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For a while there, I thought my weekend posts would be filled with rants and recriminations.

Maybe that’s why, though this particular weekend wasn’t all hunky-dory, it was at least interesting. Got a few insights about myself and others. Many things upset me to an extent, but I was shocked that they didn’t upset me enough!! Unexpected people made me upset, the ones I never expected would! And that’s what made this weekend worthwhile. The experience, me laddies….its the experience that counts!!

Anyhow. On  to the weekend updates.

1) SIL was visiting over the last few days with her super naughty kids (read, BOYS). Now, two , over-charged, over-active kids are enough to drive one mad(read, the twins) , but add to them a dose of two more super brats and we have the most explosive combination ever!! Suffice to say,the house is in shambles and we are still picking up the pieces. Furniture has been moved around, toys played with, broken, thrown around, utensils found in every corner of the house, food stuff strewn around.  Clothes thrown around in every room.Its been a back-breaking task cleaning up the mess!! But the FUN!! It was wonderful!! For once, instead of getting irritated with bratty kids, I was enjoying their presence 🙂 .And that’s what surprised me. To tell the truth, I was glad to know that the twins were getting on with their cousins pretty well. It’s the bonding that counts, isn’t it 🙂 .

2) The kids had a haircut. Err…not exactly. It was a buzz cut that the FIL fancied. So they now look as if they were bald till last week. And the hair is just popping out of their scalp. Hmm…the GMIL is mighty ticked off. The rest of us are liking it. There is something awfully cute about bald babies. They look a lot like when they are first-born 😀 . Though SS had pretty decent hair, I was worried about RS. I would have preferred her to go bald properly, right till the scalp, but apparently, the ‘nai’ was new at his job and apprehensive of using the knife on the kids. Just as well. I’d rather have the machine cut than his trembling fingers on the kids.

The twins now look as similar to each other as they possibly could 🙂 .They make a cute set. I just need to get them a couple of maroon robes and they’d be mistaken for Tibetan monks 😀 .

 3) I was upset with a friend very badly. For the first time, I tasted the faint bitter taste in my mouth….of being taken for granted. It had happened many times before in the past, but I’d paid it no heed, the friendship being more important to me. But I guess, in a way, this time it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve had it up to the gills and though I should have confronted the said friend about it, I didn’t. I chicken out on such matters 😦 . The BF has the opinion that if you really can’t confront your friend and clear out differences, then that friendship is hollow. For once, I see his point. And it just made the bitter taste all that vile 😦 .

4) Finally visited a dermatologist for the awful itching I was suffering for the last 2 months. What?? I haven’t mentioned it yet?? (*rushing off to check the archives*)

Whew!! I surprise myself!!

I can’t believe I didn’t mention my awful ailment even once!! I guess I’m losing my touch about speak about myself. The twins are ruining me, I say!!

Anyhow, I developed an awful itch a couple of months back (before I left for BFC’s wedding) and in the rush of packing and leaving, I never bothered to get it checked. And by last week, I was the scratch monster, clawing my nails through every inch of my skin, leaving large ugly red welts across. But it felt sooo goood to scratch!! The BF shuddered involuntarily at my sight and ordered me to visit a dermatologist ASAP! So I moved my sorry butt to the hospital near my place, where they told me that the consulting skin specialist visits only on Wednesday mornings. So Wednesday morning found me at the hospitals waiting room at exactly 9 AM sharp. 9:30 AM, I was told that the doctor would not be visiting the hospital that day and I could report to her own clinic if it was urgent. So I took down her address and telephone number and proceeded to her clinic (which was thankfully on the way to work. Talk about small mercies!). Since I was already late, I thought of dropping in to her clinic in the evening . Sadly, I had to attend a couple of client calls in the evening and was tied up at work till 8PM. So no chance of seeing the doctor.

The next morning, a Thursday, I promptly reached her clinic at 10:00 AM sharp. Only to be told that the doctor comes in not before 11AM. Aarghh!! Drat it!! It would have to be evening again! So I rushed through work and made sure to leave office by 6:30PM. Rapidly driving through the traffic, I made it to the clinic in record time, where , after waiting for 15 minutes, the receptionist informed that the doctor is busy elsewhere and wouldn’t be coming to the clinic at all.

DAMN!! I was this close to yanking my hair (and I would have too, if I didn’t already suffer from the anxiety of hair loss!!). To top it,the doctor was on leave the next day, i.e Friday and would be available only on Saturday . What option did I have?? I resigned to my fate and booked an appointment for 11 AM.

