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A case of Déjà vu ??

Have you read the book, “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri ??

Or watched the movie with the same title??

While I was reading  the “Vine Of Desire” by Chitra Banerji Divakaruni , I couldn’t help but locate similarities in the style of writing. The passive, third-person like narration (You can read the first chapter here ).

Vine Of Desire

Overall, both the books were great reads. Grab them if you can.

In fact, the “Vine of Desire” is a sequel to the book “Sister of my heart“. I didn’t know this before I bought the book.

But it had sufficient references to the first part, so not all was lost 🙂

Anyhow, while reading it, I was reminded of “The Namesake”.

And while thinking of it, I couldn’t help but think of Tabu who played the role of “Ashima” in the film.

Maybe because both the books are set in Bengali households, I imagined Tabu in the role of “Sudha” from the VoD. The lustrous hair, big, black eyes. The solemn countenance, the radiance within. Tabu has it all, and while reading the whole book, I substituted her for the character of Sudha.

No surprise then, when I read this news.

I wasn’t the only one to think that Tabu fits the bill 🙂

I almost feel vindicated 😀

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My newfound respect for Uday Chopra. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

I, MomOfRS, have developed a sincere respect for Mr.Uday Chopra, aka, the jerk-who-played-the-joker-in-Dhoom. 

What brought about this change of heart, you might well ask. 

And I’d say, that, I saw his performance relative to some other ‘well known’ , ‘established’, ‘National Award’ winning actor’s performance and it was like a sock to the solar plexus. 

“Whooooosh”, the air gushed out from the lungs. 

Could someone be that bad?? 

That they make the other bad ones actually look good?? 

Such is the case in the horribly sickly sweet rom-com “Pyaar Impossible”!! 

If you wonder, why I sat through it if it was soo bad, well, let me tell you , I was quite shocked to react. 

I mean, here I was, watching a film, and actually looking forward to seeing more of Uday Chopra than PC. I mean, he was far more watchable than her!! He even acted better than her!! 

Uday Chopra!! For Godsakes!!! 

Am yet to get over the hang-over!!! 

As for PC, I don’t even want to give space to her on my blog (any more than required!!) 

Coz, at one point in the film, she says,  internet is like,” http://www.way-over-my-head.com”. This, coming from a PR officer of an IT Company

Who selected her?? 

Oh, wait a minute. I guess those ultra-mini outfits got her the job. 

Must be. Can’t see any other reason for her being employed!!! 

A special mention must be made for the 11-year-old acting as a six-year-old. 

Cute girl, bad lines. Can’t blame her. 

If you plan to watch it, then please don’t. 

Unless you are an Uday Chopra fan. Then you may. You might actually put up his posters in your bedroom wall. 

And if you are a PC fan, God help you. 

She’ll be way over  your head too 😦 

Anyhow, what really irked me to the core was their blatant parroting of the words, ‘pyaar’ , ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’.

Sample this :-

UC : I love her……mumble..mumble…my pyaar….mumble..mumble…..impossible.

UC’s father : no shit!! mumble…mumble…possible.Mumble…mumble…pyaar….not impossible.

UC : Mumble…mumble…..impossible….pyaar.

Little-girl : Its possible…..mumble…mumble….love…

Song : pyaar impossible…..pyaar possible……pyaar impossible….pyaar possible……..PI…..PP……PI…….PP…..

UC : …..pyaar…mumble…mumble….possible.

UC’s father :mumble…mumble…always possible. Mumble…mumble…pyaar….not impossible.

PC : ummm……Aaaaaahhhh…..Oooooohhhhh….impossible!!!…….Ufffff……pyaar!!

Song : ….Its Possible…….bara bara bam bam…..possible..possible…possible….

PC : Pyaar possible….

UC : Pyaar possible.

Little-girl : Pyaar possible.

UC’s father : Pyaar possible.

Momofrs : GOD!!! Can’t believe I sat through this shit!! Its IMPOSSIBLE!!!



Definitely Impossible!!

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