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A reason to NOT lose weight


I’ve found it.

The PURRRRFECT excuse for NOT shedding all that flab ūüôā

No, really, I mean it.

No more shall this brow crease in frowns. No more shall I look at myself with disdain. No more shall I try out ill-fitting outfits in trial rooms and mourn my lack of shape.

I have been redeemed. In the eyes of my kids.

You see, it all started with a small incident last night.

I was doing my best to make RS sleep. She wouldn’t cooperate. So¬†I switched off the lights and lay next to her, pretending to be asleep.

This girl kept writhing about here and there, rolling all over the bed, getting up, shifting position and then rolling around again. At one point, she got up, sat next to me, and reclined her head on my tummy.

Within a few seconds, she was off to dreamland.

So you see, I realized the importance of having that tummy flab.

Now, if I was a Kate Moss like mom, do ya think my kid would have found me comfortable enough to nap on?? Wouldn’t the bones jutting from the rib cage hurt her tender skin??

I proclaimed my new found love for my body to the BF. He says I just need an excuse to NOT exercise.

Its not true.

”¬†Haven’t I put in time working out on the exercycle??”, I pleaded my case.

“Yeah, all of 60 mins till date”, says he.

“Didn’t I give up eating rice?”, I reminded him.

“For exactly 1 week”, retorted the human computer with a hard disk for a brain.

All recriminations apart, I’m seriously glad I’m F-A-T. The BF can keep saying what he wants. But I know that he personally prefers curves to sharp edges ūüėÄ

I mean, my kids find my lap comfy enough to snooze in.

Isn’t that the image we usually carry , of our mothers??

The soft pliant body, a hug that takes away all our burdens, a lap on which we still find comfort .

And I now want my kids to think of me in that same way. As an oasis of comfort. Their own personal Kurl-on or Dunlopillow or whatever you might call it.

Gosh!! Its so wonderful to have kids!!

They make the worst of of situations look salvageable!!

Am loving my fat every minute now ūüôā

If only the BF would accept that he loves it too!!!

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I had a bad experience yesterday.

The situation wasn’t bad, it was my reaction that has me fuming now.

On the way back home yesterday, I dropped by Big Bazaar to get some diapers for the kids. I was running quite late and was expecting panic calls from home any minute (The twins become unmanageable post 8pm, and thats why I have to be be home before that!!).

Making the purchase, I rushed to the parking lot to get my bike.

A small boy, aged around 8-9 years came up to me and said, ” Joota polish kar¬†dein?”

Zaroorat¬†nahin. Maine sandal pehne¬†hai“, said me.

Thode¬†paise¬†denge¬†toh¬†hum khana¬†kha¬†lenge“, the boy retorted.

Already worried about returning home, I wasn’t pleased to be accosted by this boy right then. Good thing I was wearing my scarf and specs, he couldn’t see my expression. I did have a nagging suspicion that this kid was not from here. His hindi was way different from what the regular street urchins speak.

I didn’t reply and sat on my bike. Just before I pressed the starter, something strange happened. The boy spoke up in chaste English. He said, “Madam, I want to eat something”.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I mean, here was this grimy dirty boy, speaking in clear english and begging for money. Was he a normal school kid attempting to get some pocket-money through begging? Or was he trained by an adult to spout that one line, maybe to make it easier for non-hindi/marathi people to understand?

Whatever the case, I was too stunned to reply. I pressed the starter and shot out from the parking lot.

While driving away, it took me a few minutes to realize the absurdity of my action.

Shouldn’t I have given the poor kid something. At least a rupee ?

But if I did that, wouldn’t I be encouraging him in the wrong way?

Or, should I have bought him something to eat?

Would I have reacted differently if I wasn’t in a rush?

Anyhow, I’m ashamed. There is no excuse to avoid kindness. We get, but very few chances to act kind. To give away at the spur of the moment.

And I lost my moment ūüė¶

Would it have been a calamity if I had bought him a vada-pav outside the store? Would my kids have created hell in those few minutes?

What was I fearing?

I’ve questioned¬†myself and am unable to come up with anything which would justify me.

It’s so¬†easy to be¬†the one who has not known ‘want’. Isn’t it a whim of God that me and my kids are safely ensconced in a secure home. We don’t know what lack of necessities means, if not luxuries. We get the best for our kids.

If God had thought otherwise, I could easily have been the one hanging around malls, a baby clinging at the waist and begging for money.

How would I have felt being at the receiving end?

I can only murmur an apology that young boy in my heart.

But I should do better.

Maybe, I should go back to Big Bazaar and look out for that kid.

Maybe , give him some food, if not money.

What do you think I should do?

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