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….and by that , I meant TIME.

Seriously running short of time in which to complete my tasks as well as prepare for the trip ahead.

Am still in double mind about taking the kids along, but I know I won’t be┬áable to stay a week without them ­čśŽ . And I’d also like to believe that they can’t live without me ­čśÇ

Anyhow, Delhi at present is at 42-43 degrees celsius. Which is just short of cooking an egg on a car bonnet. So as long as I don’t try to dump any of the kids on a car bonnet, I guess we’ll be good!! BF, I’ve never needed your strong arms as much before !! Err…in fact, I did…but lets not get into that now ­čśÇ .

There’s oodles of work to wrap up before I go and for some unknown reason, since morning I’ve been caught up with other tasks, like updating the colour scheme of the program dashboard sheet. Now don’t ask me what it means. I’m yet to figure it out myself.

But yeah, the colour scheme needs to be┬áchanged and since everyone in the meeting was busy tying their laces or picking up dropped cellphones from the floor, the manager found me to be the only person paying attention and consecutively, the right person for this job. Drat!! Remind me to wear sport shoes next time we meet (even if I’m wearing a suit!!) . Or at least carry my cell to the conference room!

Anyhow, colour-coding’s┬ámostly done. And I’m now working on a issue┬ábrought forward by a new guy on the team. I just can’t┬árefuse freshers, you know!! There’s something so raw and vulnerable about them. And I seriously don’t believe in the theory of just dumping new people into work and letting them find their method of survival themselves. Survive, they will…but not without bitterness. And a little kindness goes a long way. I was lucky to have such kind people when I’d newly started working…and I can never forget them. I’ve learnt that as one climbs higher , it is more imperative to lend out your hand to the┬ápeople ┬ábelow…they will be the ones to cushion your fall (when you won’t have any higher to go!!).

Another tangent there!! Seriously, I MUST learn to stick to ONE  topic at a time!!

About the kids, well, things aren’t as rosy. SS developed a heat boil on his arm this morning. It’s as┬áwide as a rupee coin and I dread to think of him coming up with any more! Will be taking him to a doctor this evening. Hope its nothing serious ­čśÉ .

RS is getting crankier┬áby the day, its got to do with the heat, of course. We’ve been postponing it for some time , but now I guess an AC and an┬á┬áinverter is a must! At least if we wish to survive this summer. Surprising, isn’t it?? I mean , we’ve been through worse summers before…but as soon as the kids come into picture, it all becomes unbearable. Are we making our kids soft by not letting them toughen up with the weather? I just don’t know. There was this instance when my eldest nephew was just a few days old. Since he was born in Jan, dad was pretty particular about making sure that the baby’s head was always covered with a cap. Mom once chided him on being over-sensitive , and reminded Dad that when his kids were in places like Srinagar, he wouldn’t ever fuss over us this way. Dad retorted back then that “Mere bachche┬áAulad┬ánahin, Faulad┬ábanenge“. Thanks dad, we’re pretty tough now. But what about our kids?

Don’t they need to be tough too?

I know I’m a fussy mom and I hover over my kids a tad too much. But then, I also let them stumble and fall and learn to walk/run on their own (hoping that it does them some good in the long run ­čÖé ).

But most times, my mind goes blank and I just don’t know if I have it in me to make the right decisions for them. To make sure that they don’t grow up resenting me and the choices I made.

At times like these, I take solace in my work.

Like the most interesting task of deciding which colour background should be assigned to which project in the program dashboard sheet!

Fuschia for the project by not-a-very-amicable-tech-lead? Hmm….maybe. God knows he deserves it. Being the hussy that he is!!!

Aaarghh…another tangent!!

I better sign off before I start getting into details of  totally irrelevant information, like how Huggies XL diapers are smaller in size than the Caremate XL diapers!!

God Help me!!

*Running away while tugging at hair with both hands!*

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