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……this kind of news is simply spine chilling.

Look what all we have here!!

Sex . Check.

Drinks. Check.

Drugs. Check.

Smoking. Check.

Underage Pregnancy. Check.

Eloping. Check.

Hero Worship. Check.

All this, coming from a person who is yet to hit her teens!!

Yes. A 12-year old has laid claims to all the above. Apparently, she had sex, got pregnant, suffered a miscarriage, indulged in drinks and drugs to “forget her loss”.

Whew!! Quite a life these kids live these days!!

Whatever happened to childhood as we knew it?

What happened to innocence??

Have we exposed our kids to so much of “reality” that they want to take part in it as soon as possible??

On a side note, wouldn’t a 12-year old becoming pregnant be a case of rape? Isn’t she a victim? I’m not sure what the law in UK says about consensual sex, but in any case, a 12-year-old is ANYTHING, but mature.

And no, please don’t let such news items deter you. I’m surprised myself that they haven’t yet put that guy behind bars and that he continues to enjoy ‘marital bliss’ !! Shit!

Frankly, I’m scared to the gills reading such stuff.  Childhood is sacred, pure. To see it vandalised like this simply rips me apart. Worse is that fact that such news items are getting more and more frequent. I fear, they might hit a level where they no longer perturb our consciousness. That we may actually accept them one day , as we now accept live-n relationships or reality shows!! At least live-in relationships are indulged in by “adults” and NOT children. It takes some of the sting away. Reality shows are a different league in themselves!! Exploiters of the highest order!Specially the ones that use kids. Anyway,that calls for an entirely different post!!

Right now I’m just too ticked off to think straight.

And yeah, if I ever meet the parents, I’ll surely give them a piece of my mind. That , or maybe deprive them the benefit of a limb or two.

Yeah. You’re right . I’m hopping mad right now!!

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Delhi Diary 6 : Dilli 6

Woke up early on 22nd morning. We were to check out by noon and I still had to pack up all the stuff lying about. Traveling with kids can be very messy. Practically everything you carry comes out from the bags. The BF, alas , is no help where packing is concerned. He can’t even pack his own bag.Once, before our marriage, I had to fly to Pune from B’lore, just so that I could pack his bags for his US trip!! 

The problem with kids is that, you just don’t know what you might require next. So all such ‘probable’ stuff was kept outside, to be dumped in at the last minute. The rest of the things were to be packed as soon as possible. At least before the guests came in for breakfast. It wouldn’t look good to have all our stuff lying about in their presence! BFS and BFG were lucky that they just had to pack for themselves. They had their bath, got dressed and were packed and ready even before breakfast was laid out. I was soooo jealous!! I still had to bathe the kids, dress them, feed them, and then repeat the same for myself AND pack up too. The kids cooperated with the bath (at home, we generally give the kids bath in turns. Here in Delhi, I just took the two to the bathroom together! So while one was busy splashing the water in the bucket, I could scrub the other. Multi-tasking, its called 😀 ) . I gave RS some milk, albeit diluted . She looked a little better than before, but her cheeks had definitely sunk in a little. SS was in a peppy mood and in no time, the kids were ready . The guests had started coming in for breakfast and I didn’t have the chance to go for a bath (I forgot to mention,the bathroom/toilet were not adjascent to the bedroom area. They were attached to the hall. So we could either take a bath/use-the-loo before people/caterers came in, or after they left. The “Doormatry” plan sucked BIG time!!) . At breakfast , we had a chance to chat up with BFC’s other friends who had turned up for the wedding. They were leaving for Manali that day and we could only envy them the cool climes they were headed to. SS took a liking to the guy T,who looked like a giant teddy bear 🙂 . RS was reluctant to leave my side throughout, though she did venture out with the BF for some time. 

