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Hiya peeps. Me got tagged. AGAIN!!!

Can’t believe it? Thats just coz you  are burning with jealousy inside. Deep within, you KNOW you crave to be tagged too. And it simply burns the hair on your lashes to find me popular enough to get my SECOND tag!!



Ok now, seriously, I need therapy. High time I guess. Must schedule an appointment before the kids are old enough to personally enroll their mother into  rehab 😦 (Which wouldn’t be too far in the future, I guess. At least, not going by their current opinion of the Mater!)

Anyhow, Momo’s Ma thought me worthy enough to spill the beans about myself publicly (gasp) and though I’m reluctant to speak the truth (What?? You think I’d tell you that I find Karela yummy . I did that already?! Drat!) I think I’m narcissist enough to let people rave over the ‘good’ aspects about me.

So *ahem* here goes some serious ‘truths’ about me. believing it is TOTALLY up to the reader 😀


1) I love reading (duh!), but for some unknown reason, I can’t read a novel or book while sitting up. I  HAVE to lie down to read. Does this mean I have a weak back?  No idea 😐 . I do read newspapers sitting up,  like most normal people do. But hand me a work of fiction, and the back muscles start melting until I’m lying totally supine with the book open at page three (thats how long it takes me to go completely horizontal).

2) I P-R-O-C-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-E. I’ve lost a lot on account of this behaviour. It has put me to shame every time, but I simply put off doing stuff (even though I LOVE doing it) for as long as I can, for reasons that are totally beyond reason. Making sense? No? Well, I’ll explain it later.

3) I LOVE clutter. No , wrong word. Make that, I LOVE totally-useful-stuff-that-appears-as-garbage-to-the-eyes-of-the-partner-or-anyone-else-who-does-not-realize-the-inherent-value-of-the-supposed-garbage. My dad wasn’t joking when he mentioned once that you could find anything from a needle to an elephant under my pillow. The needle part is true, along with its spool of thread. I also kept safety pins, hair clips, a ball-pen, a novel, a toffee or any such useful item that I came across in the day , under my pillow (the elephant was a toy, FYI). At the time of need, I simply had to dig my hands under the pillow, and VOILA, you have what you want. What people don’t appreciate, is the fact that my response time for hunting these things was next to nil. I was that fast! The storage is not limited to just the pillows. I know exactly where something is kept in my room, even though it looks as if it was just visited by Katrina ( the tempest, NOT the temptress).

4) I hate , Hate, HATE bhajans played to filmi-music. Can’t stand it for obvious reasons. It seems such a  sacrilege, offering prayers to a tune which you probably gyrate to in some club.  Like this one song in “Atithi tum kab jaoge” , where Paresh Rawal sings a bhajan to the tune of “Beedi Jalaile“. One word, DISGUSTING. I had to restrain my impulses to rush out of the theatre right then and there. And I also hate the fact these bhajans have to be blared from a zillion sound boxes, making sure that your future generation’s DNA is imprinted with the lyrics and the music . (While we are on hate, I also HATE Himesh Reshammiya. Again, for obvious reasons. I find him neither man enough, nor woman enough. He’s not even an in-between. Though, it would have saved him a bit. And that voice of his? KILLS me everytime I hear it. And not in a good way 😐 ).

5) I am a defender of women’s rights. Want to call me a feminist? Fine. But I’m NOT. Though a lot of my male friends would opine otherwise. For men, any woman who speaks out against inequality can be termed a feminist (which literally translates to a man-hating, androgynous being who is on a constant mission to ruin the peace in their life). I’m not that feminist, simply because I love being a woman. I wouldn’t want to ruin myself in trying to be like men or behave like them. I wouldn’t want men to take up house hold responsibilities while I go out to earn (though, a little bit of help at home would be greatly appreciated). I only speak out against the atrocities on women, on killing of the girl-child, on dowry, on harassment, on sexual abuse. These nowhere imply that I would want to be anything but a woman.

