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Really Sick

We are a sick couple. Me and the BF.

No, make that, Family.

We are a sick family.

As sick as they come.

So not only am I down with the Viral, the twins are down with cold n cough and the BF is down with a tummy bug.


Just when I wanted to spend some nice time with parents (who were visiting), I had to spend it tending to kids , hubby and self.

And Oh, did I mention that I casually passed on the bug to poor bags, who is right now blowing her nose for all she’s worth?!! And she further passed it on to poor Baby SA 😦

So when we were not busy sniffling and snivelling and feeling sorry for ourselves, we were busy wiping unlimited amount of snot from our babies’ noses. (No, really, its amazing how such tiny noses and tinier nostrils can release such humongous amounts of the afore-mentioned stuff!!)

The BF has been guzzling copious amount of lemonade. The tummy bug has receded to make way for the cold bug. He started sniffling this morning.

We cut a real sorry picture.

Parents were pretty unhappy at the sight of us.

I mean, you are hale-and-hearty-in-the-pink-of-health and they aren’t here to see you.

And just when you are low, everyone lands on you and tut-tuts at how ‘the poor thing’ is unwell and some such mush.

We received about a hundred comments on our sad state and about a thousand on home remedies for the bugs. It’s surprising you know, when someone falls ill, EVERYONE around becomes a qualified doctor, spouting prescriptions at a whim.

Am guilty meself 😦

Anyhow, made a trip to the doc’s for the twins. Their cold is bad, but nothing serious, touch wood.

Am still down, but a load of work is keeping me in office today.

Parents left this morning and I now feel empty.

Of all the planning for the shopping, the night-outs, the dinners, I fulfilled not even one.

And now they aren’t here.

For sure I’ll be getting well soon this weekend, but no way can I make up for the loss of this time.

I guess, such is life

It sucks. 😐  .

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Am back!!


Am back, people!!

Its been an awfully hectic weekend plus a few days.

Loads to post about.

But gotta get back to work first.

Will keep ya’ll updated pretty soon.

Much love till then.

Be good 🙂

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