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Hello all, we once again come to that period of life where I start the act of begging y’all for guest posts for my blog.

Remember last time??

I’d like to make this a ritual. So all those of you who have your own blogs, or even if you don’t, please send across a few words this way. It needn’t be on anything specific. Just some notes on what your take is, for any topic you choose.

So bring out the writers in you and do send across your entries at the earliest.

Am currently at the 190th post and am expecting the 201st post to be ready by next Monday (15th Feb 2010).

I’ll need this weekend to sit and compile everything. So please try and send in something latest by sunday. You may either send in the entries as comments to this post or mail them to me at noorulaynDOTsyATgmailDOTcom.

Looking forward to more participation this time.

Love ya’ll 🙂

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Is it the season of love, already?

Firstly, I got kissed (in my previous post).

And now, its only the 12th, and I get a lovely Red Rose from the BF .


Nothing, apparently. He just bought it for me. Just like that. No reasons, no excuses.

Am guilty of thinking that he was trying to hide some guilt behind that rose (maybe he wants to make up for not being there to listen to my rants. Or maybe, he feels threatened by my blog….I spend more time on it than with him!!)

But I was wrong.

The BF doesn’t really care for the “Days”. He doesn’t believe that we need to express ourselves on certain days of the year. So, the “Father’s day”, “Mother’s day” kind of scene doesn’t work with him.

Same goes for Valentine’s day.

He doesn’t believe in it.

Over a period of years, I’ve heard him saying a zillion times that he HATES being tied to a day to prove/express his love. Initially, I used to be upset. I mean, which girl doesn’t expect a rose/chocolate/gifts on V-day?? But he would never bow to my wishes. V-day was usually spent with me either at work whole day or at home, if it was a weekend. But never with him.

In a way, I got used to his line of thought.

Because you see, he makes the most mundane day of the week feel like V-day!!

Like this time.

Like last night. The element of surprise is what actually works. The thought that he took out time to go and buy a rose for me . That, even in his work hours, he spent some time thinking about me. Knowing that after a long day at work and tired after managing the kids in the night, I need something to pep me up. Something to cheer me up and realize that there’s someone who understands me and loves me.

Isn’t that what really matters??

And I’m sad to say that I rarely ever think of him when I’m at work. That I rarely ever get him anything out of the blue.

Now that it IS the season of love, I guess I better make some time to correct my mistake.

I gotta buy him something good today…or maybe by tomorrow….(if I give it to him on V-day, he’ll KILL me 😀 !!).

Any ideas people?? I absolutely run out of gift ideas for guys!!

PS: If you are wondering why I’m asking for gift ideas publicly, lemme assure you, the BF almost NEVER reads my blog. So please send in your ideas asap.

Much Thanks in advance 🙂

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I’ve been Kissed :)

Yup yup, I’ve been kissed.


And not just as a peck or  touching of lips.

It was a full blown smackarooney , complete with the sound effect 😀

And just in case you are wondering (repeat, in case), I’m talking about RS.

She finally gave me that very lovely kiss of hers that I’ve been craving for since ages.

She was benevolent enough yesterday to bestow her father with the same.

To say we were gratified, would be putting it mildly. We were on CLOUD 9. Yup, right up there with the Stars and Sun and moon and what-not!!

After months of cajoling and pleading her to kiss us too (she started kissing SS ages ago!!), she finally caved in yesterday and smacked us crazy 😀

Ooooh….am in love once again 🙂

*walking away with a hum on the lips and a dance in my steps 🙂 *

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