I guess post wedding, the guests were in a languid mood. So while most of BFC’s relatives left for their rooms, a bunch of them made themselves at home and started chatting up on the different vacation spots they’ve been to. We waited for them to leave, but when they showed no inclination to move even after half an hour, we just gave up and went about our work. I mean, it did seem more than awkward to come out of a bath right in front of other men, but we didn’t have an option, did we? They were BFC’s guests after all!! But the surprising part was that though there were 2-3 women in that gathering, they didn’t realize that they were infringing on our privacy. Oh well, it takes all kinds to make this world!! The guests stayed put for another hour. BFG and the BF placed bets on whether they were staying put till lunch hour or would they leave. BFG was sure that they would leave before lunch. The BF had the opposite opinion. Luckily, the BF lost the bet. The guests did leave, but just half an hour before the caterers started trooping in again. We had all our bags ready by then. Counted them all and then recounted again. BFS is majorly paranoid about missed luggage. I guess she kept herself busy throughout the trip just by keeping a count of our baggage 😀 

The BF called for a taxi and me and the girls went to meet BFC’s mom to thank her for inviting us to the wedding. Aunty told us that BFC would be reaching the venue shortly and it would be nice if we could wait till then. Hmmmm….we were surely looking forward to it….but then, it depended on when our taxi would arrive. Then aunty said that in case BFC gets delayed, we should not keep the taxi waiting and should move on. So now it was a wait for the taxi , or BFC, whoever arrived first. 

The taxi did. It was a Tata Indica and the BF was mighty ticked off. He had asked for a larger vehicle because of the luggage and the taxi firm had assured him of the same. The BF once again called the firm and asked them to send another vehicle asap. While we were waiting for the taxi, BFC turned up. With SK of course 🙂 . She looked so cute !! We were all obviously glad to meet her once again before we left, but she was quickly engulfed by her family and well…..we just waved goodbye and turned back to wait for our taxi to arrive. The new one came (an Esteem this time). The BF threw his hands in despair and said what the hell!! Might as well move from here. The taxi driver charged us 500/- for the ride till Chandni Chowk and after some haggling, brought it down to 450/-. We all piled in, with boxes of sweets in our hands which were handed to us by BFC’s mom as a parting gift 🙂 . The twins were pretty thirsty and couldn’t be kept away from their water bottles. We started on our way and once again, we were quite impressed with the condition of the raods. Being a Capital surely works in a city’s favour!!

RS sat on her father’s lap at the front , while I sat sandwiched between BFS and BFG, with SS on my lap. I’ve noticed one thing. I think SS suffers nausea at the smell of petrol/diesel. Because whenever we have traveled by car in congested areas, he turns irritable and invariably throws up. This time was no different. He threw up on me just before we reached Gurdwara  Sis Ganj in Chandni chowk,  or CC as I’d prefer calling it now, our destination for the next two days (courtesy, BFG, who is a Sikh. She had managed to book an AC room for us at the Gurdwara’s guesthouse  before we came to Delhi. She not only saved us the money, but also the hassle of looking for hotel rooms close to the market).  I had to quickly clean him up and myself too, since it was time to get down. The taxi driver was already dumping our luggage on the road and was keen to rush away. It didn’t help that the kids got cranky in the heat .I tried to cover their heads with their caps but they prompty ripped it off!! The Delhi heat was getting to me too and I was seriously reconsidering the wisdom of our decision to stay back here for another two days after BFC’s wedding.  But since we came all this way, it seemed a shame to not do some shopping. And thats the reason BFG suggested CC. She said all the local shops are close by, within walking distance.The idea was to shop till we drop. Something, which BFS and BFG followed to the word, but I barely got a chance to do 😦 .

Anyway,my first impression of  CC was that it was very very crowded. There were people everywhere, with not an inch to spare!! In the peak of noon, it was funny to see so many people milling about as though it were a moonlit night!! As we piled out of the taxi and unloaded, another thing which struck me was the Gurudwara’s entrance. A little towards its side, was the water counter, where a group of men were continuously filling out plastic glasses of water for thirsty visitors. In fact, not just visitors to the Gurudwara, but the common public at large. What a service!!! I can think no better deed on a hot day than to quench the thirst of the needy!!  BF and BFS were mighty impressed too. 

