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Some new books on my shelf

I went on a book spree recently and grabbed me some really cool ones :-

by Arnab Ray, the King of wit!!

by Sidin Vadukut, the KING of humour

by Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime!

Who doesn't like a Bond once in a while 😀

 I’m reading the Dork book now, after rave reviews on the net as well as from a friend from US whom I’d gifted it at his farewell. If a non-Indian could enjoy it so much, it must be really really funny.

And I’m glad to say, Sidin doesn’t disappoint. The book is hilarious, right from page one! And if you were a regular reader of his blog, you’d at once identify the instances that give him away :). Yup, friends, Sidin is Robert. Hah!! Its so much fun when you come across a section which you recollect from yore and know whats coming up!! Its almost like a guessing game to see if we can make out what comes next 😀 . Much fun indeed!!

I’m simultaneously catching up on Ruskin Bond’s Funny Side Up. He is one author, who is so fluid in his writing, you cant help but relax with his books. And he also writes some really cute short stories. Well, not all are stories per se, but they are short and a good read nevertheless. Best to chill out with over a cup of tea 😀 .

The morning of the day when I bought those books, the lady security guard at work dropped my scooty key chain and it broke into two. I loved that key chain, it was a cute ballerina slipper, complete with a bow. Umm..in a way, its time had come, I guess. It was a trifle old too….I mean, I’d started using it just for a year now, but I remember , it was gifted to me sometime in 1992-93. 

It was old alright!! 😐

(I thought of buying a key chain after the books purchase.)

Anyhow, I was in this bookstore called Manneys and going through the books, when I came across the shelf full of Agatha Christies. Now, I’ve read ALL of her books and yet, this one seemed different. The title didn’t seem familiar and even the text at the back didn’t strike a chord. I thought of buying it, coz if I couldn’t remember it, it was as good as a new read 🙂 .

Just while leaving the shop, the owner called out to me and handed me this small box. Turned out to be a free gift with the Agatha Christie. Oh Great! My favourite author bestows me with a gift. I love her even more now  😀 .

And what was the gift??

A sturdy wooden keychain proclaiming boldly that Agatha Christie is the Queen of Crime!!!

Of Course!!! Who else could it be?!


 Anyway, Landmark is just right across this store and I frequent it regularly. But this time , while browsing lazily through the shelves, I realized what a difference in atmosphere the two places had. Landmark was huge, had a large collection, was air-conditioned, had plenty of staff and was basically , impersonal.

Whereas, Manneys was tiny, cluttered with books, with most lying in piles on the floor, there was no air-conditioning, just a few fans trying their best to dissipate the heat, limited staff and an aged owner who took it as his personal responsibility to locate the Arnab Ray book when I couldn’t locate it myself. It had such an old-world charm about it, that I plan to drop in here more often. It’s cute to see the old man holler at one of his assistants to print the bill because he has no idea how the computer works 😀 . I was glad to see that though landmark receives more footfalls per day, places like Manneys have their own loyal following.

Count me one of them from now on 🙂

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So I spent the weekend home with the kids, as I’d originally planned. Didn’t step out of the house for even a minute on Saturday and Sunday. But it was still a trying and excruciating weekend of sorts.

Just when RS was coming out of the fever, poor SS gets infected and BAM! The next thing I know, my poor baby is down with a 102 degree temperature, zero appetite, sore throat and a bad cold to boot. We had our hands full tending to two irritable, whiny, runny-nosed kids (did I mention that RS now has a cold too?) who wouldn’t eat, puke when forced to, wouldn’t sleep, wouldn’t open their mouths for medicines and lastly, refuse to let go of their mamma. RS, was in no way as benevolent as SS and refused to allow him to clamber on my lap. Rather rude of the girl , but she can get possessive when ill. So poor SS got shoved off hard whenever he came any close to me and there was no way I could handle both.

Bad situation for a mom, I tell you!!

I love both kids equally and at times like these ,its difficult to choose whom I want to tend to and whom I can hand over to the others. If anyone else tried to pry them off me, both started screaming and bawling loudly, which aggravated the soreness in their throat further!

Luckily, SS was quite content on GMIL’s  lap and that’s where he stayed for most of yesterday. I took over in the night, as usual, and boy, was it some night!!  RS went off to sleep after I administered her medicine in her milk. SS , though weak with fever, refused to sleep. He was quite delirious and whiny. I spent some time sponging him, yet the fever refused to subside. It was only around 2AM last night that he suddenly got up and started running around the room. There was a wierd rumbling in his tummy and I was sure he was going to throw up. But he didn’t. He just ran about and then suddenly sat in one corner and did his big job. There must have been something wrong with his stomach, because as soon as it was empty, he became cold and clammy, sweating profusely. At least the fever had subsided. He had some water and went off to sleep. Only to get a temperature at 5 in the morning. Another dose of medicine in milk and he was able to sleep some more, though he was quite uneasy and kept whimpering in his sleep.

I crashed out somewhere around 6 this morning, and woke up around 8. MIL had come in around 7:30 and took SS away (who had woken up and was trying to clamber over me to get off the bed!!) Thankfully, he was out of his fever mode and was back to running around the house 🙂 .

By the time I dressed for office, both the kids looked good. The sore throat and mild coughing is still there. But I guess, the worst of it is over (Alhamdulillah). The MIL and the BF said they would take a half day and get back home. But I don’t think its required. My babies have overcome their illness, my heroes 😀

Though my eyes are burning right now, I can’t help but feel, there’s a reason why women have a stronger stamina than men. There’s a reason why we can sustain ourselves with limited food and sleep, whereas our male counterparts would crash out much earlier. There’s a reason the babies are born to us women and not men. I’m not complaining against the BF 🙂  (just in case anyone of you gets that notion) . He did take over tending to RS while I was busy with SS, but I can’t help but feel that he’d be eye-ball deep in water if I were to leave both the kids with him 😀 .

Anyhow, am much better than I’d anticipated, except for a mild cramp in the leg, courtesy , RS, who threatened to clamber over me and fall off the bed in her sleep. My rescue attempt didn’t bode too well on my leg which took a nasty cramp knee down.

Quite an eventful night, wouldn’t you say 🙂 !

The lives of us moms can be called anything, but easy.

But in hindsight, it’s all worth it….every moment of it 🙂

Other than all this, had a good time last evening when BFC came over with her mom to hand over the invitation card for her wedding.

Am almost feeling choked at the thought of BFC moving away after marriage. We’ve been together since 1997, when we both joined college together. We’ve been more or less inseparable since then. We’ve had other friends coming and going, but we two have been together since! Oh well, she was looking absolutely radiant and I guess that is more important right now. The excitement of weddings just gets to you, doesn’t it?? I’m almost, if not equally eager to board that train to Delhi (where the wedding will take place) as soon as possible. So looking forward to it 🙂  (InshaAllah, the kids should be on their best behavior and health!! I don’t know whether I’ll be able to handle their ill-health all by myself 😦 )

Thats all the update for this weekend. And oh, I had Chinese for dinner yesterday. The BIL had brought it home. He’s so totally forgiven for any grudge I might have against him :D. God bless you BIL. For being the only one in this house who supports my craving for junk food. Oops. I meant, food-which-is-not-usually-made-at-home-but-is-sinfully-lip-smacking-when-eaten-out-simply-because-of-the-excessive-oil-and-spices-used.DELICIOUS!!!

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