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We had the most eventful morning today.

GMIL was returning from her morning walk, when she saw a young man walking out from our society building. She didn’t pay him any heed and carried on limping slowly towards the elevators.

This young man suddenly lunged at her and yanked at the gold chain around her neck. Shocked though she was, she had the presence of mind to shove the guy hard and grab the chain back from his hands. The guy, obviously took to his heals while GMIL yelled “chor-chor”  in the loudest voice possible.

Unfortunately, at that time of the morning,there were hardly a handful of people about. The thief got away, but am glad he wasn’t successful. But what ticked me off was that he scratched the old lady real bad with his nails. Moreover, she fell down in all this scuffle and you can imagine how it must have been for this nearing 80-years old woman!!

Surprisingly, our full-of-beans granny was glowing when she narrated her tale to us. She grinned and told the story of her brave feat to each and every member of the house. If I were in her place, I’d be stunned into immobility. But not only had she shoved that man hard, she’d also managed to snatch back her chain!! How gutsy is that?!!

The BF immediately called all the society members to our place, to discuss our sorry state of security. The watchman, meanwhile is still not available for comment. His wife was at home, but then, she’s not answerable for the building’s security.

On an aside, how common is chain snatching today?  We read it every other day in newspapers. Guys driving on bikes accosting any single or middle-aged lady out for her morning walk, snatching the chain from her neck and speeding away. In a way, these kind of thefts are more pre-planned than on-the-spur-of-the-moment events. The robbers keep a watch on the victims for a couple of days before going in for the kill.

The GMIL has a predictable routine. Anyone watching her for a for a few days can make out her schedule. She goes the same way everyday for her morning walk. She leaves and comes back at the same time. She walks really slow because her knees threaten to give away. Plus, she is slightly rotund and its easy to feel that her reflexes are slow.

Or so, the thief this morning might have thought.

Am glad granny changed that notion of his in one swift single swipe.

Am real proud of the GMIL. At her age, it is least expected of her to be so quick in mind and body. She puts me to shame 😦

But seriously, wouldn’t you be proud too 🙂

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