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How does it feel to be young and reckless?

To be madly , deeply in love and totally brash about it?

To be successful, rich and adored?

To be hated, spited , envied?

I seriously wonder what must be going on in the minds of Sania and Shoaib right now. Are they worried? Does Sania have any secret doubts about the alliance? Is Shoaib sure he’ll get himself out of the mess he’s landed in?

What about their parents? What do they think about his brouhaha??

And lastly, what about Ayesha, the queen of this game? Is she for real? Are Ayesha and Maha the same? Why did she want a telephonic Nikah (whatever that means!! As far as my knowledge of Islamic weddings goes, there should be at least 2 witnesses from each side who need to sign the Nikahnama along with the signature of the Kazi who conducts the ceremony. Where are all the witnesses in this case? How can a telephonic-nikah be considered valid when there were no witnesses around?). Why didn’t they have a proper nikah when Shoaib came down to Hyderabad after the supposed telephonic Nikah? Weren’t he and his team invited over to the Siddiquie’s residence? Where was Ayesha then? Why didn’t she come forward? Why didn’t the team get to meet her? Why were they introduced to her as Maha Apa?

Shoaib cannot take refuge in the statement that he was young and gullible when he married Ayesha. He should confess that he was plain stupid.

And Ayesha can be excused for being a smitten fan who took things a little too far. Is that her only fault? I think not. I’ll go by Shoaib’s version that he was shown a different picture of the girl whom he knew as Ayesha. I’ve seen plenty of such cases happening in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The prospective girl is one and at the final time, another one gets married in her place. The BF’s family had one such case. The gentleman, in this case, was gallant enough to accept his bride and live as if nothing undue had happened. But thats besides the point.

The point is , Ayesha wants a divorce. Shoaib refuses to give it, stating that he wasn’t married in the first place. He’s lucky, that Ayesha isn’t after his hide. All she wants is a divorce. He could have simply signed the divorce papers and everyone could have carried on with their lives.

But no.

They had to make a spectacle out it. Blow things out of proportion. Defame Islam further (without knowing the intricacies of its laws). Give two-bit Ulemas an opportunity to quote Shariah, which in turn contradict each other. Some say the wedding is valid. Some say it isn’t. Some say he should divorce his first wife, some say it isn’t necessary. Make up your mind people!!

I remember a ruling which came a few years back that said , weddings through internet are allowed when there are webcams in place and both the parties can see each other. Definitely not the case in telephonic weddings !!

The upcoming wedding has caused quite a furore, with people lambasting Sania for all their worth. People, who forget, that she’s the only indian woman to enter the International arena of Women’s tennis. That out of a country of  a billion , ONE single woman stood out, for whatever duration she did. Spare her the jibes, will you. She did the best she could. How about the rest of the people trying to match up to her levels before criticising her!!

As for Shoaib……not a very good choice, but then , love is  blind. We know that he’s blunt and prone to saying the wrong things at the wrong time. But now we also know, he’s immature, confused and not all there.

Whatever their reasons for hitching up, they are their own. And God help them.

And seriously, what do you think of the Shiv Sena denouncing Sania’s loyalty and patriotism? Claiming that “Had her heart been Indian, it wouldn’t have beaten for a Pakistani.” (Do read the entire text to know how small these guys are…the level of their thought process is lower than the scum on a rotting pond).

What planet are these SS guys from??

Are they planning on taking this stance to the regional level as well?? Like, a true Maharashtrian will never marry a non-Maharashtrian? Or maybe, if they do, they have to leave Maharashtra and settle elsewhere?

Someone please give them a reality check. And also tell them, that if they consider that Sania will become a Pakistani after her marriage, by that same logic, they should consider Sonia Gandhi as an Indian post her marriage. Why target Sonia as an Italian?!!

Uff….I’ve gone off on another tangent there!!

This post definitely isn’t about the SS or Sonia Gandhi, or even the Sania-Shoaib alliance.

I just wanted to say that , love and marriage  are a person’s most private and personal decisions. No one, and I mean, NO ONE has a right or authority to place judgements on anyone in these issues.

If Shoaib is guilty of a previous marriage, let the law take care of it. If he isn’t ,then all the best to him and Sania. Whatever the case, the entire media publicity over the issue is, at best humiliating.

At least for me, who finds people ridiculing my religion, because some people really don’t know anything about it.

Anyhow, rant over.

Will be back with another post later in the day 🙂

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