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Remembering My First “Big” Book

When did you read your first “novel” ??  When did you move on from reading colourful comics to boring, morose, monotonous pages of text?

I started on comics very early. Maybe around the age of 6-7 years. Those days , I used to read Richie-Rich, Archies, Tinkle, and ALL the Marvel super-heroes!! It helped that I had elder siblings who had already started reading comics much before me and we had a HUGE stock of books and comics lying around the house. It also helped that our parents made us get memberships from libraries and book-stores that rented books, at an early age.

I read my first illustrated book when I was 10. It was, “The Count Of Monte Cristo” pocket-book. Which also remains my all-time favourite book till date. These pocket books were very concise. Simple text on one side and a pictorial representation of the same text on the other. I so loved these books, that I had all the classics in pocket-book version. “Black Beauty”, “Little Women”, “Call of the Wild”, “20,000 leagues under the sea”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Oliver Twist”, “Adventures of Hucklebury Finn”, I had them all.

Pre-teens was the time I was introduced to Nancy Drew. The MOST clever girl on this planet was my idol  :). “Hardy Boys” and ” The Three Investigators” came close, but not that much (Yay to Woman Power 😀 ).

Nancy Drew gave way to Agatha Christie , when I was 13-14.  Robin Cook, John Grisham, Michael Crichton followed naturally.

But my first BIG book, the biggest (literally) and most mature reading was, “A Suitable Boy”, by Vikram Seth, when I was 15 years old.

A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

My friends couldn’t understand my fascination with carrying that FAT book around. While others were busy preparing for the Boards, I was busy finding out about the next guy in Lata’s life.

At 1349 pages (each almost as thin as carbon paper) the book weighed around a kg. My school bag bore the brunt of its weight till I finally managed to finish it and return it to the library. The book-marker was a plastic ruler (paper bookmarks were lost in its pages 🙂 ).

It was the first time, I realized what “narration” means. I found out the difference between “building a story” and “narrating a story”. Where “building” meant creating situations, scenarios, circumstances to keep the reader occupied, “narration” dealt with pondering on the current situation. Explaining all the little tid-bits of what happened, and why. I also realized how difficult it is to retain the reader’s interest through a narration. “A Suitable Boy” didn’t have much of a story. It was more like a collection of short stories, of different lives of different charcaters, and woven in a narrative style.

Less than half-way through the book, I realized what the end would be. But the narration held me captive enough to finish it and find out that I was right after all.

I reserve judgement on my opinion on the book. Go ahead and read it if you want to. I won’t review it here 🙂

The closest I’ve come to reading another “FAT” book (as my friends call it ) was “Shantaram”. At 944 pages, it was pretty hefty, but a good read nevertheless. Very interesting, though I have serious doubts as to its authenticity. Though the author claims all the incidents are true, I am not convinced. But it doesn’t matter. It was a good read and thats what matters 🙂


 So, what was the BIGGEST book you read??

And by that, I mean the one, you managed to finish 🙂

( And yeah, please count out those reference books for Maths and Science during 12th standard. They DONT count. They NEVER did!! Even if they were a zillion pages big and we managed to mug through it all!!! )

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