The BF and BFG went in to the office to check out our confirmation, only to return shortly because the office was closed for lunch. We had no option but to wait for some time till it opened at 2. The BF made a couple of trips to deposit our luggage from the road to the area where the offices were. The kids had started getting cranky again(blame the heat) and I tried to pacify them with some milk. SS didn’t have much, but he was back to being active and naughty 🙂 . A new place must be investigated thoroughly and he took up this task with much gusto. His mother was left running after him, dodging people, stumbling over other people’s luggage and in all, being more of a menace than the brat himself. Finally, gasping for breath, I caught hold of the errant boy ,handed him to the BF and took over sleepy RS. I think there is something wrong with me. The minute RS was out of her father’s arms, her brat-alarms started ringing loudly and she was suddenly the problem child. Shouting and wriggling to be let down, running helter-skelter, climbing over the stairs to the office, dropping at people’s feet and trying to pull their shoes off!! My patience was running very thin and I was about to suggest to the BF that we should forget about the booking, just pick our bags, take a taxi to the airport and book the first flight back to Pune. Luckily, just then, the office window opened and BFG received the room keys. The BF was doubtful whether the room would be enough for all four of us. The person at the counter assured us that it was big enough, plus there were no other AC rooms on the same floor. The next available room was on another floor. So we all decided that since were together in this for so long, might as well stay together for the rest of the trip!! 

The guest house was across the road and the BF had to yet again make a few trips with the luggage and the kids to make sure all of us were deposited safely in our room. Room number 57 was quite large. A single room with an attached bathroom. It had a large old-fashioned double bed (you can see it in the header) and a single bed besides it. We requested the In-Charge to provide us with a mattress (for the BF) and he said we could get it in the evening. The first thing I did after entering, was to switch on the AC. The room, even without the AC , was pleasantly cool. But we had come from intense heat outside and needed to cool down. The twins pranced about on the bed, while me and the girls wearily pulled off our shoes and clambered on the bed ourselves. It was around 2:30 (or was it 3?!) in the afternoon, we hadn’t had anything to eat and yet, we just weren’t hungry. Blame it on the gallons of water we had all been drinking!! The BF left us to buy some more water and a few bananas and biscuits for the kids. The twins not-so-surprisingly, went off to sleep in a short while (must be the AC). We started feeling drowsy too and before we knew it, the three of us were out like lamps! Sometime later, the BF returned and looking at us all sleeping, made some space for himself besides the kids. Its funny, you know, the way four adults and 2 kids simply crashed out like that!! Somewhere around 5pm, BFG and BFS woke up. They asked me if I was keen on coming with them for some shopping. But the kids were to get up soon and I told them to go ahead. I was enjoying the time to myself. Just lying on the bed, gazing at the ceiling above, or the two babies, blissfully asleep for the first time after many days(until then, I didn’t realize that they too were so badly sleep deprived) or the BF, who suddenly looked so worn out in his sleep. When exactly did he develop those creases on his brow, when did his hair start turning white.I looked at him guiltily, realizing that after the babies came into my life, I’ve paid very little attention to him, the one person who is the crux of my life (Sorry about it babes. I know you’ll never complain, but I just want you to know, that even though it may seem that I don’t have time for you, believe me, you are the one person I think of all the time, even more than the kids). 

I let the three of them sleep and took this time to read up on “Sister of My Heart”. A chair by the window, a packet of chips on my lap and a book in my hands. Does this life rock or what 😀 ?!! Somewhere around 6:30 pm, the twins and the BF woke up . I made their Cerelac, which both were reluctant to eat!! At least SS had a few spoonfuls. RS just had her milk (I was giving her diluted milk ). BFG called the BF and asked him if we were coming down to the Gurdwara . He replied in the affirmative and after quickly dressing the kids,we went down and waited for the girls to come. But when these two reached us, we saw them loaded with shopping bags. Looks like BFS and BFG were indulging in a splurge-fest 😀 . The BF suggested that they deposit their stuff in the room and join us back at the Gurdwara . They agreed and once more, we waited for them to return. 

