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My Predicament, Exactly!!

A Mother's dilemma

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….. When I don’t know whether its winter or summer!!

….. When I have a Bad Hair Day, EVERYDAY. Sliding a comb through the hair results in all the hair clinging to the comb as if it is their savior. Either that, or the hair fly about in the air, refusing to settle down and be tied! Hair setting gels or oils only worsen the problem.

…… When I need to wear gloves to prevent myself (and others) from dying of static electricity. Touch me, and you’ll go “ZZZAPPP“!!! Electrifying!! If I touch metal, I go zzzappp. If I touch plastic, I go zzzappp. I look like a startled rabbit everytime I hop about after the zzzappp.

…… When me and the BF have a fight for the fan EVERY night. He doesn’t want it, I can’t sleep without it!!

…… When MIL’s busy examination schedule coincides with my project release. EVERY TIME!! So we rush through homely duties, rush through traffic, rush through work and then rush back home.

…… When I burst out in a zillion pimples. Age irrespective. And those who said Acne is the bane of teenage years were so wrong. If they want to see a nearing-middle-age woman sporting pimples, send them to me.

…… When I forego the moisturizers thinking its summer and then the  skin cracks and itches like hell.

…… When my feet are not worthy of being on display. Add my hands to that list.

…… When I pine to go home to parents. Plus,  Bangalore weather is at its best this time of the year!

…… When I become whiney and rant-y like this.

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