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Thanks a lot for your wishes and prayers, people.

RS is much better now. The fever is finally down and she is back to being the active baby whom I love and adore :). As usual, she was back to bullying SS, scampering down the bed, running to and fro and generally pleasing everyone with her antics. And all these are reports from just this morning. Her fever subsided only around 4 am today. It was a tough night, believe me. It’s not a pretty sight, a sniffling, coughing baby with a high temperature, all red in the face and the dullest eyes ever!!

Am glad she’s better now. If only her throat gets better too. Poor thing is unable to have anything, except milk. Am keeping her on liquid diet for today. Hope the soreness comes down a bit. Any solid food and she’s throwing it up. She feels as though there is something stuck in her throat and tries to put her hand in and in turn gags and throws up. Must be awful for the poor darling.

So disturbed was a neighbour’s kid (Sania, 12 years ) at RS’s illness that she was crying in her house and calmed down only when her mother brought her down to see that RS was being given medicines and would be fine. I was deeply touched to see that my kids are loved so deeply by other children. Even the front-door neighbour’s kid (SK, 11 years) , who’s a permanent friend of the twins now, dropped in a couple of times to play with RS and distract her from shoving her hand inside her throat. I’m grateful to Allah that I have such kind and considerate neighbours…people who, when the twins get cranky, take them out and relieve us for some time. Who come home and play with my kids everyday, who have helped me change the twin’s nappies and dress them 🙂 . Once RS goes to SK’s house, she refuses to come back home!! Thats how closely the twins have bonded with the neighbour’s kids.

SS, contrary to his regular persona , is behaving quite well these days. Hs isn’t throwing tantrums or demanding attention like he usually does. Maybe even he knows that his sister needs us more than him. My babies’ mind doesn’t cease to amaze me at times!! He’s been quite generous with his kisses too (which otherwise, he never bestows on anyone!!).

Anyway, things are more or less back to routine. Am not so guilt ridden in office today. Looking forward to having a nice and quiet weekend with the kids 🙂 .

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