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…….these are real gems. Real messages from unknowns, wanting to spread their love, spread their gyaan, spread their appreciation your way.

Why does WordPress classify them as “SPAM” ?? Why do genuine messages of love and concern get trashed so mercilessly??

Ahhh…..the woes of Akismet!! My kismat is in your hands. And how you ruin my chances at happiness?? Instead of looking for joy in my comments inbox, I have to rummage through the spam one!! Like an alley cat going through the trash bins at night!!

Why, Akismet, WHY?? Why do you deprive me of true gems :-

1) Jeuiateojr ,aka Mr.I-didn’t-miss-a-vowel, I know your sentiments rings true (whatever they might be!). I tried reading through your message, but your feelings overtook the message and the only part I understood was about some medical prescriptions. Now seriously, are you hinting at something here?? I hope not. Coz you know, I’d like our little secret to be, well, a secret ! Capisce?? Capisce 😀

2) Sweescics (er….did you actually want the name sweet-kicks, but couldn’t spell right? I SO totally understand *nodding head in empathy* ) aka mileycyrus32412 aka Christian, I really wanted to thank you for all the appreciation, I mean, I appreciate your appreciation, but seriously, your identity crisis had befuddled me. Are you a guy? a girl? an in-between? I’m cool with whatever!! But for heaven’s sake, take your pick and stick to it!!!

3) Losingweight!! How apt is that name?? How DID you manage to land here?? Did I give out hints on losing weight? I did? *reminder to self : STOP proclaiming weight issues on public platform* . Now that you ask, about losing weight, that is, if I knew the secret(really, really knew about it) then d’ya think I’d EVER blog about it?? I’d be too slim to care. So would you!! So just do us both the favour and scamper off will ya. There. Shooo. Out!!

4) Ali Reza, aka Boyagchi, tank you vey much tu. and na, I dot luv yu as mach. In fact, I don’t luv yu at all. Howz that for a dose of reality?? Get a life loser.

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No, seriously.

I’m done with them!

For the last few months, my weekend updates read more like rant-fests than time well spent 😦 . And why not?? The same troubles plague me each week!! I’m jinxed. Miserably so 😦

You must’ve guessed by now that this weekend was no better !!

So I had the regular dose of maid: bunking, nanny: bunking, MIL: ill, GMIL : not at home, kids:at their troublesome best, BF:out for his random tasks, BIL:studying for his exams,guests: visiting. In all, it amounted to me doing all the sweeping, washing,cooking, minding babies,attending guests and then, even shopping for groceries and attending a wedding. And all this is just Sunday’s programme. Don’t even get me started on Saturday.


I almost got caught in the weekend rant flow again!!

Naah….am not getting into this trap again.

Weekend updates are now officially closed (unless something REALLY nice happens 😀 )

And oh, could you guess I’m down with the Monday Morning blues?


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