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A Shameless plug!!

A friend at work had forwarded this article :-

Women ‘give up careers’, Cause? – Unhelpful husbands

The article explains how, working women are more prone to giving up their jobs when their husbands start working overtime or put in extra hours at work.

That unhelpful husbands are the primary reason for this statistic, we all know.

But thats not what tickled me pink. It was this comment by a poster which says :-


Many a times, whether women are working or not, they have to do & face more work then men for which they get no pagaar(salary)..no recognition.
hence when they are married they look like Chandramukhi. After some years – Surajmukhi! & after some more years…Jwalamukhi.. The reason for these transformation is when she married,she thought she was marrying to The Hero of her dreams. Later she realised, he was not a hero but a sidehero. & finally after some years the ultimate realisation – he was neither a hero, nor a sidehero but The Villain…
There is only one solution- Do such a work where you will get not only Ample money, but also time, security, recognition, peace of mind & absolute freedom which will lead to harmony & happiness in the family! And there is such a business – Amway business – where you will have to work real hard for 2 to 5 years utilising whatever spare time you have…1,2,10 hours/week in a systematic manner with the help of BWW system….& ultimately reap the rewards of your hard & smart work! Not possible to explain everything here.
Take more info from whomever you know & JUST DO IT. Change your life for the better. ALL THE BEST

Posted by: Raj – 05 Apr, 2010
Raj, you rock!!!
You not only gave me a million laughs today, you also made sure that I didn’t ever approach Amway with a barge-pole!!
Your description of  wives looking like different “mukhi’s ” and the men appearing as different characters of a movie, were so realistic, I wonder how you survived to write this post (IF  you are married) and if not, then what are your chances of ever getting hitched.
I do hope your wife/would-be reads this comment.
And I also hope, someone at AMWAY reads it and rewards you for your loyalty.
Like you said, ALL THE BEST   !!

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Howdy folks, hope y’all are doing good. Had fun this weekend?

I had fun too. Spent loads of time with the twins, playing silly games and just hearing them giggle heartily. Bliss 😀
The twins’ cough is much better now, though SS still has bouts of coughing at late night and sometimes early morning. But he’s back to being a brat and being playful as before. Life, in the MomOfRS household, seems to be coming back to normal  (mA) :). Though, I can’t forgive the twins for fawning over their ‘abba’ when it was their poor ‘amma’ who spent her nights tending to them. The turncoats!!

Talking of ‘amma’, RS calls me by this name, giving it a typical South-Indian twang. so it comes out like, “ammmmaaa“. Try as he might, the BF has been unsuccessful in making her call me “Mummy” or even, “ammi“. Little does he know, blood is thicker than water, and some genes, try as he might, cannot be obliterated from the DNA!! What if RS is only one-quarter Tamilian, the genes, they speak!! And HOW!!

The victory, in this round, is mine 😀 .

Now on to the weekend updates,

1) Went on a shopping spree on Saturday, bought a few baubles, but not the kind I was searching for (wanted a good ear-ring + necklace set for BFC’s wedding). Will go hunting this weekend again.
Bought a few light cotton outfits for the twins. Kid’s clothing are so expensive. Damn!! I almost feel like buying yards of cloth and going at the sewing machine myself (except for the small matter that I can’t string together a single stitch!).

Bought a few caps/hats for the kids. SS looked quite dapper in his . As for RS, the minute I put the hat on her head, all vestiges of looking Indian disappeared and she looked like a character right out of the Malaysian Airlines advertisement!! My girl definitely must have been from Thailand or any other East-Asian country in a previous lifetime!!

(Need to take snaps of the kids wearing their caps/hats. Must put up a reminder for the same!!)

2) Thought of clicking a few more snaps of the pigeon kids, but on closer inspection, found out that,
– they are still covered with yellow down
– their feet and eyes are still black.
– they still chirp in the same tone and volume as before
– they are still fed my mommy dearest and yeah, mommy dearest refuses to pose for that one snap I’ve been trying to take.
– they still crap loads
– they still stink
So yeah, there are no new updates on that front.