6) I can never take sides. Not because of lack of trying, but simply because the party whom I’m supposedly supporting , get put-off by my constant recriminations on how exactly the other party is NOT at fault. Least comforting, I’m told. Oh well. Must be the Libran in me ! It makes me see facets of a situation which others cannot. And it really troubles me (and I don’t mean the part about taking sides) because it also means that I’m seriously lacking in making decisions. I cannot make a decision and stick to it. It takes me ages to come to a conclusion, using up all the arguments for and against the two situations and finally , when I am ready to voice myself, I find that life has moved on and my opinion is no longer required. Ahh…they really shouldn’t be wasting my time like this, you know!!

7) I always regret not getting married earlier. Not because I didn’t want to. But because we were going through recession and a bad scene in the IT world. The BF and I were busy struggling to set ourselves up financially before we could take up the responsibility of our marriage expenses and it was really trying time. We did get together eventually and then we had our fair share of trouble conceiving. By the time the twins were born, I was almost ready to step into another decade of my life. The regret stems from the fact that I want to do so much with my kids, but when I see myself panting and wheezing within just 10 minutes of playing hide and seek, I cannot help but rue that I am yet to face the time when these two start making me run around (which, btw, I’d LOVE to do, but seeing the current weight issues and low immunity, I seriously doubt). I want my kids to view me as someone fresh and active (and not tired and haggard) . I want them to be proud of me like my friend M once told me they should. I just need encouragement to go on……..but being a sincere follower of Point 2) , I haven’t been able to 😦 .


Thanks for the tag Momo’s Ma. It helped to express myself within these seven points. I enjoyed doing it 🙂 .

And now for the second part, well, lets see. I have been active on blogosphere for a relatively short while. I don’t know many people, but still, I’ll forward this tag to :-

1)Shail (if you’ve already done this before, do send me the URL ).

2) G (Same as applies to Shail)

3) Swaram ( Same as applies to G)

4) Mini (Same as applies to Swaram)

5) Pallavi (same as applies to Mini)

6) Srihari (Same as applies to Pallavi)

7) Kaustubh (Same as applies to Srihari).

Take it up people. I’d like to know you all better 🙂

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Looks like my last week’s weekend rant didn’t go down well with the Almighty. Or maybe he took pity on me 🙂 .Whatever the case, I’ve had one of the MOST relaxed weekends of all time.

Yes people, I got to sleep. And sleep and sleep and sleep. How wonderful is that??

So here’s what I did other than sleep :-

1) Went out shopping on Saturday. All by myself (its so much better when I’m alone. No one to pester me . It’s not as if the BF does pester me, but you know how it is with husbands!!). I splurged on meself (by ample encouragement by Shail) and spent a nice tidy sum on two different outfits I plan to wear for BFc’s wedding next month. I bought this tiny set of bangles for RS along with a set of ‘parkar-polka’ which is the Maharashtrian version of the silk petticoat and blouse usually worn by little girls in the South. Am sure RS will look gorgeous in it 🙂 . Ummm…I didn’t buy anything for SS…I have a kurta-pyjama set for him which he hasn’t worn yet. Not posting the pics here since BFC reads this blog and I don’t want her to see the outfits just yet 😀 . Will post them after I get back from the wedding .

2) Came home from the shopping, had lunch and slept. For 3 straight hours. As if someone had knocked me on the head unconscious . I woke up to the smell of hot tea, brought on a tray along with some biscuits and presented by yours truly, the BF!! ( THE BF!! For God’s sakes!! He actually made tea for me!! Oh God, does this mean all my sins are forgiven ??  ) I had tea in the most ladylike manner, hair askew, eyes barely open and one leg dangling off the bed. What fun!

3) Told the BF that I was in no mood to stay at home in the evening and why don’t we take the kids out for a drive since it was so hot. He once again agreed (Whats wrong with him?? Where is the real BF?) and we quickly dressed up the kids and drove off into the sunset. Errr….no really, we just drove around a bit and then dropped in to visit one of the BF’s uncles. He wasn’t at home, but his family was. They were overjoyed on seeing the twins. The twins were overjoyed on seeing their cat.

