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Tooth Update

The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :

Upper = 4+1/2+1/2

Lower = 4

Total =8+1/2+1/2

SS :

Upper = 4+1/2

Lower = 4

Total = 8+1/2

Its been a long time since the twins sprouted any new tooth. I’ve been checking their mouths practically everyday now (if they were any older, they’d wonder why their mom was treating them like prize horses!!).

SS has gaps in his teeth. Plus, his gums are giving him trouble. Maybe thats why he always appears to be gnashing his teeth. I almost worry that he might grind them to powder if he gnashes any more ­čśŽ

Maybe to relieve the sensation in his gums, he loves biting/nibbling things. His favourite being human skin. So whether its your nose or cheeks or thighs or tummy, nothing escapes this brat’s sharp tusks. Too many people in our house carry bruises, evidence to his latest attacks!!

RS has lovely teeth. All aligned properly in a neat row. No gaps. It will be a mean feat if I can retain this quality once she gets her permanent teeth!! Am not planning on introducing her to chocolates or toffees any time soon. In fact, I’ve even cut down on extra sugar in her diet.

Both the kids have milk without sugar. As long as they lap it up gladly, no need to introduce the white poison!! We use jaggery in place of sugar for meals which do require something sweet.

I shouldn’t be comparing, but there’s a relative whose kid is a few months older than the twins and he has a mouthful of teeth. Since the twins are at par in the teeth department, am not sure whether that kid got his teeth prematurely, or whether my kids are lagging behind on the pearly white count!!

Any idea when the kids should be introduced to brushing?? Any safe toothpaste that can be used (which wont harm them even if swallowed!!)??

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Before I got married, I had this weekly routine. Every Sunday, I’d get up late. Very late.

Sunday’s were designated as the recuperating days. When I tried to get rid of the previous week’s tiredness and prepare myself for the coming week.

Bath times used to be a liesurely affair. It was when I’d shampoo and condition the hair, manicure the hands, treat the aching feet to some pedicure, steam up the bathroom and simply relax. Most times, I would carry a book/novel along with me. No, I didn’t have a bath-tub (though , THAT would have been heavenly!! Not to mention insanely shameful because of the amount of water it uses!!). I’d put down the lid of the commode and settle myself with a good book while the feet happily soaked in the aromatherapy oil in warm water and the hair were busy absorbing conditioner for that lustrous effect. When I didn’t have anything to read, I kept myself busy reading text off shampoo bottles (What?? Am the only one who does that??).

It would take me easily upto 90 minutes to finish my “session”. My bathroom contained jars of oils and creams and lotions, shampoos and conditioners and every possible girly thing ­čÖé

Post marriage, I cut down on many things, mostly because the BF did not approve of the bathroom being flooded with all my stuff. Secondly, I could not be bothered to carry all the required things to the bathroom for my bath. I slowly started losing interest in buying these things.

Post having kids and starting the job, I never got the chance to indulge myself again anymore. This startling revelation dawned on me this morning when my last shampoo bottle got over and I had to throw it in the bin. The bathroom is now totally empty. I have no new shampoos or conditioners. No aromatherapy oils or lotions!! In fact, NOTHING that would remind me of earlier self!!

It struck me hard. Real hard.

I’ve stopped being myself for the need of being a mother and a wife. I agree I don’t get the time to have luxury baths anymore. I haven’t visited a parlour in ages!! When I’m not in office, I’m at home, with the kids. If┬á I’m not busy with┬áthe kids, I’m busy tending to the needs of the family. I still haven’t found that little coccoon of time that I can call my own!!

Can’t really blame anyone else, can I??

I guess I just gotta juggle things around to make some time for myself.

Indulge in some “Me” time again!!!

Any ideas people??

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