11AM sharp on Saturday, I faced the doctor and broke down from the sheer relief of finally letting someone treat me for my ailment. I sobbed with delight when she told me it was a ‘mild’ case of eczema (what would a serious case be like, then?) and easily treatable. Moreover, it was an allergic reaction to some food stuff, but I couldn’t care to remember what exactly I had 2 months back which brought this onslaught. So we left it at that. Her prescription seems to be working just fine. The itching hasn’t stopped, yet, but it has reduced considerably to allow me some reprieve. The broken skin is healing and I’m yet to scratch myself raw like before.

Things look good for now. I have another check-up next Friday. Till then, Ameen.

5) Had an encounter of the rude kind when I was visiting Big Bazaar on Saturday (after the doc visit). I’d gone there to collect a couple of toys for the SIL’s kids, when I saw there was an offer on the diapers I buy for the twins. I just had to pick up two packs of 30 diapers each. And then, picked a litre of Frooti for the kids and a bottle of grape squash, just like that. And that’s when I saw those carpets (chatai) .We’ve been planning to buy a couple of them (the MIL and me) for some time now and since the ones I saw were reasonably priced, I quickly made the purchase in the floor I picked them from. A second too late, I guess. Because just after the purchase, I realized , I had to walk down 2 floors. I hadn’t come in a car with the BF. I had come on my tiny Scooty Pep. Carrying not one, but two slippery plastic mats with two large bags of diapers (which take up the entire space at the foot rest) and the drinks was going to be a tricky task!!

I was at the cash counter paying for the juices, when I felt a cart nudging me a bit, I moved a little aside and was pulling out my card for payment, when I felt the nudge(no, make that ‘shove’) again. Apparently,the lady besides me was in some tearing hurry and was trying her best to push me away and unload her trolley. No mention of “excuse me” or even the polite, ‘are you done?’ . Simple straightforward nudge and push!! Ticked me off real bad. I did what most people in my place would have done. I gave a curt, “wait a minute!!” and luckily, the woman had the grace to say,”oh sorry”. Since I avoid confrontations, I didn’t look up at her. In fact, I didn’t look her in the eye throughout. Which makes me think I’m the greatest coward alive! I did no wrong. Hell, I was the victim here, yet I was too apprehensive to look the perpetrator in the eye and take my stand. Didn’t bode too well with me 😦 .Was gloomy and irritated all the way back home. The dumb slippery carpets didn’t help my cause either. I looked like a total jerk, making sure that the circle of my arms and legs were sufficient to contain the parcels and the carpets. Never again, I tell you, never again!!!

6) Went out shopping with BFS yesterday. At 12:oo Noon. When the sun was at its merciless best. We two wandered aimlessly at first, struggling to remember what exactly we wanted to buy. Finally bought some trivial stuff (hand-gloves for driving, sipper bottles for the twins, water bottles for home use, etc) and then wandered some more, looking for places where we could buy hand-bags. Found a new shop called Just -Bags in the heart of the city. It was a pretty good place. Loads of varieties and some really decent prices. I picked myself a bag which my dear friend detested at sight. BUT, all my colleagues here at work loved it. Reason being, all my colleagues have kids, where as BFS doesn’t have them yet. She just cannot understand the need of a large sized hand-bag, whose dual purpose is to have ample space for those two sets of clothes, diapers, bottles, etc. apart from carrying my regular office paraphernalia. Ahh…poor girl. Her time, shall come.  She too will learn that the two purses she bought yesterday would have no place in her house once she has a set of tiny toes running her down 😀

We guzzled down jumbo glasses of “oosacha-ras” (sugarcane juice) while shopping. Nothing beats the heat like a nice tall glass of the frothy green drink, I tell you!! Smackalicious 😀 !!