Once they came, BFG led us to the entrance . The ‘kirtans’ were going on and there is something infinitely peaceful about sitting inside a Gurdwara and listening to it. We simply followed BFG wherever she went and I guess, we were drawing attention to ourselves because of the kids, who went ballistic on seeing such a vast expanse of space and just wanted to be let free to run about. And I’m strictly against children causing noise at religious places, so me and the BF held on tight to the twins. Obviously, the two had to make their protests known as loudly as possible. Just when we thought we should make a graceful exit and not bother other people anymore, BFG said we could go out to the ‘Langar’ for dinner. While exiting the Gurdwara , we received the ‘prasad’, a sweet made out of wheat and oodles of pure ghee, so much so that while we had to hold it in our palms, the ghee dripped all the way till we finally finished eating it. RS liked the taste of the halwa and had sufficient amount of it. Thankfully, it took away my concerns for her dinner. SS, as usual, is not very keen on sweet stuff,which again, suits me just fine 🙂 . 

The langar hall was wide open space with long mats spread across it. We had to pick up a plate and sit on the mats. I was really doubtful if we could sit and have a meal with the kids by our side. They are known to cause major disruptions during our meal-times at home!! But it was too late to get up and walk out. So we stayed put till the first round of chapati, sabji and dal. It was surprising, but we all, including the BF felt immensely stuffed after eating just ONE chapatti. I know the BF could have easily gobbled down 4-5 of those, but he confessed that he just didn’t have the space for more (he also confessed, much later in the night, that while he was out looking for bananas, he couldn’t resist the smell the Chhole-bature from a nearby eatery and had stuffed himself silly 😀 !!) . So we picked our plates and our kids and walked out to deposit them (the plates) at the sink. BFG had left her seat earlier and we went looking for her. Initially, we couldn’t find her, the BF even went up to the Gurudwara’s entrance to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found. and then, BFS located her. BFG was cleaning the plates, removing the leftovers from the plates so that they could be washed. This was another thing that amazed me here. The feeling of “Sewa“, so selfless, without shame or haughtiness. If I wasn’t holding on to the kids so hard, I swear I would’ve joined her. 

Anyway, she got up shortly and we made our way back to the rooms. BFS and BFG wanted to roam about the place some more, but the BF was getting queasy. Like he pointed out, by the time we left the Gurudwara, we were the only women on the street as far as the eyes could see. He’d heard of crimes against women in Delhi and didn’t want to risk anything. BFG and BFS tried to convince him that since he was with them, they would be fine, but once again, the BF backed out, saying, he’s responsible for them and would definitely not encourage them on their desire to go on a night spree . He also told them not to compare Pune with Delhi (FYI, Pune is an amazingly safe place to live in. Women can go around the city at late night , even as late as 1 or 2 am, without fear. Me and my room mates used to take a walk at 11 in the night!! And when my sister used to come visiting, we’d go for the night show, just the two of us and return around 1:30 am, in an auto!!). Reluctantly (at least in the case of BFG and BFS), we came back to our room. I dressed the twins for the night and then left them to play on their own (SS is in pink and RS is in Blue. See? I don’t believe in colour-coding my kids 😀 ). Thankfully, there was nothing in the room that they could damage. Even the plug points were out of their reach. In a way, I guess even the kids were glad to be left on their own for once. The two scampered around, while BFS and BFG showed me the goodies they had purchased. 


Bossy RS shoving SS off the chair!!


 The girls had bought some really lovely suit pieces at a very reasonable rate. BFG also bought some cool Mojris to go with them. BFS bought loads of Lucknowi kurtas, kurtis and dress materials . She also bought a set of 4 kurtas for SS and a set of 3 frocks for RS. BFG also bought a dress each for the twins!! I was so kicked at seeing all that stuff. I just HAD to get some myself. I told the BF that the next morning, when the kids sleep after their bath, I’d like to rush down for some shopping myself. The BF was ok with it , quite content to spend the day in the room with his blackberry 🙂 . 

BFS and BFG packed up their goods in their bags and once done, we gathered around for another round of chatting. The kids eventually went off to sleep and my next concern was the availability of boiled water, for their milk. The guesthouse didn’t have a kitchen and I didn’t have sufficient supply to last till morning. The BF assured me that he would wake up early to get boiled water from a nearby restaurant. 

And somewhere around midnight, we all crashed out again. Only this time, we went to sleep totally relaxed, content with the thought that we could wake up when we wanted to. 

It was a blissful sleep…… 🙂 

(To be Contd…….)

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