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I’m still around

Hi all.

Things have been silent on the blog front for quite some time now.

Reason being,

– The twin’s maid is on indefinite leave.

– Project release deadline looming ahead.

– Twins still down with cough.

– Search for alternate maid in full swing.

– Am just tired of it all 😦

No, I didn’t mean tired of the blog…just that at the end of the day, no time/patience/energy/stamina to sit down and type a few words.

Also, my inbox isn’t really flooding with the guest-posts, is it??

The last time I begged, pleaded, mailed, threatened, bribed and reminded all friends and family to send in their entries.

This time, I did nothing.


So I got NOTHING in return.

So much for my 201st post!!!

Anyhow, am busy with something else right now…get back to ya’ll after some time.

Cheers till then.

And also, A very Happy Monday….. (for all those down with the blues like me 🙂 )

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