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Conversations last week…

….with the BF took place something like this.


(While discussing hobbies)

Me : (folding laundry) You know, my friend at work, S? Well she and her husband like watching movies every weekend.

BF : (reading his newspaper) Hmmm……..Good.

Me : You know CG from office?? She and her husband like travelling. They go for a vacation every year.

BF : (turning over a page) Hmmm…….Good good.

Me : And there is this another girl I know, she and her husband LOVE cycling. They go all the way from Aundh to Sinhgadh!!

BF : (turning another page) Really?? Good for them.

Me : Does this tell you something??

BF : Huh?

Me : You know? Does it give you a hint?

BF : About what??

Me : Oh for God’s sake!! Just think. Is there ONE thing you and I have in common??

BF : (totally bewildered at his wife’s stern tone) We have the twins!!

Me : (gnashing my teeth now) Arrrgghhhh!! I didn’t mean that!! I meant HOBBIES. LIKES and DISLIKES!! Do we have anything in common??

BF : (Looking far off into space…..)……………………..

Me : Well….??

BF : Ummm…..I guess, NO. Unless you think ‘Liking’ is a hobby. In that case, you like BFS and so do I 😀

 (I throw a towel at him)

BF : (grinning now) Well, you did ask what we have in common, didn’t you?

Me : Yeah!! Me and my big mouth!!


(While talking about moving)

BF : You know, I was thinking…

Me : What about?

BF : why don’t we move to the other flat and get this one renovated?

Me : (jumping with joy inside while remaining cool as a cucumber on the outside) Hmmm..you really think we should get this place renovated?

BF : Yeah! Its big, spacious and has rooms for everyone. We just need to spruce it a bit, add another room, redo the kitchen, add a bathroom….

Me: Hold on!! All this is going to cost us, you know!! Are you ready to spend all that now?

BF : Yeah, I mean, the more we delay, the more expensive its gonna get. Plus, its just a matter of time before M (the BIL) gets married. We need to make sure the house is spiffy before his  wife comes.

Me: Hey!! How come you didn’t think on those lines when I came here?

BF : Because I know you. You love me enough to stay anywhere in any condition, as long as I’m there with you 😀

Me : Huh?!! Er……..Drat it!! 😐


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