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Still no luck!!

I’d lamented a few weeks back on being the ‘bitter’ centre of attraction.

When I did a post on Liz Hurley, Srihari cautioned that I would now be getting some wierd search strings my way. I almost welcomed the thought.

But fate, alas has other plans. I am not to be forgiven. Sob 😦

Too bitter to handle anymore!!


* wringing hands in frustration*

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Tooth update


The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 2 molars
Lower = 4
Total =10 + 1/2 + 1/2

SS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2
Lower = 4
Total = 8 + 1/2

So RS has sprouted two molars now :).

Am welcoming those most precious set of teeth that will finally enable my baby to chew food and not just swallow it 😀

She has been nibbling on bits of chapatti and dry toast for the last few days and seems to be making good use of those new teeth.

SS is yet to get his own. Seeing how he generally follows in RS’s wake after 2-3 weeks, am expecting him to sprout his by sometime this week.

Anyhow, after using the finger brush (suggested by Shweta) for the last one month, I thought of graduating to a proper tooth-brush for the twins.

Finger Brush

Searching high and low, I finally found the right tooth-brush and toothpaste at the BabyCenter outlet in Pune (Surprisingly, I didn’t know that BabyCenter had their outlets in India, let alone Pune, yet let alone, on my way to work!! Was more than elated when I found it hidden behind a tree, sandwiched between a bakery on one side and a Men’s apparel store on the other 🙂 ).

I hopped in there and selected the softest bristle toothbrushes for the twins along with fluoride free toothpaste from Pigeon.

Johnson's baby tooth-brush

Pigeon Tooth paste (Flouride free)

Well, it wasn’t really smooth sailing getting these two to brush. Firstly, they refuse to open their mouths. And when they did, on the first touch of the brush, they tilt their heads way back so that I face their upturned chins. When I do manage to shove the brush in, both start gulping on the tooth paste.

RS was a little more helpful, she allowed me to swipe the brush across her teeth a couple of times, before she lost interest and clammed up.

With SS, I have to forcefully open his mouth and shove the brush in.

If you are wondering why I gave up on the finger brush so soon, well, it’s because I have Sharks for kids!! They have collectively managed to mangle my finger to bits. The thick silicon was no protection against their deadly jaws. At one time I actually heard my bone crunching in their jaws (well, not really, but pretty close!!)

I now have to get a few minutes earlier than usual….I have three sets of teeth to brush.

What fun 😐

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