7) After a long long time, I cooked like crazy!! The SIL’s husband was coming down on sunday night to take her and the kids back. I didn’t know he was coming, else I’d made something better. He’s a thorough gentleman and one extremely decent soul.A genuinely likeable person 🙂 . Anyhow, I asked the MIL and SIL to take all the four kids to the park and then busied myself with the cooking. The menu was a mess, comprising of South-Indian Sambhar-Rice with North-Indian Paneer Butter Masala Kerala Parothas and Maharashtrian kaanda-bhajia and store bought Shreekhand.  And for the record, I wasn’t the one to decide on it. The SIL wanted the paneer butter masala and kerala parothas. The MIL wanted Sambhar and for unknown reason, as the last item on the list, she added the kaanda-bhajias. I busied myself like crazy in the kitchen and was standing there from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. It was worth the effort. The Paneer Butter Masala and kerala parothas were a hit! The rice went down smoothly with the Sambhar and most declared it to be a filling meal 🙂 .  Even the kids loved it , specially RS, who tried to eat a kerala parotha piece dipped in paneer butter masala , but just didn’t know that she was supposed to either bite into it or eat the whole thing. She just managed to lick the masala and then guzzled down water like crazy, not being used to spices yet 😀 .

I would have clicked the snaps if only I had the camera. Its disappearance is most disturbing and I never realized just how much I missed it. Alas, you’ll have to make do with the google images I’ve linked above!

8 ) We had a rocking time with the twins yesterday. The BF was playing with them after dinner and our games went up to mid night. The kids were just not sleepy and their infectious laughter was enough to ensure that we couldn’t sleep either. It was fun. Loads of it 😀 . Its surprising, you know, the way their father can play a stupid game of peek-a-boo zillion times and they laugh uproariously at it each time. But when their mamma repeats the same trick, they look at her with pity…if they are generous, they might even give me a small smile so that I don’t feel so bad after all!! So UNFAIR!! 

Thats for the updates this weekend.

Am back at work in full speed. Another two weeks and then I’ll have some reprieve .

Promise to blog more then 🙂

Till then,

Have a Great Week ahead People 🙂


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The 88 Crore Fraud

Eighty Eight Crores.

That is 88,000,000.

A whopping figure, which roughly translated, means a growth rate of 1 crore or 1,000,000 per month!!

Thats a one zero too many in my opinion!!

A staggering figure which compelled me to pen this letter to the owner of this staggering wealth, Behenji M :-


Behenji Mayavati,

I’ve been keeping track of you lately and it never ceases to amaze me that your impunity knows no bounds. It takes a special kind of hide to receive so much flak and yet be totally oblivious to one’s own day-time thievery!!

In a way, you are a beacon of hope for all those indigent school teachers serving the government, a government which regularly fails to pay them for their services, yet dangles the carrot called pension in front of them. A government that promises to make them multi-millionaires, if they give up the mundane job of guiding young minds and instead, join politics. A government, that has no clue what to do with all the money it has in its coffers and hence delegates the responsibilities to citizens like you.

You set an example of how exactly one can take their impoverished roots, take up a dead cause, flog it till it is a dead horse and then make millions out of the flogging.

Exemplary, is the word that comes to my mind.


Well, because, look at the facts here –

1) You were just a primary school teacher.

2) You took up a cause for of ‘elevating the poor dalits’ in the eyes of society, in your own words, if I might add.

3) When your assets are exposed (am trying real hard to keep a straight face here) , your spokesperson declares that “the Dalit leader has said that her wealth has been donated by party supporters and activists.”

Tell me O-Most-Shrewd woman, who are these party supporters and activists who have so much money that they are ready to pay for your innumerable properties”?

Who are these people who spend crores on a Birthday garland for you??

Who are these people who lavish you and your now extended family with all the worldly luxuries?

Are these people Dalits?

If yes, do you really feel that they are faring badly and need to be uplifted? I guess they appear uplifted enough!! Don’t you think so too?

And if , by some fluke of nature, these people are indeed poor , and yet , scrimp and save so that they could donate to your party, is this how you repay them?? Is this how you utilize  their money as your own?

Weren’t the donations meant for the betterment of the people you support? Are they benefitting? Please tell me, do you intend to accomodate all the orphaned dalit children in your bungalows? Is that why, being unmarried, you felt the need to construct bungalows spreading over 1lakh square feet ?!

Or maybe, there is a chance that seeing your gigantic statues, the poor downtrodden souls would feel as if they are in the presence of someone divine. Do you sincerely believe that sanctioning 3000crores of tax payers money on installing statues of yourself and your party icons (read, Elephants) will ensure a better future for the people who voted you to power?

Three.Thousand.Crores!! Just think of the change you could have brought.

Think of the number of new schools you could have opened up and provided them with all necessary facilities.

Think of the salaries you could have given to school teachers like yourself.

Think of all the little well-equipped clinics you could have opened across the state.

