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A Special Day Today!

Dear Twins,

I’ve been missing out on your updates for quite some time now. I know I haven’t posted anything new about you two for the last few weeks, and I’m guilty. In my defense, I can just say that lately you two have shown so many new achievements, that just when I get down to posting about one, you guys go ahead and do something new that makes the previous achievement look like peanuts!!

But today, I dedicate to you. Today is an important day for me. You see, you both turn 1 and a half years today. Yup, a total of 18 months or 547 days. Whew!

Just 6 months back, I was thanking Allah for the first year. It was tumultuous, I had so many things to learn about you. Heck, you guys had so much to learn yourself!! Remember those faltering steps RS took just a few weeks before her birthday? By the time the B’day approached, she was confidently walking the place down. As for SS, he was running on his B’day, walking being a thing of the past 😀 . At that time, I was still too critical, still too worried whether you two were matching up to the growth expectations for your age. To a certain limit, I blame BabyCenter for setting the benchmarks. So where they claimed that a year old baby learns to speak at least 20 different words, I fumed at the thought that you two barely even said “Mamma”. But now that I see so many other year-old babies still clinging to their parents for support, who still barely manage to put one foot in front of the other, I can’t help but marvel at how fast, how quickly and how independently you two learnt to walk on your own. And I’m ashamed, for even doubting for a minute that you are slow!!

Dear RS, you have consistently kept us amused by your pranks and the swiftness with which you learn new things. We just have to do an action once, and you know just how to repeat it. Other than that, you now understand EVERYTHING we say!! How cool is that 😀 ?! No more repetitions, no more gesticulating, no more forced enunciation from our side. We just have to say something and you proceed to do just what we asked!! My Angel!! You have no idea how proud we are of you. And though you are a tomboy through and through, you still retain that little girl at heart. Why else would you preen in front of the mirror when you wear a new outfit? Why else would you apply powder to your face , checking yourself out as you do it? Why else would you make a beeline to the nearest mirror when someone styles your scanty hair with a comb? When you see me applying vaseline or lipstick, you point to your lips and want some dabbed on it too. Sorry, correction here. You don’t want me to dab it. You want me to hand over the tube so that you can dab it on yourself. Which once more brings me to the independent spirit, that is you.Feed time has become a messy affair, what with you insisting on eating by yourself and spilling everything on your clothes. You’d rather starve than let anyone feed you. And I’m proud to say, you have become very deft with your spoon. Your scoops are now more balanced, you know just how to tilt the spoon in your mouth and the best part, you know how to feed SS too 😀 . How’s that for being the elder sis?!!

That you love your brother to bits, we all know. But you haven’t been successful in letting SS believe the same. The minute he walks towards the cycle, you have to rush and shove him off and clamber on yourself. The minute you see a water bottle in his hand, you have to snatch it from him. When he whines for me to pick him up, you drop whatever you are doing and run to me, to be picked up first. You boss over him, scream at him and in general, bully him. But when he’s asleep, you bend down to gently kiss his face. When he’s crying, you pat his head, hold his face in your chubby palms and plant a kiss on his nose. When I hold a ringing phone to your ear, you immediately turn to him and hold it against his ear. You try to feed him with your spoon, to make him drink by shoving the bottle into his mouth. When we dress him in new clothes, you hold his hand and lead him to the mirror. Sometimes, we just watch with amused delight at how you fuss over him.At others, we have to keep a sharp lookout so that you don’t harm him with your rush of love, like the way you squeezed him breathless with one of your power hugs, no doubt given with a lot of love, but strong enough to almost suffocate him 🙂 .

Dear SS, you are a tiny bundle of delight. Super charged, super active and barely able to stay in one place for more than  a few seconds (except maybe, when we go out, where you get super clingy for the first half hour and refuse to move away from your mother 🙂 ). You started walking and babbling much before RS, but yet, you have barely picked up any more new words. At least, your limited vocabulary is more clearer and coherent than your sister’s. You run through the house, nimble footed like a cat. Sometimes I worry that you’ll trip over something and fall, but you don’t. You are sure of your steps and capable of taking sudden sharp turns midway. Also, did I tell you that you have the most beautiful smile ever?!! You do 🙂 . RS has the most pleasant tinkling laughter and you have the most beautiful, shy smile. It totally transforms your face. Like the sun coming out from behind a cloud 🙂 .

