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I got up a little early this morning…just 15 minutes earlier than regular (mother’s handling toddlers would understand what a HUGE struggle it is to get up from the bed!!). For once, I decided to brush my teeth while standing in the balcony.

It was nice and cool,a  slight breeze blowing in the air, the smell of wood burning somewhere, the chirping of birds (which reminds me, I haven’t seen a sparrow in AGES!!). With one lazy hand wielding the toothbrush, I looked down at the road below…..

…….to see too many things happening all at once.

— A middle-aged couple out for a morning walk. The man walked ahead solemnly, the woman plodded along trying to keep pace with him. It is surprising, but it made me realize that very few middle-aged couples ever bother to talk while on their morning walk.

— Across the road, another couple. Quite young. Dressed smartly and walking briskly. It was obvious even from the distance that they were busy discussing something animatedly, but it never broke their pace. Made me feel guilty for not putting in enough time on the exercycle. Errr…wait a second, when was the last time I sat on it?

Ermm..well…I guess three weeks back!!!

Drat 😦 !!

— An auto rickshaw full of school kids standing below, waiting for someone’s kid to hop in. A kid skips along to the auto, his mother carrying the sack on her shoulder. Besides the auto stand two boys, rag pickers, with their sacks slung over their shoulders. I couldn’t make out the look on their faces, but it was clear what was going on in their mind. The defiant stance, the piercing look.I wonder if they were lamenting the injustice of it all. Even if they didn’t, I did. It just didn’t seem fair that while one set of kids happily trots off to school, another has to start the day by earning their bread by picking litter.

Which also reminded me of one guy from my grandfather’s building. He was a construction worker’s son, but brilliant in studies. His school gave him a scholarship to continue studies from another, better school. This kid gave up on that school and became a vagabond, simply because one of the teacher’s in that school was strict and had caned him once.

Don’t know who is at fault here? One one hand, the education system identified this boy’s potential and tried to provide him with the best they could. On the other hand, a party of the same system ruined this boy’s chances at a better life.

Sigh. Such is life.

— A procession of bikes with orange banner and flags flying in the breeze. I guess it is Shiv Jayanti today and these were the Shivaji followers ( I assume). What really irked me to no end was,

1) They had covered the entire width of the road and refused to give way to the vehicles honking from behind them.

2) They had little boys walking barefoot , handling flaming torches (mashaals).

3) They also had teenage boys walking in front, wielding sharp 2-ft long swords. Swords!! For what joy?? I have no idea about the concept of celebrating Shiv-Jayanti, but this blatant display of introducing young boys to violence is totally beyond sanity!!

4) They revelled in honking their bike horns continuously, just to create as much noise as possible. Attention Deficit Disorder, we call it in our circle!!

— A couple of women from the slums, walking briskly towards the housing societies, no doubt assisting hundreds of working women like me with their early morning chores. If it weren’t for these diligent workers, we’d all be sitting at home 😀 .

— Street sweepers, wielding their brooms, totally ignorant of the traffic whizzing by. Sweeping with leisurely strokes, not caring whether the road is litter free or not. The rushing vehicles weren’t helping their cause any, no doubt that was the reason for their lack of concern.

— A school kid walking by , more interested at looking at the pigeons on the electricity wires than the road. He looks up at the balcony and I can see the horrified look on his face.

“What happened?”, I almost yelled at him

Only to realize that it’s not everyday that a kid gets to watch a fat thirty year old woman hanging on to a balcony rail with foam dripping from her mouth.

Right. I cut a sorry figure and the kid made me realize that.

I scooted back inside, to find SS up and howling for his feed, RS , about to wake up any minute, the maid had come and so did the milk-man.

It was back to routine from there on 🙂 .

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