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Matters of the the Mouth

This time, along with the count of teeth, I want to also include the twin’s vocabulary as a part of this post.
So without much ado, here goes :-

Tooth Update :-

RS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 2 molars
Lower = 4 + 2 molars
Total =12 + 1/2 + 1/2

SS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2+ 2 molars
Lower = 4
Total = 10+ 1/2

Given her set of 4 molars, RS has taken to chewing her food, unlike SS , who knows only how to swallow. He still doesn’t roll the food in his mouth using his tongue. Sometimes, this worries me, because he just doesn’t make an attempt to bite into food. While playing around, he’ll pick up just about anything and put it into his mouth. But give him a piece of chapatti, or a slice of apple or a biscuit , he simply holds it and grins, not really sure what to do with it. He doesn’t yet know how to bring food to his mouth and bite into it. Thankfully, RS doesn’t worry me on that front. She knows just how to eat by herself. In fact, she hates being fed by us anymore. Her food is handed over to her on a plate, with a spoon and she does the honour of feeding herself (mA).  Am hoping that SS picks up the right food habits soon *praying fervently with folded hands*.

Word Count  :-

The twins are no motor-mouths. In fact, just getting them to say “Ammi-Abba” has taken us a more than 3-4 months of effort. Their vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired, but for now, here’s the current set of words –


Ammmma, Mamma, Maaaa (for me)

Abbba, Aaaba (for the BF)

Daaadhi, daaaa-eeee (for Dadi or Big-Dadi)

Dhaaaadha (for FIL)

Chhaaacha, Chhaaaaji (for the BIL ) (which makes us think she’s hinting at something 😉 )

Haaaa (for anything Hot)

Paaapaaa (for SS)

Boowooo (for Dogs, teddy bears, scary things)

Baauu (for any injury)

Mum-mum (Food)

Paaaa (for water)

Phaaa (for fan)

SS’s vocabulary is not as extensive(?) as RS’s, but he has his basics right 🙂


Mummy (for me)

Mummaaa (for food)

A-ba (for the BF)

Dada (for FIL)

Cha-cha (for BIL)

Pa (for water)

These are the actual words spoken by them and understood by us. There exists a parallel vocabulary, which quite extensive, but totally beyond our comprehension!! SS excels in that category. He is rarely silent when he’s in one of his ‘talking’ moods. So stuff like ‘lakka-laka-lakaa-abuna-laka’ and ‘blub-blub-ayyyyy-paaaaa-laka’ simply bounce off our ears. We’ve given up trying to figure out what he’s trying to say. Which is just as good. I really don’t want to know. Now. Later on is a different matter 😀

RS herself is quite vocal, specially with SS. The only word we can make out, is “Paapaaa”, which of course refers to SS, but other than that, all her muttering are understood only by SS and definitely not by us!!

I’ve heard that kids pick up words as they hear them, the more you speak to them, the more vocal they get. I’m surprised that with a household of 6 adults , who are constantly chattering with them, the kids haven’t yet picked up more words. And as usual, I’ll just blame it on them being preemies and give them a month more 😀

Which means, I hope to add a few new words to this space by next month.

Wish me luck 🙂

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