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(I have reason to believe that the above statement would be widely disputed 🙂 )

…..is because I have found a blog site that has ensnared me like a fly in a spider’s web!!

I try to free myself from it, I struggle, I close down all the browsers, I try to focus on my work, but it doesn’t let me live. I’m drawn back to it, against my will, with the innate knowledge that I won’t return dissatisfied.That each visit would fill my heart with glee and relieve me of my worries 🙂 .

Friends, without much ado, please do visit “Cake Wrecks” (if you don’t already know about it!!) .

It is simply, delicious!! A sight for sore eyes, mineral water for the humour starved mind!!

Some of the monstrosities out there might put you off cakes forever, but don’t let it affect you too much. I know I didn’t 🙂

And that’s why, I’m finding it impossible to tear myself away from it 🙂

Happy ogling 😀

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