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Good Morning People 🙂

Hope you had a good weekend.

I had a pretty long weekend. We had Friday off, Saturday off and Sunday off. And I did the awfully sneaky thing of NOT informing at home that Friday is an off. I know, wicked me 😀 . But seriously, I just needed ONE day to myself, just to unwind from the hectic routine of the previous two weeks, and there was no way I could do it at home. The twins would make sure of that!!

The BF, was obviously privy to the secret, as I simply cannot hide anything from him 🙂 . He was also surprisingly supportive. The idea was to drop in at a friend’s place (a good friend from office) and just relax at her place. But after I reached there, our plans changed somewhat. I mean, instead of just sleeping, I also included a movie, a pedicure session and  Mehendi applying to the itinerary. The BF would disagree, but I seriously find applying mehendi therapeutic. It is one activity which always relaxes me. My friend was more than delighted to extend her palm to indulge me 🙂 . We had a nice time chatting up on babies, in-laws, husbands, friends, work, and many other topics under the sun. Thanks to her, I had a great time on Friday. For once, I had a day to myself, to spend as I like it . And oh, the pedicure  could have been heavenly, if only the girl attending to me was a little focussed. Her attention was directed more on her boyfriend who was attending another client. The client, here, was my friend 😀 . Oh well, it’s an insecure world out there …..!

Saturday was a normal day, the kids super clingy as usual, but SS was ultra naughty that day. There is hardly anything in this house that hasn’t been moved around by him (except maybe, the double beds and the cupboards). Everything else has changed positions. BFC was quite apt when she said that she could see his future. He was going to be a “Mover and Packer”. Going at this rate, he surely will be 😀  . RS has taken her independent streak to abnormal levels. This girl insists on doing EVERYTHING herself. Except maybe cleaning up after her big job 😀 . But seriously, what do I do with a barely 18 month old who refuses to let you bathe her, insisting on bathing herself, never mind that most of the water goes anywhere but on her body and that she still can’t grab on to the soap. She insists on eating by herself with a spoon, mind you, messing up the plate, the floor, her clothes, her face, barely managing to eat a complete morsel and yet having the most satisfied look on her face. Any attempt to feed her is met with howls of protest and tantrums so wild, we fear she might hurt herself with all the limb-kicking !! As for clothes, the heat has ensured that the kids simply LOVE running around in their undies. Any attempt to pull on a shirt or a frock is protested violently (in case of RS) and mewing piteously (by SS).

Took some time off on Saturday evening to meet up my uncle (mother’s brother). He is undergoing a cataract operation today and I wanted to check up on him (he’s has stage 3 diabetes, and that in itself ensures that he is at a risk even with a minor laser surgery for cataract!!). Cousin M was back from B’lore (where he was last week to attend Baby SA’s 1st birthday). Bags had sent some return gifts for the twins and Aapa’s two kids through cousin M. Bro had sent some clothes . Once back home, I opened the goodies pack and showed the twins the gifts. RS immediately took a liking to the smiley mug and insisted on drinking water from the cup itself. It was a welcome change because we’ve tried to wean them off the bottle now. RS seems to be heading the right way. SS, is yet to relinquish his hold on the bottle. The chocolates and the board games would have to wait. I haven’t introduced the kids to chocolates yet. As it is, since their severe throat infection days, the kids are against brushing their teeth. It takes a lot of time and patience to hold them down and scrub the pearlies, which is yet again , met with the most violent protest ever!! On an aside, just to inform you all, I’ve started sprouting a couple of white hair and though I shuddered inwardly at the first sighting, better sense prevailed and a bowl of soaked mehendi took care of that little matter 🙂 . For now!

Anyhow, my aunt and cousin M came home in the night, to see the twins. As everyone does these days, they too commented on the severe weight loss of the twins and for the umpteenth time, I narrated the incident with the 15 days of throat infection and 8 days of Delhi visit. But seriously, nothing hurts more than the accusing stares people direct at you, hinting that maybe, you just aren’t eligible enough to take care of your kids. My aunt even went to the extent of suggesting that I drop the kids at her place (she stays close by) when I leave for office in the morning and then pick them back on my way home. She said she would make sure that the kids grew up “healthy and disciplined“. MIL and GMIL were offended at this comment, but didn’t show it. I had the tough task of diverting the topic and making sure that my in-law’s ruffled feather’s were smoothed. I know my aunt didn’t say this with malice, but she does have a tendency to say the wrong things.Most of the time 🙂 .

Anyhow, the BF was off on a company vacation to Alibag and had left on Saturday morning itself. He was to return somewhere around late afternoon on Sunday. So, after a long time, I could switch the comp at home and watch a  movie (which otherwise he wouldn’t let me, insisting I should catch some sleep instead). I’d seen most of the films, but there was this movie called “All the best” which I’d started to watch a couple of times before, but could never make much headway on. So I thought of wrapping it up once and for all. Try I did, but could not progress 15 minutes from where I’d left it last time. I think it’s better to give up on such duds and declare oneself a failure, than to watch it and be scarred for life!!

