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My entry for Indusladies

I’ve been T-A-G-G-E-D.

Yup. Finally!! (*Fist pumping the air!! *¬† ūüėÄ )

G was kind enough to tag me for the Indusladies International Women’s Day contest.

Since this is my FIRST tag, I’m obviously over-excited and am right now¬†hyper ventilating on the topic for my post. We have a choice of 10 subjects relevant to today’s women and am at a TOTAL LOSS as to which should be my favoured one.

You see, I have strong and serious views on each and every topic listed. They all concern me at various levels.

Loads of people have entered some really thought-provoking posts (you can check out their links in the comments section of the Indusladies’ post for the contest) and I feel that what I have to say is very meagre, very trivial, compared to them.

Anyhow, putting on my “Feminist Cap” ,I selected “Workplace inequality” for my post. But then, discarded the cap as well as the topic since I personally¬†haven’t experienced inequality in enough measure to warrant an 800 word post.

Then I thought of “Financial Freedom”, but then, G made a much better¬†job of it and I had to discard that post too (btw, I had got through 790 words of it!! Will post it some other time).

And now, I have decided on something more personal, more closer to each woman than anything else in this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, here goes my entry (*drumroll……..*)


Hygiene & Healthcare

A big Hello to all women reading this post. I want your honest answers to some questions that I have.  These are extremely personal and some might not apply to you, but anyhow, please tell me, 

РHow many of you, as girls, have had regular visits to the gynaec after your first period?

– How many of you report missing periods to your gynaec/mothers/sisters?

– How many of you drink milk or take calcium supplements everyday?

– How many of you eat a healthy breakfast every morning?

– How many of you are aware of PCOS, Cervical cancer, menopause?

– How many of you insist on your partner taking a wash before and after intercourse?

– How many of you are aware of the consequences of Cesarean section ?

– How many of you know how to perform a Self-Breast examination?

– How many of you are aware of the different contraceptives available and their side-effects?

– How many of you are aware of the hormones that classify you a ‘Woman’ ?

– How many of you have a normal BMI? How many know what a BMI is??

– How many of you take out time to exercise regularly?

– How many of you are aware of each and every mark, curve and plain of your body?

Of the women reading this, I know a majority will have an answer to the above mentioned queries. But if I had to make a list of women who are absolutely unaware of the above, I would need a counting device.

I don’t mean the uneducated women who work as maids in our houses. I talk of well educated women, working women, mothers, wives and many others who have never even heard of half the points mentioned.

Reason, I guess, is part ignorance, and part negligence. The ignorance stems from lack of interest. The negligence,¬†from the total disregard towards one’s own body. Like the time when we were young girls, newly undergoing the trauma of facing the dreaded periods. Weren’t missed periods like a boon? Didn’t we feel secretly relieved of not going through the burden for a change? Did we ever stop to wonder that it could be a sign of possible complications later?

We didn’t.

Just like many grown up women like me rush to work every morning, not bothering to have a proper breakfast or drink a glass of milk. We have heard of cases of osteoporosis. We dread it. Yet, we do NOTHING to prevent it.

Many young and old women suffer from various infections of the uterus. Ranging from Urinary Tract infection to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Only when the discomfort becomes too much to bear, we bother to visit a gynaec and get the situation assessed.

What do we wait for?? Would we delay so much if any other loved one suffered any illness?? Then why delay for oneself?

Why the sense of shame related to our own body?? Why do we take our system for granted?

For many women, the concept of hygiene¬†is limited¬†to visits to the parlour. A facial or pedicure/manicure , though feel good, do not give you good health, or hygiene. They just give you a sense of momentary relaxation. Threading eyebrows comes nowhere close to being hygienic, unless your brows threaten to become hosts to lice. Then, maybe ūüôā .

Jokes apart, the truth is, we place ourselves way down in the list of priorities. For us, any treatment can wait. NOTHING is severe enough to warrant immediate attention and action!!

Sad, isn’t it?

So we see our mothers and grandmothers suffering from cervical cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, menopause and many other ailments and we keep wondering, what if, they had taken care of themselves! What if they had addressed the issue earlier? What if …?

And then, we ourselves do the same thing all over again.

We ignore our health while taking care of family.

We ignore our health because we are too busy handling jobs and motherhood.

We ignore our hygiene because we don’t want our partners to feel bad.

We ignore ourselves because we are too embarrassed to face a doctor (What about the time when you are lying bare on an operation table at the time of delivery?? But then, our thoughts are more for the baby than for ourselves, so the shame dissolves into nothingness!! Yet again, proof that others take priority over ourselves).

Isn’t it time we re-arranged our priorities and made some time for ourselves? Our good health will guarantee that our families stay healthy too. Our hygiene will guarantee that we and our partners are infection free. Isn’t that worth the effort?

We may not be a Cleopatra or a Garbo, but we are and will be the most beautiful woman in our children’s eye. The most seductive , in our partner’s.

Isn’t it time we kept up that image?


I pass on this tag to Srividya, Sheets and Shweta.

Sorry for the delay guys. Do take this up if you have the time ūüôā

The rules and conditions are available here.

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