Think of the number of villages you could have provided with water.

Think of the number of villages you could have provided with electricity.

Think of the number of scholarships you could have handed out.

Think of the number of cottages industries you could have started.

Think of the innumerable roadways and transport facilities you could have provided.

But I guess that the pink haze of your multi-million palatial bungalow has dimmed your sight a little. Or maybe, all that money has clogged your brain and left you incapable of sensible thoughts.

In a way, I don’t think you are to blame. You are clever with your words and you know it!! It’s all those poor folks who fall for those false promises who are to blame. It’s all those poor people with stars in their eyes for a better tomorrow , who are to blame. It’s all those thousands who stand in blinding heat to attend your bhashans who are to blame.

Meanwhile, you can load that tiara on your head and rule like the Queen you imagine yourself to be !!

Too small??

Ohh…how about something bigger then?

Not satisfied? Umm…how about this one then?

There!! Thats better, isn’t it? Your smile says it all!

Still want more? Then you can have this

or this

Or maybe, you prefer something bigger??

Something which has precious stones studded in it,maybe ?

Isn’t that a lot of money riding on your head? Money that comes from these people

and these…..Hundreds of people with no respite from the sun, nothing but their sorry handkerchiefs or pallus to cover their heads. Sometimes, a lucky one might even sport a cap.

Here’s a sincere hope and prayer that you do them some justice!!


A self-respecting citizen


Edited to add :

This post turned out longer than I’d anticipated. On proofreading, it appears quite disjointed. There is no semblance of flow. Maybe because I just jotted down all the points that came into my head in a rush.

Am severely strapped for time right now. Will try and update the post some time this weekend (or not!). Depends 🙂

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Joke time!!

Loved this joke I got in the mail this morning. Sharing it with you all :-


Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby.

Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr-old what she thought about what she had just witnessed.

Kathleen quickly responded, ‘He shouldn’t have crawled in there in the first place ……..spank him again!’


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Awesome Mausam!!

Gooood Morning Folks!!

Its a LOVELY day today,isn’t it?

Peeps in Pune, did you feel the zing in the air this morning ?? No?

You missed it then, I guess.

Coz today is a delicious day!! Scrumptious enough to be had between two slices of bread 🙂

The Sun is shining just the right amount, there is a gentle breeze blowing which is exactly the right degree of  ‘cool’ and the sky is a vivid shade of blue with the softest , fluffiest clouds floating about 🙂


After months of scorching heat, dusty trees and dull skyline , today is such a welcome change! For sure, it must have rained somewhere close by but I’m not sure where!! It’s just that the whole air is so charged up that I feel like a culprit sitting here in the artificially cooled environment instead of the much clearer, cooler climes outside. Sigh.

Almost had plans of whisking the kids from their beds, begging the BF to take the day off, bundle everyone in the car and zoom off to nowhere!! Bliss!!

Alas, we have house guests and in the aforementioned car it would be rather difficult to bundle in everyone! Some other time ,then.

( Darn the missing camera!! Today’s SUCH a clickable day!! )

Peeps in Pune, if you haven’t stepped out yet, do that before the Sun peaks. Don’t miss this gorgeous morning 🙂

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Regular readers to the blog would be aware that I suck big time at clicking snaps. I’m so bad that I can make a Metro line look like Pune Railway Station 😦

And I’ve done worse with my kids!

Such pretty, angelic babies and I click the worst snaps ever!! Friends who’ve seen the babies howl at the pics I upload. In fact, I’ve even requested good friend Srividya (you listening, dear??) to come down to Pune, just to click the babies (and also catch up on the years past…how many did you say? Eighteen years?? Thats a LOT of catching up we gotta do there girl 😐 !! ). Sri, being the darling she always was, readily agreed and we just have to decide on a date and time :).

Anyhow, the reason for this post is………its time the BF learnt to pack his own bags!!

I know, I know, things don’t make sense right now. Do give me a patient hearing, will you 🙂

The first weekend after our Delhi trip, the BF had a weekend outing with his colleagues. It was an overnight stay and I was busy packing his stuff. At the last minute, I thought of packing the camera, since he would have liked to click some snaps . I remember telling him that the camera was in the bag along with the rest of the stuff. And as usual, he just murmured something, totally oblivious to what I said!!

