact that the people implementing these so-called rules on the Sharia are the worst offenders themselves.
The rules are separate for them, since they are the rule-makers.
So its ok for men to leer lecherously at women, but women have to be kept covered all the time.
It’s ok for them to loot and plunder, but local people are punished for trying to steal food.

It’s ok for them to kill in the name of Islam, to torture , to maim innocents.

You got to read it to feel the impact.

Am just totally shaken up by this book.

Will be finishing it today…hopefully, it’ll end on a happy note  🙂 (am a sucker for happy endings…can’t stand books that end in despair)

Till then,

Ciao 🙂

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