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My baby is ill…..

…… and I’m in office because I have a client call to attend and my team member is on leave.

RS was feverish since yesterday. Crocin drops didn’t work last night. She was still burning with fever this morning. I took her to the doc who , after a thorough check-up declared that my baby had a severe throat infection (no wonder those cough syrups weren’t working all these days!!). I felt like a bad bad mother for not realizing this before. But then, she used to cough only early mornings of late night , while sleeping!

I administered her the prescribed medicines after which she had her milk. The temperature, thankfully came down a bit after some time. I know she’ll be sleeping through most of the day today, and that is my one excuse for reporting to work!

Luckily, the MIL will be home by 5:30 , that is 5 hours from now, after which , the BF will be home too.

In all the rushing around with RS, I gave zero time to poor SS,who, for once was quite obliging and didn’t whimper for me all the time. Thanks Baby. For not harassing your already worried mother 🙂 . Life sucks big time! I know. And I just pray that you dont contract this infection of RS.

Priorities, you say….well if I wasn’t assured of the GMIL being at home with BIL and the maid there to assist her, I wouldn’t  have even thought of budging out of the house.

But it doesn’t help assuage the roar of guilt that I can hear in my ears. Only option is to wrap up work asap and rush home.

So no more posts for today ….but do drop in a kind thought for my babies 🙂

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