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I mean, I don’t want to start off Monday morning on a blue note (which , by the way, is the right thing to do) , BUT seriously, when was the last time a weekend meant a time to relax, chill out with family, visit friends and relatives, have good food and in all, just break away from the hectic routine of the week??

I haven’t had a relaxed weekend in simply AGES (that reminds me, what other phrase can I use for this sentiment?? I’ve got a not-so-good feedback on my repetitive use of the word ‘Ages’!!) . Why does the maid take an off EVERY weekend?? Why does the nanny take an off at the same time?? Plus, the MIL and GMIL also go out visiting relatives and attending family functions which they otherwise get no chance to attend. So not only does the onus of cooking, cleaning and washing come on me, I also have to attend to 2 clingy , wailing babies who just can’t bear the thought that their momma is home and yet not spending ALL her time with them (which, by the way, I’d LOVE to do). The BF and his brother want to spent the weekend lazing about , reading the newspaper for hours, watching movies on  TV/Computer, chatting on the phone and simply enjoying the weekend for what it is. And I can only fume when I look at them. I’m jealous. Awfully so.

Ok. Deep breath. Deep breath once more.

Big rant over.

(Now on to the smaller ones…….)


Back to important things, life if going to be a little too hectic this week and next. Loads of work to do, both at home as well as office (ok, mostly office!!). Plus, I’m in a major dilemma on whether to quit or not. I’ve had enough of my company and am seriously thinking of looking out for better options (a cliché, if there ever was one!!). It’s not the work. The work, I love. I even love the hectic routine at times (must confess, I’m addicted to being busy in office). It’s the pay which is sad. Very , very S-A-D.  Quitting is an important decision and I don’t want to be hasty. Lets see how things work out. I’ll first have to take the trouble of hunting for my CV and updating it (such a daunting task, I tell you 😦 ).

Talking about work, one colleague in my company committed suicide last week. Apparently he was mentally disturbed (some say it was work pressure) and undergoing treatment. what irks me so much is not exactly his death (which is a loss, I agree) , but the fact that he leaves behind a young girl who became his wife just a few months back. If the guy was undergoing treatment, his family should have stalled his wedding until the doctor gave the clearance. And if he did get married, then I believe he should have had some moral responsibility before thinking of making her a widow. Given a society such as ours, it would be rare for her to find acceptance once again. Poor thing. Do send your good wishes her way.


The twin’s nanny who joined us two weeks back, is a gem. She gets along famously with the GMIL and is pretty good with the twins too. But since all good things come to an end, she declared last week that her knees have started giving her trouble and she won’t be able to come to our place anymore. Problem is, she comes from a very far off place and even after the bus drops her off at the stop, she has to walk a considerable distance, first, to our place, and then back to her home. I called up our old nanny (yes, the same old useless one) last night and she agreed to come.

This morning , she turned up in time (thankfully) but unfortunately, the GMIL is not too pleased. She was after the nannie’s hide even while I left. God knows whats happening back home right now!!


The twins are turning into super-brats by the day. There was a time when I had very little patience with monsters who howled in stubborn-ness. I’ve seen many a hapless mothers try and control such kids, pleading incessantly with them when a tight slap would have done the job much sooner.

Little did I know, that I would have not one but TWO of those monsters as the fruits of my labour (uh oh, wrong usage, but what the hell, we don’t have ANY historic phrase for C-sec born kids!!) . Not only are they bull-headed and stubborn, they absolutely refuse to listen to anyone. That includes, yours truly. I have very little influence on my kids 😦 . More’s the pity. Though I did try out a few tiny slaps, but it just encouraged them to be more obstinate and dig in their heels.

And about the crying….I’m S-I-C-K of it. Why do they have to cry for EVERYTHING?? And I don’t just mean the normal cry of babies. These are more like the howls of a banshee, straining every possible chord of their throats to lend that screeching note to the already jarring noise.

The way SS screams is enough to give me goosebumps. And he screams like that in the middle of the night when he’s hungry. I practically leap out of the bed in fright when he does that!! And I swear, my hand shakes (no, make that trembles) even as I prepare his bottle. He has been behaving like this for the last one week. I have no idea what brought about this change of attitude.

RS is worse. She cries for anything and everything. We just don’t know when she’s in a genial mood and when she isn’t. Try to undress her for her bath and squeals and squirms as if we are torturing her. But once the clothes are removed , the Miss will happily amble off to the bathroom.

Their favourite technique is to fall on the floor and kick their arms and legs in anger. Am seriously incapable of handling kids who do that. Whenever I’m compelled to whack them when they behave like this, I have remind myself that they are just 15 months old. Too young to understand a punishment for what it is. But the hurt might remain. It’s an exercise in self-control and not an easy one at that!!

It’s tough being a mom (I know, I know, I’ve repeated this a zillion times by now….I have no choice 😦 )


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