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This guy.

(Read the last part of the article).

When he breaks rules, it is to preserve our culture.

When others break rules, ‘its a slap on democracy’.

What about OUR democracy buddy??

I’d love to exercise my right to slap the living daylights out of people like you!

But I don’t like touching muck.


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Ever had the feeling that everyone is looking at you? People staring at you intently…and then maybe turning away as if nothing happened?? Stop at a traffic signal and find a person falling half-out of an auto rickshaw, just to look at you again? Or maybe, find someone rolling down their car windows to give you that deep thoughtful look? Drive smoothly on the road to find someone first over taking you, and then screeching to a halt to stop, turn back and stare at you?

Happens to me ALL the time. Right since I can remember. When I was a kid, I ignored it, as most careless kids would. But as I grew older, it became a little disconcerting. A little embarrassing even. I mean, you are walking on the road and someone passes by you and a fraction of a second later, that person turns back to stare at you again, shakes his head and moves on.

What are you supposed to think??

Gave me a major inferiority complex. I mean, I wasn’t stared at in a bad way (though that did happen a couple of times), it was just that I couldn’t make out what that person was thinking. The disconcerting part was because women stare at me as much as men!!! Beat that.

Much later in life, it struck me. Finally, I understood why I was the cynosure of all eyes.

You see, I’m a hybrid. Part Maharashtrian¬†and part Tamilian. God has , likewise, given me a face which has a very basic Indian look about it. I could be anyone!! People seeing me for the first time may not be¬†able to guess where I come from ūüėÄ . The double-take that people do, its mostly¬†because at first look, they assume I’m some one they know. A second hard look (thats the staring part) and they realize their folly and move on. As for me, I’m left squirming , not knowing what to do next!!

Till a few year’s back, I was pretty used to this behaviour. I have rarely met anyone who hasn’t mentioned that I resemble some friend/relative/colleague/classmate, etc. In a way it felt good. People get closer to you if they feel they know you already. I had learnt to accept the stares .

Until I had kids. And blew out of proportion!!

And now, if someone stares at me, I strongly believe its sorely¬†because they haven’t seen anyone else lugging around fat at the wrong places, like me. Its awful¬†, you know, to be stared at!!

At times, I feel that I should muster the guts to stare back at the stare-er(is that even a word?!!) and ask him/her what their problem is!!  But its rude. And I know they mean no harm!!

What do I do?? Short of going in for a plastic surgery I can’t think of any other alternative. And oh, if you are thinking of even suggesting that I lose some weight, then beat it buster. This fat ain’t going nowhere!! My kids need it, you see :D.

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