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I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time now.

Did a few searches with different search strings, tried to locate the different instances from different news sites, compiled some data and then bumped into this one link which gives the best comprehensive data on my search.

Here is an excerpt from the Hindustan Times, regarding the Maoist attacks in India.


Sept 4: Twenty-four paramilitary soldiers die in a blast triggered by suspected Maoists in Chhattisgarh.

Sept 12: At least 15 people die when suspected Maoists raid a village in eastern Jharkhand state.

Oct 8: Twelve policemen are killed in a suspected Maoist explosion in Jharkand.

Feb 6: At least 11 security personnel are killed in attacks by suspected Maoists in Chhattisgarh.

Feb 28: Maoists kill at least 25 anti-Maoist campaigners after ambushing a convoy of trucks ferrying the activists in central Madhya Pradesh state.

March 25: Thirteen civilians die in Chhattisgarh after their vehicle hits a landmine believed planted by Maoist rebels and intended for security forces.

April 29: Fifteen people kidnapped by Maoist rebels are found dead in a Chhattisgarh forest.

June 1: Twelve paramilitary troops are killed in a land mine attack as they return from a bomb defusing mission in West Bengal.

July 18: At least 30 people die after suspected Maoists attack a relief camp in Chhattisgarh.

Dec 2: At least 14 Indian paramilitary soldiers die in landmine blast triggered by suspected Maoist rebels in Jharkhand

March 4: Maoist rebels assassinate a federal MP and five other people as they attended celebrations of the Hindu festival of Holi in Jharkhand.

March 15: Maoist rebels kill 55 policemen in Chhattisgarh.

July 10: At least 24 Indian troopers and 20 Maoist insurgents are killed in a gunbattle in Chhattisgarh.

Oct 27: At least 18 people, including a former minister’s son, die in a Maoist attack at a football match in Jharkhand.


June 29: At least 38 members of an anti-Maoist force killed in a Maoist attack in Orissa.

July 16: At least 21 police commandos are killed in Orissa when their vehicle runs over a suspected Maoist landmine.

Aug 30: Twelve policemen killed in a Maoist landmine blast in Jharkhand.

Oct 20: Twelve paramilitary policemen die in a suspected Maoist ambush by suspected Maoists in Chhattisgarh.


Feb 1 : Fifteen police officers are killed in western Maharashtra state in a shootout with Maoists.

April 11: Indian Maoists ambush and kill 10 policemen in Chhattisgarh.

June 20: At least 11 special police personnel die in a suspected Maoist landmine blast in Chhattisgarh.

July 12: Indian Maoists kill 30 policemen in two ambushes in Chhattisgarh.

Oct 8: Maoist rebels gun down 17 policemen in Maharashtra.

Oct 2: Suspected Maoist rebels kill 16 villagers in eastern Bihar state over an apparent land dispute.


Feb 15: At least 25 policemen die after Maoists overrun a security camp in West Bengal state.

April 4: At least 10 Indian policemen die when their vehicle runs over a landmine planted by suspected Maoists in Orissa.

April 6: Maoist rebels kill 75 policemen in a jungle ambush in central India in the worst-ever massacre of security forces by the left-wing extremists.


The total count of victims, starting from 2005 is a staggering 566 with maximum being security personnel. If this is the state of the police force, what respite do the commoners have?

Which brings forth the question, what do the Maoists want?

Some more googling led me to this site (excerpts included) :-


War Against the Maoists: But Who Are They and What Do They Want

Rita Khanna

Radical Notes Journal

November 19, 2009

Excerpts :

Who are these Maoists?

The Maoists are revolutionaries mainly extremely poor people, including a large number of Dalits and tribals.The view of the Maoist rebels is that the poor and exploited people must first and foremost establish their own democratic political power and their own state power in various places. This is because without controlling state power, the poor and the exploited can at most hope for only limited improvements in their living conditions, i.e., so long as it does not inconvenience the rich who usually control the state power.

Is development in India arrested because the Maoist rebels are blocking it?

What is the state of the people of India at present? With its current high rate of growth, this is also a country of abject poverty and extreme inequality. Home to 24 billionaires (second largest in Asia according to Forbes), India can also boast of 230 million people who go to bed on a half-empty stomach (World Hunger Report).

A country whose economy grows at 9% cannot feed its own population – at least 50% of the people live below the official poverty line and 47% of children below the age of three are underweight (World Bank Report, Undernourished Children: A Call For Reform and Action).

In this so called “hub of knowledge economy,” only 11% of the total population can afford higher education, and 50% of the students drop out before 8th grade to start living as casual laborers (Education Statistics, Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development). This is true of most of India, not just the areas where Maoist influence and control is high. Then how can we say that development in India is being blocked by Maoists?

Maoists do not oppose “development” at all, they only oppose the “pro-rich development” at the expense of destitution or often total destruction of the poor. For example, in the Dandakaranya region of Chhattisgarh, they oppose the setting up of helipads, but there, the poor themselves, led by the Maoist rebels, have built irrigation tanks and wells for help in agriculture, something the Indian government did not bother to do.

The Indian government routinely blames the Maoist rebels for blowing up schools! But what the government tries to suppress is that these blown up school buildings were actually being used or requisitioned as  camps for security personnel!


Do visit the link to read up more on the Maoists and their agenda.

And then, think over how and why we breed terrorists on our soil. What exactly makes a person a “terrorist”. Does he/she like being that? Do they like the idea of blowing themselves up? Or subject their families to being ostracized for no fault of their’s?

Then why exactly do they pick up arms? What compels them? What drives their force?

And more important, if they are poor, under-privileged and as they put it, ignored by the ‘ruling class’ , then who exactly provides them with a limitless stock of arms and ammunition? Who amongst them wills away his finances to breed terror? Who indeed, leads them?!

Too many questions, answers are very few.

This is our civil war, our internal conflict, arising from the lands which defy the “India Shining” facade we love to show off. Areas, where there is limited reach by the government. Areas where education is still is a distant dream. Areas where people are so poor, they don’t know what three meals in a day look like.

Is it hunger that drives them then? Maybe.

Or it could just be the result of years of oppression erupting in such a deathly mass movement.

In that case, the responsibility does not solely lie with the government. It lies with each one of us who has compelled these people to take such an action. It is the responsibility of all the so-called ‘high-class’ people who have treated these downtrodden people shabbily for generations.

Whatever the case, like all instances of terrorism, it is the innocents who have to pay up. It is the innocents who suffer.

Will they ever be compensated?

Will there be any candle-light vigils for them?

I guess not.

Because we’ve already forgotten about them. Because news like Sania-Shoaib wedding takes precedence. Because the Maoists attacks take up the front pages only for a day. After that, its all back to routine gossip being passed off as news.

And thats exactly where, we force them to grab our attention once more.

And once again, we come back a whole circle.

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Driving Mr.Daisy……………

……………………..by Ms.Dandelion!!

“I really dont need a license to drive, do I? All that stuff about age-limit and all is balderdash!!!”

“You know Sis, am not really happy with this back-seat driving thing! You better let me get at the wheel”.

“Bah!! All these bluddy controls!! But my dad taught me to show the indicator while turning. What? We don’t need them in the daytime? Well, dad sure has his fundas wrong!!”.

“I guess if I look mournful enough, she’ll let me drive too. What a bully!!”

“I really MUST see whats happening on the road now!”

These people are SO MEAN!! I refuse to be a part of this photo-op!!”

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