Anyhow, the BF returned from his trip. I was busy with two babies who were busy falling ill alternately and keeping me on my toes day and night. Thoughts of the camera totally skipped my mind. Until last week, when finally, me and the BIL hunted the house down for it. Thats when, BIL suggested that maybe the BF had misplaced it during his trip.

Thats it.

The tube light blinked bright and I reminded the BF that I had indeed packed the camera in his bag. The BF was quite shocked!! Because apparently, he expected the camera to be there and when he had reached the venue and looked in his bag he couldn’t find it. He naturally assumed that since he hadn’t told me to pack it specifically, I hadn’t (the cheek of this guy!! After all that I do for him, this is the vote of confidence I get!!).

Fact of the matter is, the camera was in the bag when he left the house.

The camera was not in the bag when he reached the venue.

So somewhere along the way, we lost it.

I’m deeply dismayed, because even though I wasn’t good at it, at least it gave me a chance to do some clicking of my kid’s activities.

The worst part is that the twins are up to so many pranks these days, just narrating them here won’t do their act justice. I wish I could capture those images, but alas , I cannot (at least until we get hold of a new camera 😦  ) .

So dear folks, when I do mention anything about the kids, just close your eyes and imagine it yourself….I won’t be able to help you with the visual aids 😦

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Just a few minutes back, I checked my dashboard.

And this is what I see :-

ALL the numbers on this page are multiples of 3 (including the spam count!!)

How’s that for co-incidence 😀

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Help me sleep!!

I’ve had it!!

Seriously 😡 .

Its been nearly TWO years since I slept through the night. The sleep deprivation is not doing me any good. I’m losing hair, piling on weight, the skin is lack-lustre, there are dark circles the size of craters under my eyes and I’m perennially in a nasty mood.

I LOVE my kids to bits, but I guess I’m reaching the end of my tether!!

So tell me, O-folks-who-have-kids.

HOW exactly do you make sure your kids sleep through the night??

For the record, this is the routine I follow these days :-

9-9:30 pm : dinner time, generally dal-rice mashed, or milk and rice mashed.

11 PM : Kids hopefully toddle off to sleep.

11:30 PM : Diaper change, with a last bottle of milk before they sleep. The twins can guzzle milk in their deepest slumber!! BUT, herein lies my problem. The twins refuse to drink over 120 ml. If I give them a full bottle, they have their 120ml and leave the rest. Exactly after 3 hours, somewhere around 2:30 to 3:00 AM, they start howling. Yes, I’ve used the word howling , because that is exactly how they both start yelling at the top of their voices in sync!! From my deep sleep, I practically spring out of bed and jump into action , fumbling for the lights, filling their bottles , shaking the mix and handing them over to the duo.  The BF , meanwhile, vainly tries to hush the kids with his eyes closed. Mean feat, that!!The twins eagerly grab for the bottles in their sleep and all is bliss in my life. If I’m extremely tired, I conk off as soon as I hand them the bottles. But usually, I stay up till they finish, wash their bottles and then go to sleep. To be rudely woken up around 5:00 or 5:30 AM. The same, fumbling activity ensues and once the feed is over, I hit the pillow, only to wake up in another hour for the regular morning chores!!

This is the routine on any regular night.

For the irregular nights, the twins wake up alternately EVERY hour, which effectively ensures that I don’t catch the requisite 40 winks 😯 !!

To overcome this problem, I’ve tried these techniques :-

1) Give the twins a bath and milk before they sleep.

2) Feed them their dinner earlier, so that they have their fill of milk by 11 pm.

3) Feed them late so that they are famished and have more food (enough to last them the night).

4) Give them water, instead of milk, when they get up in the night.

Alas, I’ve failed miserably on ALL fronts.

In spite of my BEST efforts, the kids just HAVE to get up for their nightly feeds!! And when I tried the water-instead-of-milk trick, they howled their protest so loud, that the neighbour came knocking on our door wondering if the kids were going through some trauma!! Little do they know, who exactly was going through the said trauma!!

We also tried a ‘dadima-ka-nuskha’ where we grind a wee bit of nutmeg and mix it with milk or honey and feed it to the kids. Nutmeg ensures that the kids snore through the night.

Once again, to my rude realization, I found that my kids are immune to nutmeg. Give them ANY measure, it makes no difference.

Their systems wake up on clockwork and demand just the same amount of feed every time!!

What am I to do??

Help me people!!

I really can’t go through another year without sleep. I am this close to admitting myself in the nearest asylum!!!

I need my sleep back 😥 .


