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Fledgeling Report

Remember my pigeons?

The babies have now developed feathers, which are still a little sparse and edged with the yellow down. They look really cute now, specially when they try to show annoyance and bristle up. They almost look like a cuddly balls of fur 🙂 .

Mamma pigeon, meanwhile, is not very happy with the intrusion. She doesn’t even let me drop those rice grains in the pot anymore!! Earlier, she used to hop out of the pot while I refilled her feed. But nowadays, she just sits there and flaps like crazy, so that all the grains go flying out of my hand 😦 .Weird behavior, seriously!

Mamma Pigeon showing off her brood

There is a lot of difference between the mamma and her babies. While the mamma is all sleek and shiny, the babies are still very dull . They haven’t shed their down yet and look a funny combination of Grey and yellow. Like wise old men 🙂

Not a baby anymore, neither an adult!!

One more thing, their feet are not yet pink, like their mother, neither are their eyes rimmed with red yet. Wondering when that will happen! I found the momma pigeon feeding her babies their first non-veg meal. It was so cute, the momma pigeon shoving her beak right into their throat. I was quite worried about the insides of the babies’ throat, I mean, with a sharp beak like that going in and out, it seemed so scary. I did try to click that snap, but evey time I peeped out with the camera, the momma would become conscious and hop over to another pot!! Hope I’m lucky to get that image soon (before the kids start eating themselves!!)

A Family portrait

There is only drawback to the pigeon business. You can see that the pot is now brimming over with their poop! And just within the window side, is the comp table. So as I type this, my nostrils are assaulted by a not so pleasant smell. But being the magnanimous person that I am, I’d rather suffer the stench than let you people go back without having something new to read.

(Ahhh…aren’t I just t he right Sainthood material)

Just kidding 😀

Of course !!!

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