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The Day of Awakening

Dear BF,

I’m really sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I know that I have to do this. If not for anyone else, then for you.

This last one year has been kind to you, unlike me. Some things have worked out more than favourably and you were pleased as  punch. I could only look in envy and curse my sleepless state.

But not today.

A lot of people would be letting you know, some mockingly, that this was due to happen. Heck, even YOU knew it was going to happen. You hid from the truth, said you’ll cross the river when you come to it.Well, the river’s here,and so are you. I would love to help you cross it, but you see, I’m already on the other side. I crossed it all alone and expect you to do the same. I think you will come out of it a little older, a little more wiser.

Please don’t mind the mockery that may come your way(and I know a LOT of people who would like to take advantage of this moment). You know you deserve it. Didn’t you mock the other’s yourself? Just consider it as payback time. It’ll hurt less.

In all, just keep the faith.

And yeah, while we are at it, Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Welcome to the THIRTIES 😀

It’s not as bad this side as you think. Come over. Then , we’ll talk.

Meanwhile, have a GREAT day today 🙂

Much love,

Your wiser-by-a-few-months,


Edited to Add :-

Though you’ve piled on the pounds these last few years it adds to your appeal as my favourite teddy bear. Love you babes, all of you (yeah, even the hideous beard you insist on growing at times 😀 )

And yeah, may you always have the stamina to indulge our kids. Ameen 🙂

Horsing around with the twins 🙂

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