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At least for poor uneducated villagers, for whom, the words of a ‘tantrik’ carry more meaning and significance.

Why else would a family go around poisoning little children so that they themselves are blessed with one??

I have no idea what was going on in the minds of those people, but tell me, how could anyone, anyone feel that murdering 11 children would please Gods to give you one of your own? Is it just superstition or just plain stupidity?

How can ‘sacrifising’ children please Gods?? HOW??

Anyway,no point in ranting over this.

Spreading awareness and education does not seem to be anywhere in the priority list of our politicians.

They are more busy accepting garlands and sometimes even fighting for its ‘leaves’ !!

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Dad’s Reply

After reading my anniversary mail, Dad sat down to pen a ‘few’ lines as reply. When I asked him why he didn’t post it as a comment to the post, he replied that the comment box was too small for what he wanted to write 😐 

Anyhow, here’s his mail, tweaked a bit to cut out the most personal parts…but the crux of it is still there 🙂 


Our Dear N,
It is a long time since I could read a beautifully worded and very meaningful letter / greeting from my children. The note moved us to tears is, an understatement.
You had packed almost everything in it – childhood memories, parental love & affection, their duties towards their kids, inter-personal relationship of parents, present day scenario and your ardent desire to feel the ‘olden & golden days’ yet again. Thanks, N. We are overwhelmed with this gesture. You couldn’t have given us a better Anniversary Gift.

Yes. Our life had been one roller-coaster ride, packed with all that life has to offer, good, bad and the ugly. We did go through the most trying times, many a times, did all that you had described and came out of it all unscathed. It is painful for me to recollect that, out of our married life of 33 years, I have been away from my family for over 15 years. As I always maintained, my contribution to our life had been my monthly cheques and may be my prayers. Mom made it possible to bring up, groom and make you all what you are today. It goes without saying that, it is Mom who deserves the credit for what you all are today. Period.  

Now, you’ll call me an MCP, if I declare that it was possible for me / us to scale those heights, only because of Mom’s single minded mantra, ” My only happiness lies in my husband’s happiness “….!!!! Wasn’t Mom’s life’s tapasya Dad’s happiness ? It had always been. This tapasya of her’s was her magic wand. This may not work today and even if it does, it may not get its due recognition. That’s the sad part of this trick of life that Mom had mastered and used effectively for us to go through the rigours of life like a breeze…!!!

Yes, my darling daughter, I agree that, after Dad retired, an entirely different set of dimensions took over his life and despite his insistence to join in and walk along with him, Mom’s reluctance took its toll. Result : Dad juggles with his time divided between his activities ( mostly to keep  physically and psychologically fit ) and Mom. Mom has her reasons, again, physical and psychological. She firmly believes ( and I respect her for that ) that in her age ( mine too ), she must be more  towards spiritualism and pursuit of spiritual happiness. It is not that Dad is not so inclined as well. Only, he has his own perception of good and bad. I allow Mom to have her way and support her in all ventures undertaken to enhance this dimension of happiness in her. 
 N, be rest assured that there is not an iota of difference in our love for each other. This love has been our life-line and strength. It is not so glaringly visible to you all now because, you have started living your own lives and the rigours you go through on a day-to-day basis, obliterates or at least obscures the true love of your parents that you had so closely watched and admired, in your growing years.  The colour of our life is intact, only there is a slight change in the hue.  That’s it.  
Thanks a Million for the lovely note, N. 
Our Tons of Love to BF, RS & SS…..!!!
Your Dad.

P.S.   Sorry for not writing in your blog ( I’ve never understood the silly thing anyway….!!!! ). Now, can this reply be ‘posted’ on your blog…?!!! 🙂 


Yes Dad, your reply can be and has been posted on this blog 😀 

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