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They play with babies…..!!!

I’ve posted before on how tough it was for me to become pregnant and bear kids.

Each miscarriage was like a solid blow to my emotions, almost shattering me mentally.

And then I hear about this 9-year-old girl.

And again, about this 11-year-old one.

Now tell me, what exactly am I supposed to think??

Should I be shocked that such young girls can bear children? That they understand and have sex?

Should I be saddened by the lack of morals and plight of young women in the western world (make that eastern too) ?

Or should I just be jealous that for some people, having babies is as easy as playing ‘House” ??

That they just have to replace their Barbies and teddy’s with real babies!! (Surprisingly, remove the ‘r’ from Barbies and you get babies 😀 !!)

There’s a video along with the article on the 11-year-old one.

(Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds this entire situation obnoxious!!)

But then, I really shouldn’t. I come from a country where its common to have child marriages. Where thousands of young teenage girls die in labour.

In that perspective, the girls listed above fare much better. They come from loving families. And they care for their babies.

After all, that’s what is more important, right??

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