Earlier, I used to feel a tad upset that you don’t understand all that we say, but now I’ve realized , it’s not true. You do understand everything, it’s just that you decide on your own whether to pay attention to us or not. Being the haughty royalty that you are, you give us the royal ignore most of the time, doing exactly what you want to do. Sure enough, reprimands roll off you like water from a duck’s back! If we scold you or raise our voice, you are sure to voice your protest. when you are bullied by RS, my heart goes out to you. I don’t want you to be a meek, submissive mouse. Maybe thats why I’m mighty glad these days when I see you standing your own with RS. You no longer hand over your toy to her. You snatch it back. and if she yells, you yell too. I’ve started calling you Sher-Khan these days 🙂 . There are times when I felt you avoided your sister. But then, you’ve shown your way of expressing love too. When RS was ill and lay on a spread on the floor, you gingerly squatted besides her and patted her head. When I wasn’t looking, you went down on your belly and gave her your version of the kiss (the one where you bring your face close and grin like crazy. The latest addition being, muttering ‘Pa’ loudly when you bring your face near 🙂 ). Whatever the case, it was awfully heart warming to see that you understand your sister is ill and in need of some TLC (mA).

You know SS, whenever RS does something new, I eagerly wait for you to do the same and then chide myself for ever wanting you to be on the same level with her. I know RS is grasping things real fast, but in the bargain, I feel, she’s losing her babyhood. I feel sad and upset to see that in many ways, my baby is no longer just a baby. At times like these, I turn to you.You, my prince, are like a balm to my frayed nerves. You soothe me with those ever-innocent eyes, looking at me keenly and muttering a soft “mumma!!” You console me with your innocence , that babyness which is still intact,that adorable feeling that I still have my baby!! Sometimes, when I cuddle you, I want to put you back into my tummy, safe from the world. But then, I want to put RS back there too, and God knows, two can’t fit in there anymore 😀

There are times when I’m a wee bit disappointed with you both. Like the times when you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is waddle up to your Abba and start planting umpteen kisses on his head or cheeks. You ungrateful souls!!!You do realize, don’t you, that its your mamma who wakes up every night at the slightest sound from you! that its your mamma, who, however groggy, gets you a bottle of milk when you are hungry in the night. Its your mother who washes your bums and wipes the snot from your noses.Pray tell me, what gratitude do you feel towards your father that he becomes the beneficiary of your kisses and not your mother?? This is just one of life’s mysteries I just can’t comprehend!! Alas.

Sweethearts, there is so much to say here, so much to let you know what you two mean to me and your Abba. Maybe someday, when you are older, you might just visit this space and find out that we aren’t just two old-coots trying to dictate your life. We are just one average couple, still reeling under the shock that Allah thought us worthy enough of you . That we do justice to the gifts bestowed on us. That we bring out the best in you that we have in us.Ameen.

RS, you are our pride, our joy. And SS, you are the sunshine that fills our heart with happiness. Together, you two make us (me and your Abba) feel like the luckiest fools alive 🙂 . And for that, I can never thank God enough .

I got this snap from your aunt BFC today, taken at one of her wedding events. I’m glad the photographer didn’t cover this from the front, as I looked mighty silly, nibbling at RS’s fingers .The next one is of you ,SS, who weren’t in a very good mood but did stay still for at least one photograph. By the way son, you resumed your prior tantrum once the clicking was done 🙂 :-

Getting her finger bitten

In one of your solemn moods

May you two have the best time growing up together. I am so looking forward to your 2nd Birthday 🙂 .

(I’m quite apprehensive, actually. You both are quite a handful now itself. What more you have in store for me, God alone knows. Maybe you do too, but you guys won’t be telling me your secrets, would you? No ?

I thought as much 😦  ).

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