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And I continue to get these search hits :-

Now , it makes me seriously wonder how this Search string thingy works.

I refuse to believe that there are dozens of people out there who have nothing better to do than look for bitter gourds. For some unknown reason, my post on the gourds has received a whopping 490 hits since the day it was posted. Eerie, to say the least!!

On another note, what exactly was this person looking for??

Let me know too, coz you see, I just can’t tell them apart 😀 !!!

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I have no definite idea for a post today.

But then, I really can’t stay without saying something.

Where do I begin?

Should I start with the twins, who are making my mornings miserable by their clingy ways? Or should I rant over the BF, for well….ummm…do I need a reason to rant over him?? Of course not!! But I’ll go on anyway!! He still has no idea about my anger carried forward from Sunday. And frankly, I guess my annoyance is diluted a bit now. The BF never reads my blog. He doesn’t have the patience for it. But he does read the comments which come in, for a simple reason that my gmail id is configured on his blackberry. So when he saw Sheetal’s comment , he asked me sincerely if he had missed out on any B’day/ Anniv!! I didn’t bother to reply, and true to his spirit, he completely forgot about this piece of conversation !! This man will be the death of me some day!!

I have to put in my thoughts on Palace of Illusions and Dork (now that I’ve read both), but am not able to get that time at home to sit down with the books and type out my favourite excerpts. But seriously, you MUST read these books. One is a mind-blowing account of the Mahabharata from the eyes of a woman and the other’s a rib-tickling account of an MBA fresher. Absolutely refreshing!!

Talking of books, has anyone read the “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel? Srihari lent me this book sometime back in 2005 and I do so want to read it again (Sri, if you are reading this, keep that book aside for me (if you still have it) . Will borrow it in exchange for Dork  🙂 ).

Life of Pi was a scintillating tale with a twist. It gives you that awful punch in the guts when you least expected it. So much so that even Obama enjoyed this book and wrote to Yann about it.

I’m reading the Pale Horse by Agatha Christie now and its pretty engrossing. Will do a composite post on all these books this weekend (hopefully 🙂 )

Saw the news headlines in different sites this morning  and realized that some ‘headlines’ just don’t make sense.

Sample this (Click on the image to enlarge):-

“Spotted Hritik Roshan in Mumbai”.


Where else is he usually spotted then?? Chennai?? Tripura??

Its as good as saying , “Spotted Moon in eastern sky”. Oh well….its news I guess.

Hopped on to Yahoo and found this :-

No way!!They can’t do that?? Don’t they know Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-Rays are NATIONAL PROPERTY?!!! Duh!!!

And please don’t even think of getting me started on the news item above it!! 😐

MSN had this nugget of information :-

So whatever headway you make in the name of women’s upliftment, it all boils down to how good you are in the kitchen!! They cover up this act by replacing the traditional Dal-roti with Pizzas.

Sigh. Why couldn’t they just keep a General Knowledge test?? Too much effort, I guess. Or just too less intellect. Whatever 😐

Hopped over to Times :-

Talk about Witty head-lines!!

I seriously wonder what Mr.Tharoor would think on reading this title. Mixing work and pleasure, eh Mr.Tharoor??

The last one on the list is NDTV :-

Now I haven’t marked any particular item, because seriously, look at the list!!

It talks of a “Naraz Geeta“(whoever she is!!), weight loss, eggs , heart, music, Australia and India , all in a limited set of words. I LOVE hindi headlines. They make the most mundane news item seem  interesting. Alsmost sensational 😀

Now I really must go ahead and check out what makes Geeta Naraz.

Do hop over yourself 🙂

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