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…………….that dictate that each should end in the SAME manner??


Then it must be just me, I guess.

I can see a pattern here.

Friday night, welcome weekend.

Saturday Morning, enjoy day at home (read : cleaning, washing, sorting, folding, filing, shopping).

Saturday Evening ,either go out or have people visiting. Suits us either ways.

Sunday Morning , half the family goes out on some pretext or the other. Maid bunks. Correction, ALL the maids bunk. Life gets a tad hectic, with minding the kids as well as handling the housework.

Sunday Evening. One or both of the twins comes down with something. Something, which ensures that I spend the rest of the night tending to the sick child.

Monday Morning, call up work to inform that I would be turning in late. Rush kids to the doctor, wait endlessly for the check-up, buy medicines, rush home, feed the kids, give them their dosage, make sure they sleep and then dash to work when the sun is at its zenith. Bliss!!!.

Now you might wonder why I just don’t take an off when the kids are ill. I’ve been accused of giving priority to my work over the kids and I guess its time I defended myself. So here goes :-

The twins are awfully cranky when they are ill. Which is expected. But the crankiness reaches an all new level when I’m at home!! Thats because, both the kids want me to tend to them and ignore the other. So if RS clamours for me to hold her, she doesn’t like the thought of me tending to SS. She kicks at him and makes his life miserable. SS returns her the same favour if I happen to be carrying him instead.

The crux of the matter is that, both the kids fight for my attention and it just doesn’t help their frail, ill bodies to fight over me. At times like these, the MIL or GMIL would suggest me to stay out of the twin’s sight and surprisingly, they would calm down and continue with their games or just simply go off to sleep.Thats how I can contribute to the twin’s wellness, by staying out of their way 😐 . Believe me, it hurts me more to stay away from them than it worries them!!

Anyhow, this Saturday, the twins had a great time at the park. They played on the see-saw, went down the slide,swung on the swings,held on tight on the merry-go-round,ran crazy on the grass and since then, haven’t let us breathe easy at home!! RS gets up at 2AM, yelling to be let out to the park to play !! SS has made permanent residence at the front door, never missing an opportunity to sneak out when the elders aren’t looking!!

On Sunday, we finally discovered why things were disappearing from our house!! Caught SS throwing things off from the bedroom window to  the ground below!! The BRAT!!! I had to rush down twice to pick up stuff and apologize to people who found  new headgear in the form of a frilly underpants!! Oh well…..Motherhood didn’t come with the instruction pamphlet. If only I’d known!!!

Anyhow, Sunday was mostly spent tending to guests and a severely ill RS. Luckily, SS, in spite of his heat boils and sticky eyes, was in a much better mood. And I can’t thank Allah enough , that till date I’m yet to see BOTH the kids troubling me together at the same time!! God keeps the ultimate balance. He SO does!!! Had to stay awake with RS through the night. Her fever was fluctuating and I had to keep a check on when to feed her the crocin drops. Just sponging the baby was a torture, she would scream out in such agony, I swear, it made me feel like a monster mom. But I HAD to bring down the fever!! Did I mention that I called up all the docs on my list and none were available?? I guess they wanted to spend their Sunday with their families too. Can’t really blame them all, can I ?? Somewhere around 6:30 the MIL took over RS and I took a nap. Woke up at 8:30 AM, did my morning chores and was ready to take the kids to the Ped by 10. Had a long wait there, nearly 30 minutes before the doc turned up. She treated SS for his boils and declared that RS had throat infection (again!!). I bought her medicines, went home and administered her dose . She was frightfully sleepy by then and went off like a lamp within seconds. SS followed suit shortly. Thats when I picked up my bags and rushed out too.

Thats all for the weekend update folks. As you can make out, I’m awfully rushed today. Loads to do and finish before I can get back home. And to top it, just called up home to find that RS is searching the house for her “Mummaaa”.

Yup, I gotta rush.


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A BIG HI to all friends reading this.

Guess what??

I had a blogger-meet today. Which actually means, there were just TWO bloggers involved. Me and the lovely G.

Yeah, yeah, burn in envy folks as I tell you that we indulged in some hot parathas and fruit juices at a dingy eatery in our office complex  😀

A time well spent, considering that G ended up finding out EVERYTHING about me and I have NO clue about her , except maybe , her Hubby’s name 😦 . And the best part?? G was under the impression that SHE talks too much!! OHH the irony of it all almost killed me 😀 . Seriously!!

So not only did I flood her with my worries about the twins, their pranks,my life in a joint family and  my friends but also my work and other professional issues. Whew. She took it all in politely. I didn’t realize it then, because I was too caught up in the flow of my woes. But looking back now, I wonder what she must be thinking?!!

Dear G, if you read this, let me tell you, I had a lovely time with you and I do look forward to meeting up more often. And yeah, next time, we MUST invite P too. And P, in case you are reading this, then I just want to tell you that this meeting(with G)  was rather impromptu. Will plan and catch up with you next time 🙂 . Hope this helps to placate you to some extent and you don’t plan to assault me with rotten tomatoes when we meet 😀

On that note, have a great week ahead folks.

I’m yet to do a weekend updates post. Give me some time, will do it asap. Right now, I’ve just reported to work and need to wrap up a lot before I can get a breather 🙂

So , for now, Ciao 🙂

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