Another update : I received the Indusladies Cap finally. Now I have to click a snap of it and post it here. Am planning to click a snap of RS wearing it (after all, she is a strong , independent woman-in-the-making 😀 ) , but that would mean, cajoling her and making sure she’s in a good mood. Ahh well…..its going to take some time !

Sunday was a busy day. Loads of work at home, cooking, washing, the works. And yeah, we still haven’t got a nanny for the kids yet ( The maid we had , has given us the royal heave-ho. We are on the look out. If anyone knows any agencies in Pune which send out maids, do let me know). I did take out time to visit Aapa. Handed over the goodies sent by Bags where nephew F was quick to pull out the board games and win all of them. I had no idea I sucked at board games too 😦 .

By the way, Aapa’s daughter is gorgeous!!! Such a pretty doll, with the most amazing curly lashes which touch her brows. Adorable (Just wish I’d carried my camera along. Aapa assured me that next week she would drop in at my place with the kids and then I could take as many snaps as I wished 🙂 ) . She looks nowhere close to her mother. In fact, my sister looks a lot like RS, with the same slant, almond-shaped eyes, the broad nose and strong jaw. In fact, everyone who has seen Aapa and RS, are inclined to believe that she is Aapa’s daughter and not mine 🙂 .  All in the family, I say !!

The BF returned somewhere around 3 PM , all shattered and broken. Courtesy, an enthusiastic match of cricket, played after nearly 2 years, with a body , which did not undergo even a hint of anything close to ‘exercise’ in the aforementioned period. Suffice to say, all muscles were stiff and he was sleeping like a log within minutes of reaching home. He didn’t accompany us for the wedding we attended last evening. One of MIL’s relative’s son/daughter (I really cant remember which!!) was getting married and we were all required to attend. I wasn’t keen on it, but couldn’t back out. I really couldn’t make an excuse, you know. I mean, I took the kids all the way to Delhi to attend a friend’s wedding and now I was refusing to attend a relative’s wedding with them!! I could practically see the gears turning in MIL’s head, though she didn’t say a word. So I politely acquiesced and told her that the kids would be ready in time.

Fed the kids, who for once, didn’t create much of a fuss, except SS, who threw up his meal. Both the kids had cold and a slight cough for the last 2-3 days. Throwing up at least lets them get rid of the congestion. He did manage to have a few more spoonfuls later. I dressed them up and got dressed myself. The BIL drove us and the GMIL to the venue (MIL and FIL had reached there earlier in the evening). It was a very very crowded scene, with barely any space to stand. Dinner was already under way and it took time for us to find a place to sit. MIL took over the twins while me and the GMIL had our dinner. My mind was completely occupied with the twins, because I know the MIL would be unable to handle them all by herself. I was right. Just when she wasn’t looking, RS managed to pick up some dropped food from the floor and put it in her mouth. That was it. I gulped down my remaining food and took over the kids. Now, the venue was an open garden, with a canopied section for the food and another section in front of the stage. The rest was an open area, which was again crowded with people .To top it, literally, it started raining. It started with a few drops but then steadily grew to a drizzle. By now, both the canopied areas were packed and it was impossible to turn without stepping on someone’s zari-bordered sari or lehenga, the glitter of which is alone sufficient to blind a normal sighted person. Thank God it wasn’t a day-time party. Would have bought goggles for the twins too, lest they lose their eye-sight at an early age!!

Anyway, we returned around 10:30 PM, after which, I quickly undressed the kids and tried to make them sleep. SS dropped off to sleep , RS took some time, she being the one who needs to be cuddled, walked with, held close with a few songs hummed into her ears 🙂 . She finally dropped off to sleep. Around 2AM, SS started crying. He was hot to the touch and definitely had a fever. The cold and cough weren’t making it any easier for him. I gave him his milk bottle and also fed him a little crocin. By 4AM, he had cooled down a bit, but was still whiney and irritable. By 4:30, he threw up his milk and was mighty upset. No amount of bouncing in the arms or cuddling could pacify him. I took him for a walk in the terrace and he quieted down a bit. By 5AM , he threw up once again. GMIL woke up at this time, wondering why SS was crying. She saw that he was upset and promptly declared it a case of ‘buri-nazar’. She performed some actions with crystal salt  and declared that he would now be fine. Would you laugh if I said that SS actually stopped crying and went off to sleep?? Oh well, some things really work!! He went off to sleep in my arms in the hall. I sat like that for a pretty long time, and then sleep finally overcame me and I lay down next to him on the sofa.He did get up around 6:30, when I took him to my room to sleep. I patted him to sleep.And then,by 7:15, both the kids woke up again. I gave RS her regular feed, but for SS, I reduced the measure. No point in making him puke again. Luckily, he didn’t throw up his milk. After this, the MIL and GMIL took over the kids. Fed him some cerelac, a little crocin, gave him a bath and put him to sleep. Surprisingly, RS went off to sleep after her bath too , which was just an hour after she had woken up!!

And I, friends, finished my kitchen duties and reported to work.

As always, a relaxed weekend ends on a hectic note : ) .

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