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There are people who have green thumbs. And then, there is ME. I have the innate ability of killing the healthiest plant alive, just by my ‘touch’.

Laugh, if you may, but I guess it has something to do with being a charge carrier. The plants I touch, simply die of the shock!!

Other than that, I have zero abilities to raise a plant (and then you wonder why I fret over motherhood!!) . A plant needs just water, some sunshine, at times, a little fertilizer and it does the jolly good thing of rearing itself up.

Hand me such a nice sweet sapling and see its dead remains in a couple of day’s time!!Thats how bad I am! I forget to water them. I keep indoor plants in the sun (What?? I didn’t know they were indoor ones!!) and out-door ones in the shade. Fertilizer? Whats that?

Suffice to say, I haven’t a single green leaf to call my own. BUT, the urge to succeed exists somewhere deep in my heart (I do believe….I shall overcome some day!!). So while clearing up the terrace one day when the BF was discarding the broken up pots, I told him to hang on a sec. I wanted those pots in my window sill and I was damn well gonna plant some herbs and see them grow.

“Have it your way”, says the BF and dumps the pots on the sill.

This was ….erm……6 months back.

I haven’t planted anything yet. Not even scattered a few seeds in any of them. In fact, I totally forgot about the existence of those pots……

…………….until one fine day, I opened the window to see this :-

Pigeon in a pot!!


Thats right. A big fat pigeon in a pot!! All scared and timid, but refusing to fly even when I was this close to it. Unchallenged, I leaned in a wee bit more and found this :-

Eggs in a pot!!


Awwww……..the poor feathery friend had laid a couple of eggs in the pot and was busy hatching them!! (You can see the eggs behind her feet)

Isn’t that sweet 🙂

Well, I didn’t grow plants, but looks like my pots weren’t all that useless after all. Only, this time they were producing something entirely different 😀

Anyhow, the pot is filled with rice grains every day and I have kept a plastic jar of water for the poor bird.

And oh, this one’s the she-pigeon. She takes a break once a day when the he-pigeon comes over and stays put on the eggs.

I asked the BF to learn this lesson in parental responsibility.

He turned a deaf ear and went back to his paper.

Shuck!! Some samples of the male specious NEVER learn.

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In Pune, we have no reason to celebrate Spring. We have no Spring. One night its bitter cold and the very next day, BANG!! It’s the peak of Summer.

This year’s winter was the twin’s second one. The first time round, they were tiny little fledglings, wrapped up in sweaters and blankets. This time ,they had pullovers, monkey caps and cardigans. I know they won’t have any use of it for the coming winter and am planning to give away all the old woollies (that reminds me, I’m just not able to discard those tiny little half-sweaters that the twins wore when they were a few weeks old. Am gonna preserve them till the end of my lifetime, just to remind me of how very tiny they were………).

Anyhow, I found a few snaps of the twins in their woollies while clearing my desktop. Image quality is very poor (what did you expect from me?!!) and not very clear….but I know I won’t be seeing these caps and sweaters again. So here’s an adieu to the woollies :-

Looking out for Pigeons from Chhoti-Dadi's house


'Helping' Big-Dadi with the green leafy veggies 🙂


Looking out for Pigeons at home


You know, there are times when I fret that the twins are not growing up enough. I feel they are not putting on the requisite amount of weight, they are not growing taller, they have lost most of the baby fat, they are way too thin, they haven’t started speaking coherent words yet, and what not!!

But when I sit down to sort their cupboard, and come across clothes that don’t fit them anymore, I realize with a start, that they really are growing up. They have outgrown loads of clothes by now. It almost seems like a trick of light. How could it be?? When all I can see is that my twins are such tiny  little slips of people, running around between our legs…..

Ahh well…maybe mothers have a different set of eyes when they see their kids. Maybe I have those eyes too. But I also know that I don’t look at them with rose-tinted glasses. I see them for what they are. Faults and all. I don’t think my babies are the most beautiful in the world. I know there are better looking babies out there. I don’t think they are the sharpest and smartest ever. In fact, I’m not the mom who feels that her children eat rainbows and poop butterflies. I guess that more or less sums up the kind of mother I am.

B-U-T. I know that they are mine. If they have any faults which can be overcome, I’ll do my damn best to help them over come it. If they are not naturally brilliant, I’ll work on giving them more mind puzzles, games, help them hone their skills. I know it’s not easy doing all this, but it comes with the package deal of being a mother. People lament that RS has a stubby nose. I think it gives her character.  Some say that SS will be on the shorter side.  Good things come in small packages, I say. I don’t want my babies to be perfect. I want them to learn to live with their imperfections IF they are unable to over-come them in the first place.

I guess I got off on a tangent here 🙂 . This was supposed to be a post on winter clothing!!

I guess I should reserve the rest of my sentiments for another proper post.

For now, I gotta sort and wash all the old woollens for giving away.

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