Help !!

Edited to Add :-

I just realized that this is my 300th post!!

THREE.HUNDRED.POSTS. In a time span of NINE MONTHS!! Not even a year yet!!

It was almost like a blow to my solar plexus, with the air whooshing out of my lungs.

Now seriously folks, be honest.

Do ya all really really feel that I talk/post  a wee bit too much?!! C’mon, I beg you to be honest here.

Am I posting too frequently??

Or it isn’t frequent enough??

Being new to blogging, I really don’t know what the standards are!

Enlighten me, please 🙂


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The Right Man

We took the kids for their 18months immunization shots yesterday. The Ped gave us an option of cellular (painful) and acellular (painless) injections. Without a moment’s hesitation, I told her we would go for the painless one.

This morning, while getting dressed for work I had a talk with the BF ……..


Me : How much did the doctor charge for the vaccines??

BF : 2400/-

Me : Tell me, if there is a painless vaccine available, why did she ask us if we want to go for it or the other painful one which would cause fever and swelling.

BF : Maybe because looking at us she might have thought that we can’t afford it 😀

Me : Very funny. But seriously, why would anyone want to give their kids a painful injection when they can avoid it?

BF : Maybe because some people might think that if it’s a normal light fever, why fuss over the kids and spend more.

Me :  Hmmm…..do you think we are overly protective of the kids?

BF : I didn’t get you!!

Me : You know, like, we are protecting them from facing life. Preventing them from handling a little roughness, harshness..?

BF : I don’t know…….

Me : If you had to make the choice, if you were facing the doctor yesterday, would you have selected the painless one or the painful one?

BF : Don’t be silly!!

Me : No seriously, answer me. What would you have done if you were in my place?

BF : Well…what are we earning for ? If we can afford to avoid a little pain , why not? Why would I even want to see my kids suffering??

Me : You know what??

BF : What?

Me : I married the right guy after all!!

BF : Very funny!!

Me : Nopes. Not at all. 🙂



Yeah, the twins are indeed the ONLY common factor between me and the BF 🙂

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Being a working woman, I rarely, if ever attend birthday parties.

In fact, who am I kidding here?? I don’t get invited to Birthday parties . Or ANY parties, for that matter 😦

I guess, my not celebrating the twin’s birthday may have something to do with it. Since I didn’t invite anyone, people didn’t invite me ! Oh well!!

Anyhow, the point of my post is that, last evening, I attended a small party hosted by the BF’s colleague in celebration of his wedding. The guy was from Assam and since both the wedding and reception had taken place in his native place, he hosted a private party in a restaurant’s  lounge.

It was a pleasant enough crowd , where men were concerned. The guys seemed to enjoy themselves. The women, all seven of us, made an awkward group. Two of them knew each other from before, so they huddled in one corner. The bride had invited one of her family friends’ from back home and was busy chatting with the lady in her native language. That left three other women, including me, to made idle talk. Two minutes into the conversation, I realized that I was the only one talking (as usual) and the rest were barely listening to me. For those of you laughing right now, let me clarify that the DJ was quite diligent at his console and made sure that our ear-drums were incapable of serving the purpose they were meant for.

Luckily, one of the guys requested the DJ to turn down the volume and that really helped.  I tried to resume the conversation, but it was less of a conversation and more of an interview, with me doing all the asking and the rest just replying. I initially thought they were all a little shy and hesitant to talk. So I gave them some time and busied myself with RS. By the way, I’d taken only RS to the party and left SS behind. An act which I regretted deeply later. He was irritable and cranky in the evening and the MIL had suggested that I leave him behind. The reason for his crankiness was a severe diaper rash and taking a baby out  without a diaper is a clear cut NO. Later in the night, after we were back, MIL told me that SS was searching the house for his sister, going from room to room, calling out ‘pa….pa’ (thats how both the kids refer to each other!!). Broke my heart to hear that!! I vowed immediately that the next time, either both the kids go or both dont. And if the kids can’t go, neither will I. Anyhow, I digress (as usual).

There is only so much you can ask of the others and I had reached the end of my questionnaire. Surprisingly, none of them asked me about myself. I simply put it down to their lack of interest in lack in me (which is TOTALLY acceptable. Believe me 🙂 ). Of the seven women present, five of us were there with our kids. There were a total of six and a half kids (one being carried by his mom in the tummy 🙂 ) . The oldest kid was around 5-6 years of age. The youngest, was RS.There was a little boy who was 2 years old, another girl who was 3 and two more who were 5 years old.