3) On another note, saw LSD on Friday night. I was mighty disturbed. Mighty , mighty disturbed. Don’t ask me why. I just hugged the kids and slept it off. Someone should have warned me about it!! Its no doubt,a path breaking movie….but it was too brutal in its portrayal. Anyway, that is over and done with!! Watched an insane movie like ‘Shapit’ to get over the trauma. Got over it I did. Had a major cramp from all that laughing!! And Oh, it’s a horror movie, by the way 😀 .

4) Went grocery shopping with the BF yesterday, where he was convinced that I’d conspired with the MIL to clear his account in one day itself. I assured him that it wasn’t so and if he was a regular with the grocery-shopping, he’d realize what it takes to feed a household of 6 adults and 2 kids. He wasn’t convinced (so I made a mental note of dragging him along EVERYTIME, from now on!).

5) BFS dropped by on Saturday evening to meet the twins. She’s busy house-hunting these days and I can just imagine how awful it must be to carry out such an activity in this heat! She looked washed out, absolutely. Though , I must say, I admire her courage and determination. She’s the middle one of three daughters (eldest sister is married) and she’s supporting not only her parents, but also the education of her younger sister and the regular house-hold expenses. Apart from this, she has now taken a loan to buy her family a permanent residence. I am not in her shoes , so I don’t know the amount of effort it takes to carry such immense responsibilities, specially on shoulders as frail as her’s! Am awfully proud of her…. 🙂 (God knows, I want her to get married and settled , a desire, she herself expresses once in a while, but doesn’t get the time to carry out!!).

6) Was invited to lunch yesterday by the in-law’s old time neighbour in their previous locality. The twins were pretty well behaved, for most of the time. After that, RS was back to her bullying tactics. and surprise, SS turned into a bully too!! Was shocked to see him shoving a kid smaller than himself. When did this happen?!! When did my gentle , kind baby turn into this mean bully?? Was too shocked to react. The BF suggested that since SS doesn’t get to vent his frustration at RS, he took it out on someone who couldn’t thrash him back.

 ( The BF would know.

I mean, not because he’s  bullied or anything (don’t even think on those lines, will ya )…….. but because he’s such an excellent judge of character.  Yes, he is.  Now stop snickering, will ya!!)

Oh well…..survival of the fittest and some such gobbledegook at work here !!

7) Was at home with GMIL and the twins last night. Rest of the family had gone out to visit their ancestral village. I thought of putting away the groceries that we had bought earlier in the day. Now that might seem like such an easy thing to do. But not when you have two super brats digging into the bags, pulling out random packets, trying to bite them off with their teeth, throwing bottles (not caring two-hoots if they were made of glass or not) and generally, just being what they are. Pests of the highest order.

It was an ordeal, believe me.

And the best part?

While I was busy stuffing the goods into one of the boxes, little SS creeps up to his mother from behind and smashes a big aluminium plate on her head.

*twinkle twinkle little star…or is it stars…so many of them…colourful too….*

Ahh….painful. Yes. Don’t ask me where he got hold of it from. That thing weighs a kilo!!

The brat, meanwhile, was pretty proud of his feat and wanted to repeat it on RS.

I rescued the girl in time, at the risk of being bonked once again. The stars, surely were favouring me last night!!

Anyhow, thats all for the weekend update.

Had an appointment with G for lunch today. And G, if you are reading this, then let me tell you, I went through an agonizing hour this morning, deciding what to wear. The final outcome was pretty neat, as my colleagues here tell me. But sorry dear, you’ll have to contend seeing me in the drab way I usually am 😀 . Hope you had a great weekend , though. Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Thats all for now folks….gotta catch up with some work now.

Ciao 🙂 .

(that rhymes, doesn’t it? Mini, does that mean I’m a qualified poet? No? DRAT!!)

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