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Outrage is too mild a word to express what I felt after seeing this.

Apparently, it is such a common method of  ‘extracting confessions’ that the police ‘officer'(?) himself doesn’t think he did any wrong!! No wonder he was comfortable enough to perform his actions in the presence of a journalist with a camera.

How Naive.

Or Stupid.

Or Barbaric.

Obviously, the suspended officer would be called back. And this matter would die a silent death.

The woman, if I may guess, will not file any charges against the policemen.

A case of “समुन्दर मे रहकर मगरमच्छ से बैर”, I think.


Edited to Add :-

On a different note, please consider the statement , “A freelance journalist, who claims he was not in a position to prevent the incident, caught it on camera”.

I guess this stems from being answerable for not initiating an objection. Maybe this statement comes from prior experience of facing the public flak, like in the case of Mangalore pub attacks (where the camera men were too busy capturing the action to do the right thing and prevent women from being beaten up by goons) or the case where a cameraman was specifically called by a woman and her relatives to beat up the woman’s husband’s alleged ‘mistress’.

The channel is absolved of all social responsibilities because their camera men ‘were not in a position to prevent the incident’.


Because, if they were, then they wouldn’t have the ‘incident’ to report, would they??

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When I too was wooed……..!!
Not that I’d have liked to be.
At least, not in that way and definitely not by that person!!

Being wooed

This snap was taken during post graduation days.

We used to celebrate Onam in college. Some Keralite seniors and their friends used to make an excellent pookulam in college premises . The pookulam was made of flowers, and the seniors were very particular about using only flower petals. Specifically, the coloured part. The tiny white stems of each petal were discarded. This meant , that we spent laborious hours snipping away at each gainda phool with scissors.

Fun time indeed 🙂

This particular snap was taken somewhere around 2 AM in the night. Some well meaning soul had bothered to bring a camera to capture all the ‘action’ of the night .

Anyhow, that’s me in red-black-white suit. And that guy offering me the flower, was one of the most evaded guys of the college. I remember getting highly annoyed after this act of his. He was the trying-too-hard-to-be-popular kind of person. Unfortuantely, I was the ONLY girl who ever spoke to him (I can’t be mean 😦 ), so he diverted his *ahem* attention towards me.

Those were dark days 😦

Looking back, I can’t help but smile fondly at the naiveté of it all.

C’mon, it was college, it was 2AM in the night. We were all tired after all the snipping. Can’t really  blame a guy for trying to add some spice to his life at such times 😀 .

And it was good to know that a guy,  other than the BF had bothered to divert his attention my way 😀

Ahhh…..what fun!!!

By the way, the BF wasn’t very impressed with the pic. He said that the guy-with-the-phool was just posing for the pic.

Ummm…could be.

Or it also could be that the BF is jealous!!

After all, giving me flowers is HIS one act of love!!

Anyhow, all that hard work with the snipping resulted in this the next morning :-

Poolkulam in college

Isn’t it lovely?!!

PS : Sorry about the image size. Had to search real hard for this pic. Finally found it on one of my classmate’s Orkut profile :D.

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