4) From the uncle’s place, we moved on to visit his aunt (also called as Chhoti-dadi in some previous posts). She was overjoyed on seeing the twins. The twins didn’t have a cat to express their joy this time. So they made do with all the utensils instead. Belan, karchhi, kadai were all duly pulled out and banged, disfigured, maimed for life. Chhoti-dadi was most indulgent and handed over some more steel glasses , plates and spoons to the kids. I had a slight idea that maybe she wants to get rid of all the old utensils and buy new ones…hmmm….fine by me as long as I don’t have to foot the bill .

 Naah…am joking. She’s far too kind for this 😀 . Not that I would mind paying…but she won’t ever charge us 🙂 . Anyhow, she wouldn’t let us go without having dinner, so we first fed the twins and then dug in ourselves.

5) Came back home and slept. Luckily, the kids were tired out and dropped off to sleep pronto. Got some much needed sleep. Again. Woke up on Sunday morning, all refreshed and charged up. Found out that a lot of leftover was remaining from previous night (since we didn’t turn up for dinner. Also, the BIL didn’t turn up either. So it meant that we would have to finish up the left-over by afternoon. Suited me just fine, because  you see, we had to attend a wedding in the evening, so that saved me from cooking dinner. And I didn’t have to cook Lunch. I just made breakfast and thats it. Was done for the day :D.

We visited the Ped for the twin’s MMR shots, where as usual, RS just shouted out at the doctor for being disturbed and then went back to playing with the ball-pen I’d given her. Does this girl even realize there’s an inch long needle being poked into her? I guess not. Just too thick-skinned, I guess. SS , being the more perceptive one, started mewing piteously the minute the doctor was busy with RS, so by the time his turn came, he was wailing even before the doc had filled the syringe!! Suffice to say, he screamed for all his worth on being injected. Luckily, he stopped as soon as the needle was out! The Ped said that my kids are serious opposites of each other. A comment, which I whole-heartedly agree with.

6) Came back home, fed the kids a little milk and they were ready to drop off to sleep. I didn’t have much to do, so I tried to wrap up the “Palace of Illusions” (a book which I love every page of!!. More on it later!) . I have no idea when exactly I dropped off, but I woke up to find it was 2pm and the tummy was grumbling quite loudly. Had lunch, and got back to reading. The BF, meanwhile, was busy subjecting himself to a marathi-movie-marathon since morning. He was at his third movie when I finished lunch. Anyhow, I once again dropped off to sleep while reading and woke up around 5:30 pm. After that we were in a frenzy to rush for the wedding.

7) We attended the wedding in such sweltering heat, it’s a wonder me and the partner haven’t lost any weight yet! The food was spicy, adding to the heat quotient. The twins were cranky and difficult to manage. It was one of those times when they BOTH want to be carried by me. Most difficult, I tell you. Because every time I hand over one kid to the MIL, FIL or the BF, I have this HUGE guilt that I’m betraying my child. Feels awful every b****y time!

8) Got back home by 12 in the night. Absolutely drained (literally) and ,sleepy. Yes, I was sleepy after all the snoozing I’d been doing the whole day. The batteries, they discharge faster these days 😦

The twins, meanwhile refused to lie down. They were peppy and bright and looking for some playtime. The BF indulged them for some time, before he himself became the victim of the snooze monster. Luckily, once I switched off the lights, the kids became quiet and eventually dropped off to sleep.

That was what the weekend was like, folks. Its back to work from today and back to routine. That reminds me, I have a tag pending from Momo’s Ma and also a head-full of thoughts regarding the “Palace of Illusions” (which I’ve managed to finish reading. Finally!!). Will do the posts later today or maybe tomorrow.

Till then, Have a great Monday Morning 🙂

On an aside, who all think this one is true :-

“Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
Women somehow deteriorate during the night.”

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