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13 years in Pune……

……..and I never visited German Bakery even once.

And now I’m miserably upset and angry that it has become a target for terrorists!


It was just a bakery, like any other in town.

The only reason that comes to mind is that, the German Bakery was the hub for tourists who came to visit the Osho Ashram. The target was not the bakery. The targets were the people who frequented there.

It will give the incident more international attention. Maybe that’s the intention.

But after that, what???

What is achieved? What is the agenda? Is there a purpose to all this or is it just the whim of some maniacs?

I guess we were living like ostriches with our heads buried under the sand. As long as it happened somewhere else, we needn’t worry. As long as it isn’t us who aren’t dieing, its fine.

Some friends say that they are surprised these attacks didn’t happen earlier. And I couldn’t help agreeing. After Mumbai, how long did we expect to escape?

So now, Pune , ‘apparently’ is the new target for terrorist attacks.

Its sad.

This is one place I’ve come to love, though I still don’t belong here 😦

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