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If only they had the good sense to hire a few policemen from Mumbai or Bangalore or any other city in India, heck, they could have even called the Ram Sene guys (not only would they have relieved this country of their presence, albeit shortly, they would also have done a much better job of clearing. Believe me, they EXCEL at it!!) and placed them at strategic location, this wouldn’t have taken place.

We don’t have those many trees in India now. Thats why couples prefer beaches. Or sidey motels in remote areas.

But nowhere are they safe.

The moral eyes of our country make sure that people are hunted and captured before they even touch their partner. The Brits could learn a thing or two from us.

Alas, they didnt.

And then we urge our youngsters to plant more trees……..

…..what for??

Edited to Add : I found this news funny in a crude way. Here they were, chopping up trees like nobody’s business, whereas all they had to do was have a few cops patrolling the area. Couldn’t help thinking that our Indians cops would have cleared that forest in minutes. Of all the couples engaging in whatever acts they were engaging in. Sharp eyes our cops have. Very , very sharp 😀

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A conviction. Finally.

Satyendra Dubey, some may say, will now hopefully rest in peace.

I doubt it . 

It is well-known fact that a lot of people at higher level are involved. The ones who cannot be named. The ones who have as much a stake in the scam as the accused.

A conviction was necessary. At least to calm down the public furor over Satyendra’s death. So a few small fry were identified and the conviction news made public.

It’s no use really. The perpetrators are still at large, still unidentified, still free to enjoy the spoils of their corruption.

Many other Satyendras have lost their lives. Being  a whistle-blower in India,  is the shortest route to a diminished life-span. Blaming the government for not providing them protection is just a ruse. Aren’t the government officials themselves involved?

It’s much more murkier than we can imagine. So we don’t.

We only hold candle-light vigils and pray for the departed.

At least that way we provide income to the candle-makers.

At least someone benefits !!

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Getting tested

In case you are wondering (not that I’m insinuating that you are) where I’ve disappeared today, let me worry you further by stating that I’m getting tested.
What for?? You wonder aloud.
Ahh…here’s where the dope lies.
My company, in being magnanimous about making sure its employees stay fit, deem it imperative to hold medical tests and classify the employees based on their, hold your breath, AGE!!

Gasp!! Can you believe it??
So not only do the Docs and nurses and assistants know how old I am, even my previous colleagues seem to be giving me that look which says, “OHH, You are THIRTY and ABOVE!! How sad! We are just on the good side of the quarter and got tested months back!”.

(Grrr…am NOT thirty AND above. Am just thirty. Period. And stop driving the point home, will you.)
And for your information, apart from the BMI device loudly proclaiming me as “OBESE” (which , I’m assured, is a faulty reading) all my other tests were fantabulous.
Will post the report once I get it in a couple of days.
The only thing that irks me in these tests is, ummm,its kinda silly of me really, but the urine test simply sucks. Specially when they give the same kind of tiny mouth bottles for men AND women.
Wake up you medical-testing-people!! We women are not designed to target our pee into a tiny bottle with a tinier mouth. I hate to even recollect what a trauma it was the first time (for the fasting sample).
And the worst part??
I have it to give it again.Aarrghh!!
So not looking forward to it!!
Anyhow, gotta rush back for the rest of the tests.

Wish me luck. And a full bladder.

(Gross. I need to get out of here .ASAP)

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