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The cheek of this guy!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this news this morning .

Sorry doesn’t really cut it “brother”. You did more harm than you could ever repay.

And Miss Sania, I have no idea what dope this guy is feeding you, but seriously, we all thought of you as a smart, sassy youngster with a mind of your own.

Do use that mind now before jumping to any hasty decision. Get out while there is still time.

You are young and intelligent, there will be no shortage of guys for you.

This particular guy, believe me , is just not to be trusted.

You may not be the only maiden he plans to bowl over!!


On an aside, what does it say about a woman who preserves her wedding night clothes for EIGHT years??

Another Monical Lewinsky in the making , maybe?!

Wonder what went through her head the day-after-the-wedding-night. Must be something like this  :-

(Waking up after a blissful sleep)

“Ahh….Happily wedded to an upcoming cricketer!! What fun.  What a catch. Those girls in the neighbourhood are gonna be oh-so-jealous. Hmmm…….anyhow, must go for a bath now. Hey, whats this?? Looks like my dress is soiled. Thats bad. I loved this particular night-dress. Looks like I’ll just have to wrap it up and keep it safe. Might come in use if the bugger ever tries to dump me!! “


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Or is it vice-versa?

Your thoughts define your language?

I know no other language other than English/Hindi .And as far as my memory serves me right, I’ve been thinking in English. So it came as a complete surprise when good friend Sheetal sent me this write-up about how she has started thinking in an acquired language. A Language she learnt much later in life, one , that was not her own.

Do read on and let me know, if the same happens to you too.


Thinking in a language ….
Thoughts… are natural… They come and go.. They stay… They linger … but have you ever wondered that thoughts too have a language?
I came across this long back but did not really ponder over it until a few days back … when a particular language started taking precedence… Normally until school … since I was not well – versed with Marathi … my thoughts used to be thought in English or Hindi… Predominantly the 2 languages spoken by me.
Since college, I started getting used to hearing Marathi and then had to learn it up to cope up for being in Pune and studying in a college with a majority of Maharastrains.. So much so… That the lecturers taught Maths in Marathi…  😐  … Back then I used to really curse them [lecturers] for being so ignorant to the mass and speaking in Marathi.
However, that made me learn Marathi and I started talking fluently… But not just that.. I started thinking also in Marathi at times … when I had thoughts about college or friends that were Maharastrains .. my thinking automatically changed the language to Marathi … power of the brain is beyond explanation!!! So I had a lot of language shifts while thinking … and building thoughts..  And then there is the base or natural language that takes over when extreme emotional thoughts are going through your head… Like anger… or love… or tearful ones..
I got used to Marathi and Maharashtrian freinds so much that I started enjoying the language and took pride in the fact that I could converse well in Marathi.
Very recently, I attended a lecture by a Maharastrain professor, who is famous for his knowledge of-course… but also for his way of lecturing and that too in Marathi. Fortunately/Unfortunately in the lecture there was just one odd person who was not able to understand the language and hence Sir had to talk in Hindi or English. Well it definitely took away some of the charm of his teaching. And I was one of the crowds who cursed the fellow student for not being able to understand the language. And that was when I realized that language becomes so important to understand a particular concept and to think it through.
MNS folks are way too justified… if I could have a change of sorts within a span of 6-7 years. 😀 😉
Does this happen with you guys too? What is the language you think in? What language was this thought being processed in?  🙂 

Sheetal is a Marwari who speaks that language at home. She’s also fluent in English , Hindi AND Marathi.


And I have trouble grasping Marathi after 13 years of my stay here 😐

Something definitely wrong with me, I guess!!

( have I ever confessed I’d taken Japanese classes once? You know the result? Yeah , yeah,….obviously, I flunked 😦 )

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I was pampered yesterday……

…….to no end by two little munchkins, who understood that their mom was very ill and needed all the love and comfort they could give.

The tummy bug caught me real bad on Tuesday night and by yesterday morning, I was a writhing, moaning mess. Any attempt to even drink a sip of water was viciously opposed by the guts and was promptly hurled out at the earliest. Not a pretty sight, I tell you.

Little RS, seeing that her mamma lay prone on the bed, barely able to respond to her calls, went to the kitchen, grabbed a chapatti , tore little bits of it and tried to feed me. The DARLING!! And you know what? The guts didn’t revolt on that. The chapatti, fed with love, stayed put 🙂 .

Little SS, usually the attention craving one, came to my room regularly to give me a couple of pats on the cheek and kiss me. Now, my boy doesn’t really know how to kiss. His idea of kissing is to bring his face real close to ours, grinning all the while.Whatever the case, it worked like a charm 🙂 .

Not sure what the kids thought of seeing their mom at home on a weekday, or so unresponsive even while at home, but the fact of the matter is that they didn’t trouble at all yesterday. They were two perfectly behaved kids who checked up on their mamma regularly to make sure she got her dose of love, the best medicine on this earth!!

The best part? My babies woke up only ONCE last night!!

I couldn’t believe it!! I mean, I actually slept for 6 straight hours after nearly20 months!!

Needless to say, am pretty pepped up since this morning, still a little weak, but definitely not in the mind 😀 .

MIL was so worried about me yesterday that she took a leave from her school. Poor thing, I think she was more worried about me than anyone else in the house (yes, BF. I have a pretty low opinion about you right now since you didn’t bother to call me up even once yesterday!! And yeah, your excuse of not disturbing my sleep, doesn’t really work here !!)

Things, for now look good.

Am back to blogging, aren’t I ?


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