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Mixed emotions!

How do you feel when an old classmate and friend turns into a news item like this – Meet Bollywood’s sizzling new item girl.

We were bus-mates in DehraDun. She was in the same class as me, but a different section. We were friends nevertheless, staying in the army areas and travelling by the same army bus 🙂 .

I would like to say , we were friends- for whatever period of time we spent together. She and I planned a party at her place once, even shopping together for the food. I guess, somewhere along the way, fame and fortune might have erased some memories from her mind. Maybe that’s why, when I met her on Orkut, she replied to my comment as one would reply to fan. “Thanks the wishes , dahling“. Never mind that I’d asked her if she remembers me!

Anyhow, I know she has struggled real hard to be where she is, and although we might consider it a little late, she has no doubt made a mark for herself.

And I’m ashamed to say, though we are the same age, I look far older (sob! 😦 sob! ) than her !!

Anyhow, the intention of this post was something else. I have many other friends from the same school/time, whom I’m in touch with. They all remember me and I remember them. We recollect all those golden days gone by and relish discussing the fun we used to have. Then why exactly does this particular friend not recollect. I came to know that many other friends received the same cold-shoulder treatment that I did. They simply accused her of ‘ having airs’ now that she’s a celebrity in her own right.

But I knew her. I knew her as a simple-minded girl, soft-spoken, charming. She had half the male population of the school drooling after her, but was more or less oblivious to the fact!! I remember her expressing a desire to get into modelling and if I’m not wrong, the only reason she couldn’t take part in the Miss India contest was that she was an inch short of the required minimum height.

Anyhow, I came to Pune from DehraDun and she came here too, maybe a year after I did. She joined the commerce stream and was my sister’s junior in college. Those were the days when we didn’t have internet as commonly as we do now. We didn’t even have mobile phones. Once we lost a contact, we more or less lost it forever!! Thats how I lost contact with Barkha.

Many years later, I found out that she was working in some television serial produced by the Rajshree banner. I don’t remember the title , since I’ve never watched any episode of it (did I tell you before that I haven’t watched cable television in nearly 7 years now!! Ok, maybe a couple of days when I go to B’lore, but not more than that 🙂 ). Then there was another serial where she had a double role (correct me if I’m wrong, I think ALL her serials have her in a double role…of sorts!!) . I know many people who adore her, many relatives who watch her serials ardently and go hoarse extolling her talent. It makes me proud of knowing her. Of being her friend.

But what about her? Does she feel the same?

In her path to fame, she must have met  hundreds of people. Is it normal then, for one to forget the people who knew them before they became famous? If that is the case, then I guess the saying “success is  a lonely road” stand true. And that’s where I’m confused about my feelings. I feel betrayed as a friend, annoyed that she wouldn’t even acknowledge me!! Yet, I’m happy for her and all that she has achieved.She deserves every cent of the praise that comes her way 🙂

And then, when I read this, I can’t help doubling over in laughter. Or maybe, feel a rush of pity!! Mixed emotions indeed :-

Poor girl!!

Her life’s much tougher than mine……if she has to face such comments!!

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When I’m really stressed out at work, I take a break. Currently, I hop over to CakeWrecks (who wouldn’t!! 😀 ) to get rid of stress, but earlier, I used to visit Rediff.com for their famous comments. The topic of discussion doesn’t matter. The comments do. They make me realize that there are a lot of frustrated souls out there and their only reprieve is in posting anonymous messages in the comments section.

Why else would a perfectly harmless article like “Shed the pounds with these top 10 fat-fighting foods” carry such comments (do check out the last two comments):-

Speechless 😐

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