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 Hello people.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been putting in some time for compiling a list on why I Envy Indian men. This is in response to Srihari’s comment on this post.

I’ve been searching high and low and somehow, by some quirk of nature, I found that bachelor Indian men are no different from the ones for whom the previous post was written.

B-U-T. Married Indian men are an altogether new species. They differ , simply because they are Indian. And that implies, they have the immense good fortune of being treated as God. Or as close as one can come to it. Our scriptures give them too much of importance and though we have managed to filter it a bit, some part of the worshipping-the-men attitude still exists.

Anyhow, I’ve now compiled a list of cases where I envy Indian married men.

The list is by no means all-encompassing, so please feel free to add to it. Looking forward to some serious insights on Indian Men.

Here goes my list :-


–       They get to chose the best side of the bed.

–       The world is and will always be, their urinal.

–       Their mothers and aunts ALWAYS find them ‘thin’ even though they have a midriff that would put the Michelin man to shame.

–       The wives touch their feet. They never have to touch her’s…except maybe under different circumstances (*ahem*)!!

–       Their wives serve them the best pieces of food on the table. The rest can pick up the left-overs.

–       Bed-tea gets served to them.

–       They don’t have to worry about washing their clothes, ironing them or storing them (once married). In some cases, they don’t have to bother about socks, inner-wear, hand-kerchiefs and shoes either!!

–       Once they get hold of the TV remote, the only option left for others, is to log on to the net or go take a hike.

–       They can put in zero efforts for their children’s upbringing, yet the kids will look up to them as their HERO!

–       No one asks them if they are ‘sure they want to drive the car’, or ‘sure they want to work’, or ‘sure they want to think!!’

–       No one sidles up to them to ask when they are planning to have a baby, or the next kid as the case may be.

–       They can sleep late on Sundays. They can sleep the  WHOLE day. They can do this every week!!

–       Visiting their in-laws doesnt stress them out. They can pull out a pair of denim , a faded T-shirt and proclaim themselves ‘ready’.

–       They have at least one relative who will mention that they are far too good for their wife!!



Thats all that I cna think of now. Send me your inputs to make this list longer 🙂

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