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I got a pleasant surprise yesterday morning.

Our darling pigeon’s eggs hatched yesterday.

The Mamma pigeon was mighty pleased with her offspring.

One hatched, one to go

The poor little thing was so tiny and helpless. The only prominent part of it was its beak, far too large for such a tiny frame.

(The white stuff towards the right is the rice I managed to shove into the pot without the mamma pigeon trying to kill me!! Seriously, whats with the mamma’s who threaten with death if you come ever so close to their babies?!!)

And this morning, there were TWO!!


The pic hasn’t come out great (you can barely make out the second one). Thats because the mamma pigeon wasn’t very pleased at being disturbed from her pot and was bristling at me severely 😦 )

The mamma keeping a sharp eye for her brood

There is a crow who’s been circling this area since the babies hatched yesterday. But every time he ventures anywhere close to the pots , suddenly a horde of pigeons from around the building swoop down on it and chase it away. The first time I saw it, I didn’t pay much attention. But now I’m seriously impressed with the team work. The babies are lucky to have such a loving family 🙂

And I have deep respect for the mamma pigeon who never leaves her post unless I come too close for comfort. She has been diligently keeping her babies warm for the last 2 weeks. I wonder how she would have managed food and water if I hadn’t bothered to stuff her pot with grains. The way she digs into it, you can make out she is famished. Poor thing. The sacrifices a female of any species has to make!! Except maybe a queen bee, or a praying mantis. But I digress. The babies are adorable and am looking forward to clicking more of their growth pics 🙂

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