Except RS, ALL the kids were clinging to their mommies.

Except RS, ALL the kids sat in one place throughout the evening.

Except RS, ALL the kids were fed by their mothers.

Except RS, ALL the kids kept to themselves, not bothering with the other kids around.

And little Ms.RS. What do I say about her??

As soon as she entered the venue, she started dancing at the music.

As soon as she saw the other kids, she tried to kiss them all. It’s sad to see her being rudely shoved off by the older kids and the mothers not stopping their kids. And under any other circumstance, I would have spanked RS for troubling others. But she wasn’t troubling, was she? Trying to kiss other children comes naturally to her and she LOVES doing that. How do I stop her then?? When she was hungry, I gave her a biscuit. She promptly handed it over to the 3-year-old girl and came back to me for more. As soon as I’d handed her another, she went ahead and handed it over to the 2-year-old boy. I swear, my heart filled with pride when my little darling made sure that she handed biscuits to ALL the kids present and only then did she proceed to eat her own.

The most awful part?? NONE of the kids, who were old enough to talk, said ‘Thank You’. Worse still, none of the mother’s were bothered enough to prompt their kids to say so!!  I was more than shocked at this lack of manners. How will the kids ever learn their Ps and Qs if no one ever teaches them?? Brought back memories of this post!!

RS was keeping everyone amused with her antics, but thankfully, she wasn’t being errant and I could actually sit back and relax while she made rounds of the place and investigated all the corners. I took the time to observe the other kids and while making small talk with the other women, I complimented them on their kids. On how cute they were and how pretty. I sincerely meant those comments , because seriously, kids ARE just so cute when they are not being bratty. The women accepted the compliments with a smile. Some bothered to add a couple or more comments on how exactly their kids behave at home and how they are super naughty at home and school.


None of the women said a single word about RS.  They were surprised to see my child eating her dinner from her lunch box with a spoon, making sure to wipe her mouth with a tissue after every morsel. They shot envious looks at her as they hand-fed their kids. One ventured to ask me how old she was and was quite shocked to learn that RS was 6 months younger to her son, who was still bottle-fed. Yet, no one uttered a single compliment her way. I must confess, I was super irked.

On the way back, when I narrated the incident to the BF, he was quite surprised. Because apparently, most of his colleagues who were observing RS, had complimented him on her antics (Which made me heave a sigh of relief. At least the men had better manners! There was some hope for their kids yet 🙂 ). He also added that I shouldn’t expect people to come and compliment me on the kids every time. It’s their choice whether they want to or not and I really shouldn’t read too much into their behaviour.

To a certain extent, I agreed with the BF’s point of view. I am a  fiercely protective mother and I do think that my kids are good, but I’ve never claimed them to be exceptional. They have their flaws and I am yet to work on them. But the BF and I try our best to make sure that we use simple terms like Thank You, or Please or Sorry in the twin’s presence. They must get familiar with these sounds and learn the right usage of these terms.

Frankly, I don’t like correcting other people’s kids when their parents are themselves around. I prefer correcting my kids first. The irony is that my kids will never learn the significance of right etiquettes if they don’t see any of their peers following it. I’m almost prepared for the arguments which might come later in life, the ones which go like, “but pappu never says sorry”, “my classmates never say thank you for anything. why should i?” and the like!!

How do I explain them what is right? How do I make them do what I feel is right? How do I prevent them from comparing us with other parents (the ones that don’t reprimand kids on their manners might just  seem ‘cool’). Where as me and the BF would be relegated to the category of the old-coots-to-be-most-avoided!! I dread to think of my kids feeling like social outcasts, just because their parents’ sense of etiquettes does not match with their peers!!

Being parents is tough. But I’m slowly learning that its tougher now than it was earlier. When we were being moulded into being respectful, so were our peers. When we said Thank you, so did the others.

Where did all the manners go??

Why have people stopped instilling them?? Is it laziness, spite, what?? What indeed??


This post turned out longer than I’d planned.

I guess for now, we  just got to do what we  think is right. What we feel is the best for the twins. And do it before they are old enough to compare 😀

After that…….. (*shudder*!!!)

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Not flying high enough!

Was quite keen on watching Kites…but the reviews don’t seem to good.

If anyone’s seeing this movie this weekend, could you please let me know if it is worth the effort?

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